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“Thrive” Review

I’ve started watch this film at the suggestion of one of my G+ friends.

Right away I’m a little concerned. The music, the imagery, the whole “life is beautiful” pitch all are familiar elements typically calculated to manipulate. As they film went on some claims were made about a “code” and about infinite “energy.” I’m immediately reminded of “the secret” and other such crap.

As a result of this initial impression I Googled the name of the film’s primary character and found this.


This break down of the film is much better than mine.

Timestamp 00:11:20
I really hate stuff like this. Crap that’s supposed to look like some kind of legitimate interview or spontaneous conversation when it’s really just a delivery mechanism for rhetoric. Further, this “patterns are everywhere” type talk while of course true is ultimately meaningless and is deployed to soften the critical defenses of the viewer. Yes nature loves a Torus, but it also loves spirals and circles and lines and and and…

I see the stupid fake smiles and nodding like this guy just now heard this crap for the first time. No.

Timestamp 00:15:00
Oh god here we go. Look, if you have free energy, prove it. Make the damn things and give them away. Wire up houses to be off grid or power sellers. Each house you do this with will become a permanently activist household. Their every negative electric bill will become a check. Or better yet pick a house, any house and start selling juice back and reinvest that money into more devices till you’re the power companies main supplier and you have a whole county worth of land to yourself, and stay public the whole time.

Contrary to popular opinion The Company isn’t capable of suppressing something like that.

Timestamp 00:16:00
Oh boy pyramids and Mayans! *facepalm*

Timestamp 00:19:00
Symbol geometry, pretty, but still inkblots and faces in the clouds. Yes geometry is ordered and there are parallels all over the world, that’s because 1+1=2 everywhere on our planet.

Timestamp 00:21:00
Uhh, it’s not a code. It’s an extrapolation from the same initial data.

If you want to explore the real version of this stuff check out Chaos it’s not the best book in the world if you’re shooting for your phd in chaos math but it’s cheap and interesting and a damn fine introduction.

Timestamp 00:22:00
Aliens… Look, even if true you’re dooming your argument. Dragging aliens in is a disservice to your argument and theirs.

Timestamp 00:26:00
Crop circles… Same deal, even if true, you’re screwing things up.

Timestamp 00:28:00
Ok I was unaware of this. It’s apparently called the Arecibo Crop Circle. That’s provocative. I’ll definitely be digging into that. I find the crop circle antennae connection thing intriguing as well.

Timestamp 00:29:00
Gah, this is like the geometric version of numerology. It’s like the 216 lecture in PI. Yes many of these images contain elements of the torus. But perhaps geometry is the point in and of itself, expressing math alone.

Also I just want to say higher math doesn’t require computers and high technology.

Timestamp 00:31:00
Eh, no, not really. The problem with being alone is that for all we know whole classes of study are dead ends. Light speed may well be inviolate and that may be impossible to prove. Godel predicts that every complete system has statements which are both true and unprovable. That may be one of them. Assuming that just because a species/culture is a million years our senior doesn’t mean they have all the answers or that they can accomplish anything we can think up.

Legitimacy of the UFO/alien/crop circle thing is countered by it’s vagueness. Whether or not study would revel X and whether or not study is being suppressed is irrelevant because ultimately it hasn’t revealed X for whatever reason. UFOs prove absolutely nothing about what’s possible or not in terms of FTL travel or power generation.

Timestamp 00:34:00
Tesla now? Sheesh is there a pop conspiracy topic not hijacked by this guy?

Timestamp 00:35:00
Yeah, sure it does pal, see above. When your device is responsible for me getting a check every month from the electric company then I’ll believe you. Yes there is juice everywhere, it’s called the electromagnetic field. If you can tap that, do it, quit talking about it and do it. Same thing for every free energy project. Wire up one house, spend the money building more, scale up. If the government takes it, upload the plans, NOT sell them, and build another one. If you’re being threatened then that’s all the more reason to release it and demand asylum somewhere.

If they are being murdered and silenced effectively then that’s a lesson to the rest of us to stop trying to be famous and rich with it and just give away the material.

I give up, I just don’t have the stamina to watch any more of this crap. I tried, I really did, maybe I’ll come back, but I doubt it.

Updated: August 26, 2012 — 1:02 pm

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