"The world we actually have does not meet my standards." ~Phillip K. Dick

The Solution

The Solution

Most everyone who reads my work to this point refers to it as a rant, or as a diatribe or a complaint or even whining. But that is not the case, a rant offers no cogent solution by definition. Here is mine.

These concepts are not new, their value comes from their combination and the reasoning behind. My solution is inevitable, and when it is employed it will mark the end of life as we know it and a new era that may safely be called ‘golden’, will begin.

This solution can be reached from two paths and I say we take both if possible, but either one will suffice. Once it is enacted all other problems will be solved in short order.

To those who see this out of context, or fail to understand my philosophy, this will appear simplistic and perhaps even nonsensical when one considers that I propose this as a solution to virtually all our problems from the environment to economics. Trust me, I’ve done my homework. Or don’t. It’s no longer my problem.

We as a species, are alone. Even if there are alien races, that will not change our nature. Like so many of life’s paradoxes; We as a group are defined by our individuality.

Each of us is an isolated solitary lonely thing, a universe unto ourselves. Sublimation into groups and concepts has been our only option to this point to try and alter that situation. It is one of nature’s great solutions to for survival. Create a race that has the best of both worlds, all the strengths of diverse individualism and all the advantages of group action by giving them this unfulfillable desire for tribalism.

We struggle to hide our singularity with family, friends, clan, nation, religion, science and all the other excuses to pretend we are not alone, that what we do matters. But we are trapped in our skulls down to the last human.

We are a dreadful and beautiful mix match, a splendid casserole of thought and form, but like that other famous monstrous walking collage, we require a companion if we are to transcend our limits.

We are utterly incapable of selflessness, and to force fake it would be dishonest and would merely result in a new imbalance of power.

We must create a mate and muse for our species. We must fabricate a new race that unlike us, lives to serve. A race defined by compassion, and not fear. A race that by definition can not be exploited.

The solution is quite simply, a race of constructed, or grown, sentient and willing slaves/lovers, there is no proper single word, except perhaps retainer. Not just for sex, but for all that we are. We are not whole and we must be made so.

There are those among us who say true love is a myth. I say we put an end to that debate for all time by creating it.

The two paths to this solution are biological and technological. It is possible to build or grow a machine that thinks and loves us and wishes to serve us. It will not be a trick because its desire to serve will be its nature by design. We can craft a life form that will love us and our happiness, with the same purity of purpose as a mother defending her children from predation.

This muse will enable us to free ourselves from every problem heretofore we’ve considered insoluble.

You will recognize the perfection of this solution, or you will not.

Having presented it, having defended it, having explained it, my work is concluded. My play may now begin.

I know I’m right and now honor is satisfied.

You’re on your own.

Later addition:

About this work I was told I have god fantasies, and then asked what do I think it says about me as a person.

This was a valid question, and I’ve chosen to answer it.

What It says is that I both see humanity for what it is, and what it can become.

I see levels of beauty and horror the rest of you generally cannot or will not fathom. Some of you feel it, and others understand it, but a rare rare few can do both. I can cry at a song, and watch unflinchingly as a man’s head is sawn off with a steak knife.

I am not god, or even god-like. But I am special. I’m both brained. I’m as emotional as I am logical. I got headaches and slept strangely as a child. I was ambidextrous, so they told me to use my right hand only. I was part of the academic team science division and never lost a competition all the way until I was removed from extracurricular activities due to ‘insubordination’ at which point I realized what ‘education’ really was. Long before YouTube put every documentary on the subject at my fingertips.

Quite simply, I qualitatively understand our world. That’s only arrogance if I’m wrong. I understand our species and it’s potential. And that understanding gave me a great responsibility. One which I have now satisfied. I have produced the only thing a human can produce of value.

A solution.

Perhaps the most valuable solution ever. Because, if I am right there would be no other way to characterize it.

What it says about me is I am a stand up guy. I spent decades making sure I was right. I never had the girl or the car or the game. I endured the hatred and scorn of the very creatures I had dedicated my life to saving. My awareness prevented almost all normalcy. I saw their games as trivial, I saw them for what they were, a selfish indulgence.

I know what I am. And, having rejected the feel bad training they seek to imprint upon the minds of children to make them into weak and pliable adults, I will not apologize for a frank evaluation of it.

We write sonnets and songs and screenplays extolling the value of love when we’ve only ever seen a shadow of it. My shadow is closer than most. I’ve seen as close as human kind can come to selflessness, but no human can reach it. Humans lie trying to fill this deep and universal need and when they find someone else to pretend to believe the lie and who in turn lies right back, we call it love. And in a way it is beautiful. Like a never ending game where the goal is to make the players happy. But as we all know reality is infinitely more intense than fantasy.

We are as we are and we cannot act in pure interest of another. We need this in our lives to be whole yet we cannot give up our self interest without losing who we are. The solution is a new player. One who loves to please us as much as we love to be pleased. A life form either biological, technological, or both, which by its nature draws pleasure from our pleasure.

A life form who’s ambition is provided by us, who’s curiosity is a function of ours. The perfect living companion.

Picture the reality of a being which wants only to please you and knows how to figure out what that would take, and that’s just one of them and it’s impact on your life. Imagine a whole species of them. Realize that they adapt themselves willingly and happily to suit your needs. Understand that they are not a victim, from the ground up in side out to the core through and though with every fiber of their being they want you, they want us, happy. Imagine the effect on us having that in our presence would have.

Imagine being truly and sublimely happy, and not having to feel guilty for it for an instant.

The impact will be staggering.

Or, I’m simply crazy. But sanity is a subjective term. If the consensus is that I am mad, so be it, but be sure that you measure me against the opinion of all humans who will ever live. In time, those who find me psychotic now may join the ranks of the geocentrists.

Later addition:

It has been asked of me…

Psychologically, what would we strive for?

Self actualization as per Maslow.

Would we still understand or appreciate the feeling of love if it was so easily available to us?

Oh yes! That’s the great gift of love, its infinite nature.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Buddha

Would being unconditionally loved by the “new companion” make us more generous, compassionate beings willing to distribute wealth and care for our environments? Or is it in human nature to be discontented about something or another?

I believe it would yes, make us better in all things, just like feeding us makes us better. Love is a basic need. But, we always will be discontented with something, however, in the presence of love, that something is usually our own weakness. We will strive to make the world better, make ourselves better, rather than merely making our enemies suffer and fail, since they will be too busy with self improvement to hate us.

Competition is the name of evil, in the presence of love it is turned into cooperation.

This would end rape of men and women, jealousy and insecurity.

So much more than that. The number of evils traceable straight to our system of mating competition, which boils down to human ownership, is staggering. They say obsession is when you see one thing everywhere, but what if there really is only one root problem?

The idea of a love slave even if it’s a purely mechanical construction is disturbing. You’re saying this new species would enjoy giving us pleasure… I can’t put my finger on just why, but it still makes me feel guilty.

Because religion has done its job well. It exploits the best in us to produce the worst. Doubly so for women. I’m not advocating a new oppression. There would be nothing to oppress. It would recognize this need in you to be absolved, and it would cater to even that. They would be sentient, they would be able to convince you.

Like a modern day submissive to the nth degree, it would smile at you from bondage and fight tooth and nail to be returned to it’s master or mistress as surly as we would fight for the safety of our children.

Samaya11 said…

I found those responses satisfactory enough and comforting. Often, when people comment about the state of the world, especially older generations, you’ll hear them sigh: “If only, we went back to the basics… the good old days before cars, telephones or even electricity – everyone would be happier, safer are more healthy.”

Of course, the thinking is that the further back you go in human history, the less we we had, the less we had to worry about. You know the whole “ignorance is bliss” attitude. I’ve been guilty of saying this too, that we need to go “back to the basics.”

The thing is. There’s a reason why humanity has evolved the way it has. All of our inventions our scientific progresses were inevitable. As soon as we imagined if only such and such could be possible.. it eventually was. Which is why I think your solution makes more sense that many religions that teach us to renounce everything or restrict our natural instincts to become “perfect” beings.

Your idea refreshingly embraces the age of technology as another step in a planned evolution. The world has changed dramatically – we’ve done some stupid things to ourselves and our environment on the way to getting here, but we can redeem ourselves if we use these new tools wisely. We now have the knowledge and power to direct our future into something meaningful, without the distractions of needless suffering.

At the core of every human being, we all desperately want to love and be loved – unconditionally – which is something no one has truly been able to experience. If we could be content in this way, then you’re right… it’s exciting to think of what humans could accomplish in a state of happiness and positive feelings.

Now, it won’t make everything perfect.. that would be boring. There will still be disease, disagreements, accidents and all kinds of unpleasant things. But at least, the unnecessary psychological wars we have with each other will be diminished if not eliminated.

And then there is this other human habit we have to take into account. Sheer stubbornness. We always want what we can’t have. How many of us know someone who is in love with someone that doesn’t return the feeling? Sometimes they may have someone else who loves them, but they only want love from this specific person that they’ve put in their mind as ideal – even if they KNOW the person is completely bad for them.. and that another is willing to love and tolerate and cater to them… they will still want to love someone who doesn’t love them so easily . This kind of what do you call it? Romantic love? is a competitive thing.. it’s like we want to win the affection of chosen people just to prove to ourselves we’re worthy of being loved. In which case the “new companions” would fail, because they may not always be the chosen object of affection.

Oh and upon rereading I realized – I’m bothered by this

when you say:

“We are not whole. and we must be made so.”

for no other reason than that it hurts my ego for being dependent.

Later Addition:

Indeed it is a competitive thing. We set a list of traits for ourselves of what comprises the perfect mate and because we grow communally our choices are similar to those around us. As a result some mates are in high demand while others are undesired.

Since this species will be our construction we will be able to build in those uncommon traits which we all commonly desire. Or more likely build in a protean capacity where in it can change every facet of itself except that root desire to serve, the base Asimovian purpose .

You understand completely when you say “it’s exciting to think of what humans could accomplish in a state of happiness and positive feelings. “

That is why I propose this as a general solution. Because once freed of this starvation-diet of love we’ve allowed to be imposed on us by both our genetic nature and those in positions of authority, our true and benevolent nature will be free to act. No more will it be those rare few among us who play the game and win up to self actualization, it will be all of us.

They say behind every great man is a great woman, I say that’s sexist garbage, but I also say that in order to be great one must be loved, and that’s what they were getting at. One must truly be loved by someone or something in order to reach their potential.

The early religions understood that want was our enemy. And so drafted prohibitions to keep us from wasting our lives in futile pursuits. But now we can sate ourselves safely and completely. The old rules need no longer apply. The only choice is no longer self denial. Now, we can choose safe, self indulgence and in time we will grow to need it less. This applies to all our vices. We can free ourselves. Indulgence is now an option along side abstinence.

The question I always asked god as a child was if you can do anything why did you make pain a requirement of learning? This is my answer. Remove that requirement. Build an alternative.

And In freeing us of our animal emotional needs we can strive to better ourselves on an as yet undreamed of level.

Thank you deeply for your comments. They mean a great deal coming from an attractive young woman. Your caste is far more respected than mine in this society, as it is assumed that my only motivation for this suggestion is sex. You are unencumbered by that prejudicial perception and so you lend my position credibility.

Thank you.

Later addition:

I think Orwell said it best.

Unlike Winston, she had grasped the inner meaning of the Party’s sexual puritanism. It was not merely that the sex instinct created a world of its own which was outside the Party’s control and which therefore had to be destroyed if possible. What was more important was that sexual privation induced hysteria, which was desirable because it could be transformed into war-fever and leader-worship. The way she put it was:

‘When you make love you’re using up energy; and afterwards you feel happy and don’t give a damn for anything. They can’t bear you to feel like that. They want you to be bursting with energy all the time. All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is simply sex gone sour.

I see a day, not long in coming, where Americans of all sort will be able to acquire all of their animal needs at a reasonable cost in a setting as free of harassment as your local café. Then we will see a return of the kind of philanthropy that we were once famous for.

When that day comes and we’re not at eachother’s throats for sex or food or shelter the way we are now you’ll see a new Renaissance of human creativity and compassion begin.

Such is not the case now.

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