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The End of Code

All the coding languages are to me feel like extreme time gambles. Even in the mid term, and total dead ends in the long term barring a dystopia or extinction.


I mean damn, how many times are we going to reinvent the wheel? As many times as coders can get away with selling it I guess.

Computers are still ‘fancy,’ and I think a large part of that is intentional. Eventually the user friendliness and intuitive function users, to a degree, demand from the front end will be applied to the back end. The only question is how and when. (Or by what?) Most likely it will be young coders looking to obviate old coders for the purpose of economic/systemic disruption which will (unintentionally) enable the masses.

Operating systems could be construed as a compromising of this clash between the demand for flexibility and the ability to sell code. Still though, they are all currently limited to serve as yet another layer of software between hardware and user. A nested set of dolls.

Using software (coding language) to make software (operating systems) to run software (applications) to instruct hardware is obviously inefficient. Software can take any shape allowed between user desire and the physical/logical limitations of the universe as expressed by the hardware.

To organize it as we have done, using one kind of software to spit out locked and crippled other kinds of software, is asinine from an organizational standpoint. It it perpetuated out of ignorance or corruption. It can only be forgiven as a temporary relic of the research process. (Or hated as a quasi conspiracy.)

There shouldn’t be programs or operating systems or coding languages. It should be a single operating system refined as demanded by human need and interest. And or forked as demanded by tradeoffs and mutual exclusion of functional specialization.

The coding language, compilers, OS, applications, etc should all be the same thing. My interface with it should be as intuitive as oven use. Eventually it will be, or we’ll all be dead. I just hope the delay doesn’t cause that death.

Coders for whatever reasons have spent their collective effort improving the quality of the discrete outputs, but not on improving the interface from a default human perspective. Why develop operating systems and programs and not focus on making a tool making tool?

The cultural history of 3d printing will be instructive here. As of now coders make/sell the objects and I’m saying software should be like the printers. As of now precious few people, and for obvious special interests, are working on the software making software.

Game making applications show that there are some at least somewhat interested in correcting the problem.

Perhaps it is this inherent disregard coders have for those outside their niche, that in part creates so much disgust in me for coders as a block. They seem to not care whether the average person can have access to the fruits of coding. By that I mean the ability to custom sculpt the behavior of a computer. Computers should be like English speaking pets. And they are to coders, proportional to their skill.

As a writer I am in many ways the opposite of what coders are. As a writer my purpose is to transform the inaccessible into something more intuitive. And I do it using the standard interface language (accident of birth not withstanding) expressly because I want my output to be readily usable by everyone.

The tragedy is that the only people capable of correcting this problem are the very ones best positioned to solve it.

Why should the priests dismantle the church when the tithes are so profitable? For the good of parishioners? Ha. What have I been smoking right?

Pinko commie wacky tobacky I’m sure some would speculate.

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