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Thanksgiving 2015

Every thanksgiving I have a lousy choice.

1. Repeat previous expression of gratitude which will obviously seem forced due to the holiday.

2. Struggle to come up with new ones, and make it seem like I’m not grateful for all the stuff I didn’t mention this time.

My solution to this problem is to try and make my genuine gratitude known through the course of the year, and I believe I’ve done that. No one to whom I feel grateful is unaware of this fact as far as I know barring the normal social distance between those that do good for all humanity and all those who may be grateful to them for it.

For example firefighters or Bernie Sanders. Groups or individuals who do and wish to do awesome things for us all but of course can’t be expected to know us all.

This year however I have something especially new and important to be grateful for.

The great love of my life found me. I tell her every day what she means to me but I’m going to speak about it here again simply because I think it’s the nice thing to do.

I live in a society that is like running the gauntlet. Every part of it seems built to either extract or torment. For me, given my gender and such, a huge part of that effort is aimed at getting me into a “relationship” that the architects of our society both define and exploit.

The punishment for failing in this regard is social mockery across every level of society and a near total exclusion from political power.

That is a small part of why I am so grateful and lucky to have been found by a total goddess who frees me from that trap simply by existing and then goes so far above and beyond, that even metaphor is unable to characterize the distance. A woman who is completely baffling in her level of awesomeness. I would absolutely conclude she was too good to be true if I didn’t know for incontrovertible objective fact that she is indeed entirely true.

I fancy myself a bit of a wordsmith but capturing her extreme magnificence in words with any objective clarity is just utterly impossible. She’s wise beyond a redwood’s years let alone her own. She’s kind to a degree reminiscent of extreme William’s syndrome but with none of the pathology. She’s utterly brilliant to the tune of running medical communities and improving Wikipedia literally thousands of times over, and is the only person whom I have ever met who can win a debate with me repeatedly in single sentences. (Seriously, if you can convince her, she can almost certainly convince me.) And on top of it all she’s beautiful to the point that no doubt when people finally see us together they will be completely confused how a shmoe like me ended up with a goddess like that. (And frankly I share their confusion.)

She is walking proof that karma is a myth. I don’t deserve her infinite love but reality just doesn’t care what people deserve, it gives what it gives and that’s the end of it.

And I won’t lie, I’m taking the offer, justice or not.

Incredibly, on top of that I have other major and minor things to be grateful for as well, in addition to all the things I was grateful for last year and every other day. To say I have a completely epic set of friends and family would be a hilarious unfathomable understatement. (See the links at the end.)

This is just more proof that karma is a myth. Without giving a lengthy list, even if only confined to this year, I’ll just say that what I am most grateful for is real rational hope for me and continued long term hope for my species that is equally objective. We are moving towards a time when we finally and truly declare a winning and real war on pain and death.

The time since last year and this has been for me personally on average a steady climb towards a state of reasonable fulfillment, devoid of overt horrors. A time when I finally have the power to start giving something back to the species and the loved ones that have been so kind to me. And I have good reason to believe that this trend will only improve over the next year as good fortune compounds on good fortune.

And while I may not deserve these wonderful things I am grateful for them and I will try to become someone that does deserve them in time.

Thank you all.

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