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StumbleUpon holding a grudge?

This is my attempt to get my old StumbleUpon account reactivated.

Here was the content of my message sent to: http://help.stumbleupon.com/customer/portal/emails/new (Which required a bit of Googling.)

Just seeing if you still hold a grudge. 🙂

I was the victim of a fairly organized smear campaign. The likes of which at the time had not become well known.

As with Digg and other social media, groups of people, thanks to economy of scale, have the ability to game any system of which they are cooperatively a part.

For a fairly recent example of this problem check out this skeptic blog. Groups within groups gain a kind of meta-power.


I would like my account unlocked. At least temporarily so I can archive my old writings and reestablish contact with some old readers. (You could also simply send me relevant database files as a compromise.)

I hope you’ll take into consideration the fact that I could easily just make another account rather than even attempt to communicate with you. That alone should show my honorability.

Either way thanks for your time.


When I left I had over 700 followers, and as of now I have over 1500 on Google plus and a blog with over 10,000 visitors a month. I would be a valuable (re?)addition to your community. If you don’t want my participation, fine, your loss. This is an open request and your response either way will be published: http://underlore.com/stumbleupon-holding-a-grudge/

First response: Automated. Email.

Type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply
Re: Other : StumbleUpon Account Request
StumbleUpon | APR 25, 2013 | 12:08PM UTC

Thanks for contacting us.

We have received your request and are working on responding to you as soon as possible. If you have any additional information to add to this case, please reply to this email.

Thanks in advance for your patience and support.
This message was sent to (email) in reference to Case # (#)

Second response: Personal. Barry Conway. (Again) See also: http://underlore.com/innomen-now-banned-from-stumble-moves-to-reddit/ and http://underlore.com/stumble-sticky-blues/

On 4/25/2013 8:17 AM, StumbleUpon Support wrote:

Brandon M. Sergent
Subject: Other : StumbleUpon Account Request

APR 25, 2013  |  12:17PM UTC
Barry Conway replied:

We have nothing further to add to our previous emails on this matter.

The restriction on your account will remain in place for reasons that have been fully communicated to you, and we would remind you, again, that Please be reminded that our Terms of Service allow for only one account per member, and that you should not create further accounts on our service. Should you do so, they too will be suspended.

Please be advised that you DO NOT have our permission to make public this private communication.


StumbleUpon Community Advocate

My reply was as follows:

Wow. Barry?

Are you SU’s only support person or am I your personal pet project? I don’t know which would be more sad.

Clearly this is still personal for you and that’s fine. The only reason I tried was because your system occasionally spams me still. (Which is how I know you still have my writing, now so hopelessly out of date I don’t actually care.) As I said, your community’s loss.

So in answer to my post’s question it’s not so much SU holding a grudge clearly as it is you personally holding one.

“We have nothing further to add to our previous emails on this matter.”

Is that the royal we? It’s clear to anyone who has read into the context of this, noting your response times if nothing else, that this is clearly personal. You banned me at 4am, and now you’re responding within minutes at 8am. So you can quit trying to pitch the hypothetical audience on the notion that this is official to any degree beyond your abuse of power and the typical fiefdom attitude all people on the Internet in a position to moderate are in danger of acquiring.

“Should you do so, they too will be suspended.”

That you couldn’t catch me or permanently stop me is my point. Welcome to the Internet. For all you know I have a dozen sock puppet accounts already registered with relayed, borrowed, or throw-away emails etc. Good luck proving I do or don’t. I’m official saying I don’t for reasons of ethics but then again that’s exactly what I would say even if I did.

“Please be advised that you DO NOT have our permission to make public this private communication.”

Your permission is irrelevant. For one, the state I live in is a one party state. It’s perfectly legal for me to make public any communication of which I am a part. For two, you’ve already locked my account and made it clear that nothing I say or do short of hiring a lawyer to re-acquire my content, (which you do not own actually) will change that.

Perhaps we could negotiate if you were willing, but clearly you aren’t. Making this exchange public serves my purposes, which includes shining light on your obviously shady behavior and increasing readership on my blog.

Feel free to sue me if you’re miffed enough about it. The publicity for me and my writing efforts such an action would garner would be of incalculable value. I can see it now on Slash dot and Digg and Wired. “Social media giant bullies amateur blogger into silence.”

Our future exchanges will be made public as I see fit. The link I provided is live, and will shortly include this email.

“Guilty men murmur. The innocent shout to the rafters.” ~Jim Williams, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (1997, Film)

Good talking with you again Barry 🙂

Well that was fast. Oh well, worth a shot. 🙂

Updated: April 25, 2013 — 8:21 am

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