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Society, this is what you get.


This has fuck all to do with “cyber bullying.”

This is what you get when you pack kids into schools.

This is what you get when you make teen girls (or super models sold as teen girls) into sex goddesses used to sell every idea and product.

This is what you get when you make it clear that children are property.

This is what you get when you make sex mysterious and paramount.

This is what you get when you encourage jealously and intentionally conflate ownership with association.

This is what you get when you let the state regulate religious ceremonies and precepts to the point of stigmatizing any alternative.

This is what you get when you treat children like slaves.

You get a girl who literally thinks people seeing her chest is the _end of her life._

You get mindlessly stress kids smelling blood in the water and pouncing on the weak with all the ferocity you’d expect in the only area of their lives where they have a shred of freedom.

You get exactly what you’d expect from a mob of children used to having their every action controlled and monitored to the point of total self control atrophy.

You get a culture so ruthlessly obsessed with child porn it literally goes insane any time it publicly encounters any.

*If you treat children like machines you’ll get broken, dead, children!*

99% of the people acting all outraged are causing this. You don’t have the spine to let kids vote, you don’t have the spine to let them be free, you don’t have the spine to share a goddamn thing, you don’t have the spine to tell the state “fuck you I’m keeping them home.” You don’t have the spine to stand up to the witch hunt and ask why is sex and nudity evil? You don’t have the spine to make hitting them illegal. You don’t have the spine to make children people. You don’t have the spine to do what bloody well needs doing! You don’t have the spine to ask yourself to what degree YOU are responsible for this personally.

Get back to work drone. Keep your fucking mouth shut. Pretend it’s some new thing. Pretend the answer is still less freedom for children. That’s the easy route. Pretend the answer is a more violent more medieval witch hunt.

And perhaps most importantly…

*Pretend like you’d give a shit if it was a fat Latino male.*

Americas favorite victim. The sexy (by virtue of being) underage white chick.

You ignorant shaved apes don’t actually give a shit about your own offspring, and were I like you I would say she deserved it and you deserved it. You don’t but since I know you’re all completely unwilling to even _consider_ the changes required to annihilate the source of such tragedy I’m utterly uninterested in your replies.

Ask yourselves how child porn laws contributed to this child’s death. None of you have the sand to ask the dangerous questions, the question that might put you on the wrong side of the standing witch hunt.

Fortunately, as usual technology will force you to face it like adults and then will obviate the problem. Technology is the only reason we even remotely appear to adapt ethically. Take away our technology and we’re still brutal chest thumping primates.



Actually the answer is simple. The pedo witch hunt. Amanda Todd grants everyone the opportunity to stand up and scream for the benefit of everyone else “I hate pedos! I’m not a witch/commie/slur! Look how much I care about Amanda Todd! Obviously my care proves I couldn’t possibly, ever, under any circumstances, think a 17.5 year old girl is sexy!”

This story involves a sexy young white girl being naked. America loves death, it loves suffering, it loves humiliation, it loves to hate pedos, it loves a clear bad guy, it loves young hot white female victims, it loves being self righteous and sanctimonious especially with an audience, it loves radically simplifying complex problems, and it is absolutely obsessed with breasts. Amanda Todd’s story is virtually everything America loves.

The solution is simple, but not easy. #unschool

Updated: October 17, 2012 — 8:53 am

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