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Slaying the Wanderer: Who Murdered Pluto?

Every time I think about the decision to remove Pluto’s designation as a planet my blood begins to boil (at earth normal pressure and temperature.)

There are two things most little boys find interesting at some point, if they are not starving to death or in some other way being neglected or abused, dinosaurs and space.

My solar system had 9 planets. NINE! Not 8.

I don’t care if discoveries showed the Pluto was a ford pinto, if it’s still in the same spot and it’s what we’ve been calling Pluto this whole time then it’s Pluto.

Is it or is it not one of the original wanderers?

In fact has ANYTHING change about Pluto? No. It’s virtually same same way it was before humans.

Inspired by this absurdity I have an idea! I think we should rename all the planets to numbers and we should remove the word “planet” from the scientific vocabulary.

Why? Well, obviously Mars isn’t really a god a war. Just like Pluto isn’t really a planet. We should name it accordingly. If calling Pluto a planet is inaccurate and thus demanding of change then calling Mars a god a war surly is equally inaccurate. It should be renamed Sol 4 or something equally sterile.

And don’t give me that crap about having to add tons of planets if Pluto counts as one. Pluto should merit an exception. Or you could tailor other definitions to suit. Or you could just deal with it as a quirk of an old system, which we do constantly with regard to things like measurements and the calendar.

This is all absurd of course, but then again so was dicking around with Pluto’s classification.

Screw you IAU, pretentious crap like this is why the rank and file think space exploration is a waste of money.

For a MUCH better elaboration on the problem here check this out.

Updated: April 18, 2010 — 5:04 pm

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