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We suffer prisons to exist because prisons scare us into doing so. I can think of no more directly ethical act than harming them without harming life.

Anyone who works for a prison is the equivalent of a Nazi. I mean that very soberly and literally. I don’t care if you stamp forms in an office, if it is part of a prison, you’re a mass murderer and your targets are minorities, the mentally ill, and ‘undesirables.’ You literally help run for profit (which they all are, regardless of designation) concentration camps. You are also literally a slaver.

If you applaud prisons simply because of who they claim to torture, you’re no better than the jeering mob attending a decapitation. Prisons serve no useful function that a hospital can’t do better.

Prisons are proof that our way of life is wrong.

If I am ever diagnosed with a terminal illness that precludes cryonic preservation, I will very possibly spend the rest of my life knocking down walls.

That Americans do not attack prisons is proof of our collective lack of spine, gullibility, and/or capacity for self deception.

The psychopathy of police, prison, judges, lawyers and vengeance are right there, in the very word. Justice. Just Ice.

There’s nothing warm or helpful or human about any of it.

Criminals are either desperate or mentally ill. The entire concept of there even possibly being a criminal worthy of sadistic torment is absurd. It’s literally equivalent to outlawing poverty and mental illness. The obviously insane idea that we can cure those things by simply hurting “offenders.”

By closing the asylums and leaving the prisons open we doubled down on torture as a cure. Every bit as backwards as calling in an exorcism priest to deal with epilepsy.

Norway is doing it right. Prison and asylums should be pleasant social quarantine at worst.

We as a species need to grow the fuck up.

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