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The point is indeed neglect. I’m tired of good parenting being synonymous with restrictions and controls.

I was only formally punished once in my whole life by my parents and that was by making me stay in the house for a day. I have no idea why and it was a big joke really for all concerned.

My parents had long before earned and still to this day retain my deepest respect.

As a result I didn’t merely obey them or mimic them like the trained monkey most parents seem to want.

I listened to what they had to say, I tried to understand their perspective, I learned what it was to be an adult, and to be hip deep in the human condition.

People are like computers, garbage in garbage out, you treat someone badly and they’ll act badly.

This is happening constantly, especially to women. They receive so much external discipline as children because of the collective obsession with their sexuality, and who they give it to, coupled with the stereotypical emotional conditioning, that they develop almost no self discipline until college.

They become impulsive, rash, and sometimes quite brutal.

Typical middle class children in the United States as a whole effectively have two childhoods. One at home and one at college. Isolation, communication control, sheltering, strictness, external discipline, none of these things are conducive to growth as a self actualized person.

Obedience through fear or greed, is not virtue, its victimization.

Society decides what is done with a child, and society places various decisions regarding what is done in the hands of the parents, but not all. Society if it feels you’re not up to the task will take the child from you. If you fail miserably enough it will incarcerate you, or even kill you. You have an illusion of solitary child rearing in your skull that needs to be erased if you wish to reach parity with reality. My position is that children are raised by society as a whole in any case excepting feral children, which are absurdly rare. Parenting these days is largely about who pays for things more then anything else. The Company takes care of the rest, from the message they get at church, to the shows they watch on TV, to the lies taught them at school. Of course The Company convinces you that you’re in charge that way when the children utterly fail at beginning human they can blame you instead of themselves, if they can’t find a profitable use for that failure first.

This system of encouraging psychosis and then profiting from it was in my opinion best exemplified by the SS. The HJ selected young impressionable boys, engineered submission to the group, fostered insecurity and jealousy and then gave them a victim. All that sounds disturbingly familiar.

I don’t care how hard you find it to use your upper abstract reasoning to rule your lower primate brain, it is still required of you if you choose to be a human over a chimp. If you wish to indulge your base animal instincts and feel that their label of natural instinct justifies the resulting horror then go live in the woods, if you can. And leave your kids with the humans.

Updated: April 27, 2010 — 8:21 pm

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