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So what if Google said I was a saltine?


“According to Alcine’s Twitter feed, the problem remained in place even after the supposed fix had been implemented. Ultimately, Google applied a secondary solution, reworking the system so that it wouldn’t tie photos to the “Gorilla” tag at all.”

So let’s pretend gorillas don’t exist to avoid offending people that don’t understand computers.

What could possibly go wrong?


Well, we better delete black people from the database as well hadn’t we? I mean it could screw up in the other direction could it not? Mislabeling animals as people?

Racism is so stupid.

If Google’s image thing mislabeled me as a saltine because I’m a pale pasty nerd, I doubt that would be news.

I swear all of you enjoy racism. It’s like some kind of hobby when it isn’t a tool.

Seriously, this is the solution. Make race officially a non-existent quantity. Don’t ask about it in any official context. Make it as officially meaningless as you favorite cartoon character.


Open letters to morgan

Integrity deficiency syndrome.


Update: “morgan” is now “DanT”


“And the followup there is Innomen got banned….”

Not “I banned” but “got banned.” Like it was someone else. And certainly no link to the log of the conversation in question (found here: http://underlore.com/banned-from-hand-of-fate/)

God forbid you should let the plebs form their own informed opinions right? That’s why you went all memory hole on my comments in the first place. Isn’t it?

Real easy to win an argument when you can turn off my mic and erase history. But the best part for me is that we both know you’re aware of how devoid of integrity you are. (If this fact “insults” you, grow some integrity.) Which is why you’re only now forcing the last word into your pocket. You’re looking for absolution.

Well of course you’ll get it. You just implicitly threatened everyone. “Agree with me or you’re next.” That’s what you might as well have said. Well not everyone has my level of spine.

You do see how wildly childish that whole comment is don’t you? No one asked. And you didn’t give a damn about conversation flow before when you went all Minitrue on me before the ban. Because how dare I step up to a bully that’s doing your dirty work for you right?

You want to play like you’re this open accepting guy who can handle criticism of his work but clearly that’s a festering bowl of dog snot. (Bonus points for the readers if you caught that reference.)

Well I’ll help you out, Sure the plebs will lick your boot for you, threats of force are effective like that… But if you want a true believer just ask that Vred guy if you were justified in doing whatever the hell you feel like and can get away with, because no matter what you say, he’ll agree with you.

You could skin a kitten on YouTube and blame the users because you made a new forum rule against using the letter E on pain of kitten skinning and he’d be all scolding those who opposed you for being SJWs and not reading the rules and how you owned the kitten and you own the forum and blah blah blah.

And that’s the only kind of gamer you really want, and the log shows that. Sycophantic little toadies you can bully into saying or doing whatever you want and defend all your lousy greedy choices with their wallets nice and open.

You completely expected me to fold. You honestly thought your meaningless little scrap of power in your insignificant little corner of someone else’s back yard was enough to scare me into obedience. (We’re both on Gabe’s turf after all, but at least I’m not out on the corner making money for him in drag.) Heh, if only you knew me even a little. I once talked myself into a broken wrist. I just don’t care in this context.

You little petty tyrants crack me up when you write wildly biased subjective unilateral policy that serves no one but yourselves and then hide behind that policy like it’s an order you cannot disobey, oh woe is you, poor martyr. Never mind that even if that were true it would still be a bogus argument because “just following orders” absolves you of exactly nothing.

Banned from Hand of Fate


Defiant Development are a Brisbane based game development studio, deeply hates the idea of anything like journalistic integrity and is like so many other development firms ever so keen to threaten and force and redact into silence anyone who says anything unflattering to them, or about them.

I would love to provide the “complete” (as Defiant Development staff morgan puts it) timeline of events, in question here, but since it began and ended this same “morgan” person quoted below, has banned me and deleted my threads and comments.

As I said in the log below I would ADORE a compete accounting of our interactions as they reveal a fundamental problem with corporatist media and the culture it generally promotes, but alas, we live on a planet where private ownership at any stage of any platform means immunity to basic freedoms of speech.

History will show this is a bad plan since those same arguments (my yard my rules) have been used to evade civil rights protections in virtually all contexts that even remotely permitted capitalism.

Anyway, here’s the log and the email and some now doubt dead by now links.

Republished from here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/CasualVendetta/discussions/0/530645961935812162/

How I got banned from the HoF forum for standing up to a single tryhard.
Never tell your password to anyone.
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Innomen: Heh, which part of Australia? (GMT+?) :) Thanks for going through the hassle of enabling a private conversation. Steam does not make that easy. (Which I firmly believe is both intentional and underhanded.)
morgan: I’m briefly online now, as it’s night here – we’re in Brisbane.
Innomen: Brisbane, oky :) Well no need to eatinto your evening, I sent an email so you can reply at any pace. :)
***Email I sent.***

Subject: Innomen calling Morgan, Over :)
to support@defiantdev.com
4:40 AM
Heya, it’s probably better to email since we have the crazy time difference also it’ll give me a chance to proof read my replies :)

Here is what I wanted to say in response to your ban threat, but I figured it would be better received privately.

In response to:
(Originally posted by morgan: Innomen, please refrain from attacking other users. Critiques of the game are fine, but the only rule here is be nice. I’m deleting all offending posts, any follow up will result in a ban.)

I agree in principal but you should hear a few things from my perspective before you drop any ban hammers on what you might on closer inspection consider to be an ally. :)

As an initial side note, imo, deleting offending posts only causes confusion because now I can’t see what I typed that was the problem. (As a dev you have steam’s ear more than any of us. You could comment to them that you need the authority to edit comments like in forums.) Or perhaps you could open an official HoF forum somewhere and simply close this one, relaying all users there.

I say all that because I genuinely don’t remember what you’ve deleted, and now that whole linked conversation looks broken and a little crazy, because you’ve cut out key bits of context, which makes it even harder to remember what I and others typed, in response to what, and in what context.

But generally I can absolutely say this with confidence: I only “attack” (I would say rebut) other players when they attack me or other players for daring to complain about a game’s difficulty as if we’re lazy and weak expressly because we complained. (The opposite is true. Speaking complaint to any degree of power is an uphill battle in most any context.)

If you’re truly fine with criticism to the game but not to other players than I am not the one whom you should be threatening. Frankly if you genuinely want niceness enforced, you could do far worse than making me a moderator. (Not asking, just saying I’m the opposite of ban worthy by that criteria.)

Surely you don’t think it’s “nice” when players (example below) attempt to mock other players into silence by as I said implying that complaint itself betrays a weakness of skill and presumably character. (I call these people “tryhards” as opposed to a hardcore gamer who is essentially identical barring the need to mock casuals and whiteknight for devs and publishers.)

The vast majority of Vred’s comments are tryhard bully drivel, and if you genuinely agree and blame the player base, then this is a pointless conversation and I should emotionally divest from this game and this community immediately.

I always draw the flak in these situations because I’m a sociology writer and I’m not afraid to write. Essentially that means in these situations I have the sharpest claws. But you only see my claws when there’s a bully or a bully’s ally in the room. So if you’re scolding me for scolding bullies then you should be aware that your approach to increasing “nice”ness is ultimately self defeating.

You honestly don’t have to reply, I’m perfectly happy simply believing you’ve read it and will take it into consideration in future moderation worthy encounters :)
***Email End***
(Sorry, steam doesn’t have a collapse text tag.)
Innomen: GMT+10 :)
morgan: Can you edit the latest post to take out all the slagging off other players, please? There’s no need for that, and given I’ve just had to delete posts of you calling other users tryhards, I don’t think it’s kosher to jump back into a bunch of side attacks on people. Just make the point.
morgan: All good, I’ll take a look at the email.
morgan: Here’s my quick summary – no claws, please.
Innomen: That was fast.
(I don’t believe he had time to even read the whole of the email, his response happened in a matter of seconds.)
morgan: It’s not how we do things here. If you have issue with other peoples posts, you’re more than free to raise it.
morgan: You write for a living – I read for a living!
morgan: (also write, but hey)
Innomen: So are you threatening me with a ban or aren’t you? You can’t tell me it’s ok 30 seconds after you remind me that you’re deleting my posts while demanding I make changes.
morgan: I didn’t say it was okay. What leads you to that impression?
(Maybe because he said “If you have issue with other peoples posts, you’re more than free to raise it.”)
Innomen: You asked me to edit my comments before your email reply, is that request withdrawn?
morgan: No, not at all.
morgan: The forum rules are simple, and in the FAQ
Innomen: So merely posting a “rule” makes it right?
morgan: It makes it the rule.
morgan: You can play by those rules, or be banned from the forum.
morgan: I asked you not to attack other users. Now I’m checking the posts you’ve made since, and they’re mostly attacks – either explicit or snide, on other users. You can edit those posts, or I can ban you. Simple.
Innomen: So there’s no reasoning with you, it’s arbitrary demand obedience or exclusion.
Innomen: Indeed it is simple.
Innomen: I have principles and ethics, you don’t.
Innomen: Goodbye.
Innomen: I’ll be publishing this conversation by the way.
morgan: Please do. The record speaks for itself. However, you really shouldn’t post private conversations without asking both parties for permission – that’s the principled and ethical thing to do.
Innomen: Are you insane? You just told me to delete my comments or be banned at which point you’ll delete them and now you’re pretending like you don’t mind accountability?
Innomen: Do you not realize that’s an obvious contradiction?
morgan: If you post it in any way but unedited (and including this comment) then I’ll be sure to followup with the complete record, including your posts before and after warnings – people get banned from forums for breaking the rules of the forums. We have a rule prohibiting attacks on other players. You broke that rule. You refused to cease attacking other players. You’re banned and it’s done.
Innomen: I’m FAR less afraid of public scrutiny of my opinion.
morgan: No, I told you to edit your comments so they weren’t attacking other players. Good day, sir. As I say, please post *complete* logs, if you choose to do so.
Innomen: “you post it in any way” but “you’re banned and it’s done”
Innomen: How am I supposed to post if I’m banned?
Innomen: You really aren’t all there are you.
morgan: You got banned at the point where you refused to change and said goodbye.
Innomen: You’ve already made it impossible for me to post *complete* logs because you’re an intellectual coward and essentially a liar.
morgan: Goodbye.
Innomen: You banned me because I refused to bow to your childish demand for censorship.
Innomen: I meant publish on my blog, my review, and other places, not your little fiefdom btw.
morgan is now Snooze.
morgan is now Online.
Innomen: Well, thanks for confirming what I already knew to be true. For a moment I was actually thinking you were reasonable. But I should have known when you threatened and censored me while defending the abusive bully tryhard defending your cash crop. You’re a garden variety hypocrite with no sense of integrity. Remember your actions in this context if you ever find yourself shut out and silenced by someone with a little more power than you in a given context.


As yet he’s given no further reply, and why should he? Devs are held to no standards at all, anywhere. Certainly not ethical standards of what you might call journalistic integrity.

Bernie Sanders Email 2015-06-23

Dear Brandon –

When my Republican colleagues talk about “family values,” what they usually mean is opposition to a woman’s right to choose, opposition to contraception, opposition to gay rights, and support for abstinence-only education.

Let me give a somewhat different perspective on family values.

When a mother has a baby and is unable to spend time with that child during the first weeks and months of his or her life, that is not a family value.

When a wife is diagnosed with cancer and a husband cannot get time off of work to take care of her, that is not a family value.

When a mother is forced to send her sick child to school because she cannot afford to stay home with her, that is not a family value.

When a husband, wife, and kids, during the course of an entire year, are unable to spend any time together on vacation, that is not a family value.

The Republican agenda for families is really an attack on everything that a family is supposed to stand for.

When it comes to basic workplace protections and family benefits, workers in every other major industrialized country in the world get a better deal than workers in the United States. That should be an embarrassment to anyone who wants to talk seriously about family values in this country.

I’m running for president because I will stand for real family values. Please contribute $5 to our campaign now to help make paid family leave, sick days, and vacation days a reality for every working person in America.

It is not enough, though, to simply oppose the Republican agenda. That’s why I’m proud to tell you what I think is a true agenda for family values.

Every worker in America should be guaranteed at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. That is a family value.

It is insane that low wage workers in McDonald’s who get sick are forced to work because they cannot afford to miss work. Workers in this country must have paid sick time so they don’t get coworkers or customers sick on the job. That is a family value.

Every person who works for a living must have at least 10 days of paid vacation. Making sure families can afford to take some time off, without having to worry about going broke — that is a family value.

Let’s be clear: in terms of protecting the needs of our families, in many respects, the United States lags behind virtually every major country on earth.

Last place is no place for America. It is time to join the rest of the industrialized world by showing the people of this country that we are not just a nation that talks about family values — but that we are a nation that is prepared to live up to these ideals by making sure that workers in this country have access to paid family leave, paid sick time and paid vacations.

Can you help me carry this message in our campaign? Please contribute $5 now.

Thank you for all of your support,

– Bernie

Thoughts inspired by the PL-14 .

Kalashnikov PL-14

Kalashnikov PL-14

You’d think all the fiddly bits are for decoration but actually all of that is very functional.

Functional or not though, I just can’t help but see wasted space when I look at any of the modern automatic handguns.

Pistols should all be bullpup imo. We can land robots on comets and other planets, we can solve the mechanical issues.

That gun is over 8.5 inches long and the barrel is actually only around 5. That’s a substantial waste in my opinion and I think we tolerate it only because of habit and intellectual/experimental laziness.

Once we have AIs and robots to democratize code and prototyping, I’m sure we’ll see a completely new type of handgun and I’m certain it’ll use the full length of the gun as a barrel.

Since the thing looks like a ray gun anyway I’m reminded that the probable approach of future handguns will be something like metal storm, where the ammo is electrically fired and caseless.

There are concepts for a metal storm pistol but they stack the ammo end to end in the barrel. That’s a mistake in my opinion because the only round that gets the full length of the barrel is the last one.

In any case, certainly another area of waste is cased ammo. I want the entire mass of the round devoted to propellant and projectile.

I’m pretty positive you could make a system that triggers the rounds via a piezoelectric effect, or perhaps a solar powered supercapacitor if you need a hair trigger. The capacitor approach would radically improve the durability of the device also since you could remove a slew of moving parts. The down side would be the fact that you’d have a somewhat limited sustained reloading capacity since the capacitor would be trickle charged, unless of course you somehow baked the recharging into the magazine equivalents or even the ammo itself somehow. Perhaps by making it so that a discharged round charges the system for the ignition of the next round, much like how in today’s firearms recoil energy is used to ready and position the next round.

Considering the split hairs gains that get called “revolutionary” in this industry, I’m confident such fundamental changes will occur, and will be hailed by every objective observer as a true technical leap forward.

The initial models will suck, but then prototypes usually do.

Foreign Policy

It’s a recurring debate, how America, and by extension, how any, well funded and well armed nation should handle conflicts abroad.

Walking away I think is something ethical people can’t fully defend as it feels like walking away from a house fire, especially when you can make a good argument that your previous actions had a hand in starting the blaze. We kind of intrinsically know that willful inaction is an action.

So what can we do that doesn’t make things worse? How can we behave ethically and break the cycle of violence?

Well here is one option.

The solution is to essentially behave like doctors without borders. We should setup shop in the most unwanted unused area, someplace we alone can operate because money and technology and will, and provide something that only we can provide that’s good for all humans in the area.

What that is depends on context. Start with the basic needs. But only things that can be made on site. Make the useless area you were in useful in a humanitarian way.

Our military could then be deployed around these asset sources purely as defensive measures. If an area drives (or votes, etc) us out, we leave what we’ve made. Because we didn’t make weapons.

Like imagine setting up (or sailing and parking) a nuclear reactor on the coast and setting up a free electricity/water giving point. No strings. Just buying moral authority because doing the right thing full stop. Investment in the long term human capitol of the region and in our credibility.

A passive alternative talk-is-cheap approach to all the toxic ideologies that cause kids to get blown up.

Actually I think we should do that here via a ubi and deployment of nuclear and other tech, but I don’t expect anyone to listen.

Basically we should repurpose all our bases and military spending to be primarily creative rather then destructive forces.

If we do feel the need to intervene on someone’s behalf, our activities should be limited to ethical forms of aid (beans and bandages, are two thirds of warfare after all) and passive defenses like walls, bunkers, etc. Armor only, no swords. Let whoever we are helping defend us while we build, and if they can’t then we withdraw. Follow the principal of no lives taken, no collateral damage tolerated.

You see what I’m saying? We don’t have to engage in any pro-active killing. No one can honestly say giving someone a sandwich and a clean cup of water and a bottle of iodine and a secure place to sleep is intrinsically wrong. Make no martyrs.

Make our presence anywhere we go a good thing for anyone we encounter if we can at all manage it.

Make people excited to see us. Not with lies and violence, but with truth and compassionate action.

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