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Hotlinking my own photos

Ok, so I have some server space. I want to share/host links to 16 megapixel jpgs with thumbnails without wasting wordpress bandwidth and space. How would I make a thumbnailed gallery out of a list like this without wasting bandwidth and forcing my users to blindly/automatically download/load the fullsized images? https://page.pge/20140803_121053.jpg https://page.pge/20140803_120949.jpg https://page.pge/20140803_121005.jpg https://page.pge/20140803_121020.jpg Or […]


This is an experiment. The idea is a kind of open RPG. A way for someone who isn’t me to help me explore my vision of the future. This universe is a mesh of everything I see, want, believe, and think about. The name is derived from Fiction, Chaos, and Phage. I intend to limit […]

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