I have an Adri, your argument is invalid.

Social Darwinists Headed for Extinction

Quick note to cutthroat types. Your days are numbered.

You monied types have two choices psychologically, buy the job creator style myth of the owner class, or watch your own ethics callous over from repeated abuse.

History is on my side. The march of history and the ascension of humanity has always been away from brutality and so called social Darwinism. What is the thing that Europe, and the United States, and China have in common? Confederation. They were all essentially separate nations or states that learned that it’s better for everyone to work as a team.

We have been on a steady march, along with the rest of life, towards unity, because it works.

From amino acids to Pando, from Lucy to the United Nations the clear and obvious fact of life is that working together pays better than screwing eachother over and making excuses about it.

The Ayn Rand crowd only exists because the rest of us permit it. You may well live out your life as an exploitative agent in the meantime, as many corporate apologists and Horatio Alger types will, because clearly it’s a slow march and we have a long way to go, but don’t pretend for a second that’s the future because it is quite obviously the past.

The only thing that would give your kind a substantive future would be a catastrophic setback.

_”We must not allow a mineshaft gap!”_

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Black Voters and Bernie Sanders

TL/DR: Bernie won’t actually have a problem with AA/minority voters on the days of vote. The media is just saying that over and over hoping to make it true.

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote – The Nation

Bernie will have the black vote when it matters and here’s why.

I know no one wants to talk about this really for fear of being misconstrued as implying that blacks as a voting block are ignorant. However, the root of Bernie’s problem with the black electorate at this stage is ironically a consequence of everything he’s trying to fight.

Blacks and most others frankly at this point haven’t on average looked into who to vote for yet because they know it’ll be a trivial decision to make and because they on average are too busy or disenfranchised to engage in what is at its point essentially the politico version of fantasy football.

At this point the election is a first world problem for the majority of those 61% of people that didn’t vote last time. For the moment, and only for the moment, most people have more pressing matters to attend to.

Not having the time to inform yourself of the reality of your choice in an upcoming vote is by definition a bigger problem the more disenfranchised your group is because then you have bigger and more real problems to deal with day to day expressly because of systemic racism or other forms of oppression.

When you are worried for example about being shot by the local police walking down the block to buy groceries, assuming you can even afford them, you’re not going to have a lot of time or inclination at first to wiki Bernie vs Clinton and their voting records. This does not make you stupid, it makes you human.

Sure it might be unwise as a group to disengage, but individually (and here is the critical part) this early, it’s essentially a waste of time. But again, be honest, this really isn’t as complicated an nuanced as the media (both mainstream and alternative) how long would it take anyone browsing to decide which is the candidate for them? We all want to sound smart, but really a choice like this takes no more than 30 minutes of searching.

There’s also the general impact of austerity measures especially in republican states on political awareness. Schools generally are in third world shape in this country and they only get worse in oppressed communities. But again, that doesn’t matter much in this specific context because of the internet and the penetration of smart phones into every level of society.

All this is in my opinion why there is this perception that Bernie isn’t doing well among minorities, blacks in particular. It’s ultimately an illusion.

This will all change the moment the primary begins because he’ll win Iowa and New Hampshire and the news will be forced to name him and the busier more distracted of the black electorate will, by virtue of it no longer being a first world problem, will inform themselves on their upcoming choice.

And when they quickly find that their choice is between a woman who accepts money from the private prison lobby and says whatever she thinks is expedient at the time, or a man who walked with King and was arrested fighting for the civil rights movement, who has not deviated from his message of equality and true progressivism in decades, they’ll make the intelligent, self serving, and compassionate choice.

See, the thing about low information voting is about the price in time of acquiring that information. The opportunity cost is the deciding factor here. As the day of the primary gets closer and closer in each state, a moment will be taken by each person who isn’t totally disconnected or prohibited from participation even indirectly, to confirm or deny what they already believe, and they’ll find Bernie’s revolution waiting for them, instead of SSDD not worth the wait inline come election day.

The issue of who to vote for in the primary will for each person stop being a waste of precious time. It then stops being a trivial day to day hobby horse race, and it starts being something real that matters today. And that only means millions of people discovering Bernie and coming to #FeelTheBern

I believe that essentially all it takes to turn the average black Hillary supporter into a Bernie Sanders’ supporter is 30 minutes on a smart phone and an open mind. Call me sappy or naive but I’m pretty sure open minds and smart phones are still ubiquitous in this country, no matter what the news tells us.

Also, primary voters are by definition more engaged than general election only voters, and engaged voters Google who they are voting for. Any progressive that shows up has a great chance of being behind Bernie than any of these polls can predict. Unless they are online, and the online polls show a landslide coming because there are no spoiler effects in play. It’s perfectly safe to vote Bernie. Indeed, given his performance (compared to Hillary) vs Trump and the other republicans, he’s the safer vote.

This election is defined by populism. That will include the dismissal of the main stream media by the electorate. The same anti establishment populism that caused this race to boil down to Trump vs Sanders also is present vs the six company news machine we all know by now has been lying to us for decades.

Mark my words, Bernie is essentially going to sweep the primaries barring outright election rigging.

Clinton outright lies about Bernie

From an email sent by DFA: http://democracyforamerica.com/

When 87.9% of DFA members endorsed Bernie Sanders, Democracy for America committed to waging a 100% positive campaign focused on the issues in support of Bernie. This commitment to campaigning on the issues includes defending Sen. Sanders against unfair and inaccurate attacks by his opponents.

Unfortunately, over the past few days, the Clinton campaign has launched extremely dishonest attacks against Bernie Sanders on an issue that defines what it means to be a Democrat — universal health care.

In those spurious attacks, the Clinton campaign has completely distorted and misled voters about Bernie’s universal health care plan.

They said Bernie is in favor of “ripping up Obamacare” and that he would “dismantle Medicare” and “send health insurance to the states, turning over your and my health insurance to governors.” The implication is that his plan would somehow mean seniors would lose access to the benefits they get from Medicare, or that right-wing governors would be able to block it from coming into their states.

That’s ridiculous. It’s time to correct the record:

Bernie’s universal health care plan would make access to health care a right for every single American — and no state government would ever be allowed to stop it.

Why are these attacks on Bernie happening now? Because several new polls in the last few days have proven that the race for the Democratic presidential nomination is up for grabs in Iowa and New Hampshire.

If the Clinton campaign manages to win by scaring voters into believing that Bernie’s plan would hurt them, not only would it be bad for Bernie, it would be a crushing blow to the movement for universal health care and the ability of Democrats to advocate for it in the future.

The Iowa Caucus is now just 18 days away and Bernie Sanders has a good shot to win, but there’s also a real chance we could suffer a devastating defeat because of these false attacks on Bernie. If we fall short, imagine how you will feel the next day, knowing how close we came? Please chip in $3 or more now to Bernie Sanders — and help DFA support him urgently.

Here’s why the attacks by the Clinton campaign are so dangerous:

Regardless of who wins the presidential primary, Democrats need to hold on to the White House in 2016. This is something that all Democrats agree on because we all know just how much is at stake in this election.

In a contested primary, it makes sense for the candidates to draw contrasts with their opponents on the issues. But there is simply no excuse for the Clinton campaign’s dishonesty about Bernie Sanders’s policies — the same kinds of lies we would expect to hear from Republicans in a general election.

Every single second the Clinton campaign continues engaging in false attacks, they make it more and more difficult to bring the party together and achieve victory for our nominee — whomever that might be — in November.

We need to put an end to this kind of dishonesty in the Democratic presidential primary — and the best way to do it is to prove that campaigns that engage in it don’t win.

Your support today can make all the difference: Please chip in $3 or more right now to help Bernie’s campaign win in Iowa and New Hampshire — and to support DFA’s campaign to defend Bernie and help him shock the establishment.

Thanks for getting Bernie’s back at this critical moment in the campaign.

– Charles

Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director
Democracy for America

Hillary Lies About Bernie

Bernie Sanders for President

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton’s campaign unleashed a series of vicious and coordinated attacks against Bernie’s universal health care plan. They falsely claimed Bernie’s plan would end the Children’s Health Insurance Program, dismantle Medicare and strip millions of people of their coverage.

Here is the truth: Bernie’s plan would guarantee health care as a right for every man, woman, and child, and it would be implemented in every state in the country regardless of who is governor.

We have made tremendous gains in Iowa, but if we lost because Hillary Clinton’s campaign scared voters into thinking Bernie’s plan would cost them their coverage, it could set our vision for universal health care back at least a generation.

We simply cannot let that happen.

We are SO CLOSE. With Iowa less than three weeks away, your additional $5 contribution to Bernie’s campaign today could mean the difference between victory and defeat for our campaign.

Contribute $5
I want to close with something important. This campaign isn’t about Bernie Sanders and it isn’t about Hillary Clinton. It’s about the very real issues facing working families across this country. It is a national disgrace that the United States is the only major country in the world that does not offer health care as a right.

We need a president who will fight for the 29 million Americans without health care. That’s what this campaign, and your contribution, is about.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Paid for by Bernie 2016

(not the billionaires)

PO Box 905 – Burlington VT 05402 United States – (855) 4-BERNIE

Emperor Innomen?

***Work In Progress, Suggestions Welcome***

Context of Hypothetical

For several reasons is has become relevant for me to elaborate on what my version of global dominion would look like. I do this in an attempt to give the clearest and most concise overview of my political identity without either me or my reader having to know all the relevant academic jargon.

***I do not wish to be emperor nor do I support an imperial system of government.***

This essay is intended to be a fairly complete if somewhat general overview of my ‘platform’ so to speak. Sort of a continuation of my Apex post, a kind of “ok, so what then?”

I should start by saying that while I do believe a world with me as emperor would be an improvement over the current state, (assuming a peaceful ascension of course) I don’t for one minute believe I’m the best person Earth has to offer for the job.

In order to determine whether or not a potential emperor is better than another we need to at least partly define the role of emperor in this context.

Obviously it would not be possible for a single human to micromanage every aspect of a functional ethical government so then it becomes rather important to note what the supplementary government would be.

To make things relatively simple for myself and my English speaking western readers let’s just say the post of emperor is a hypothetical fourth branch of the United States government with the power of all 3 branches.

Anything that isn’t an imperial decree is handled as it is being handled now or otherwise according to the usual process in the United States.

Basically what we’re talking about is imperial decree being automatic ratified law superseding previous law and unalterable by the lower three branches for purposes of this hypothetical.

Also it should be noted that this position is temporary because I fully expect and will encourage a transition to a post-singularity society that may well not need anything like this, or may well require a radical rethinking of things. So think of this as an interim government.

As for the merit itself, that can be defined based on the principles of the Apex, the twin axioms of life and pleasure. Does a given emperor have a greater net increase in life and pleasure than another emperor? That I leave up to you.

In the longer term I should admit that I saw the ending to The Forbin Project (where an AI takes over earth) as a relatively happy one. We live by laws which we also often call code. What if that code was machine readable? What if we could program a leader AI? Congress and the rest would do their job relevant to its code instead of a body of law. All judges and lawyers would confer with the AI instead of having law books thus making the fields more accessible. Think more jury duty, less law school. More democracy, less republic. Imagine not needing all the lawyers because you could literally ask the law it’s opinion and then we could choose to change the law or agree to it.

The AI could also point out contradictions and give us extremely useful metadata about law that we just don’t have now, like how many there are for example.

I digress…


Essentially my plans for world improvement can be understood as a fairly interdependent set of policy positions designed to empower and diversify with the end goal of increasing odds of survival and enjoyment of the time granted by that survival.

The zero compromise broad strokes would be as follows. See the link section below for more complete and detailed arguments.

  • Mass deployment of nuclear power via LFTR reactors and the banning burning fossil fuels for purposes of grid level electricity generation. Personal use is still permitted. But the base load will be provided entirely by nuclear within 10 years or sooner. (Support Link)
  • The immediate and permanent open sourcing of all technology and software.  Prohibit the patenting of elements or molecules or any other fact or process. It shall not be permitted to hide data for reasons of profit. No paywalls. ONLY privacy protection.We page a huge opportunity cost to maintain a system of patent monopolies based on the myth that the profit motive is the best motive. That ends now. (Support Link)
  • A wealth cap funded UBI both proportional to GDP (GGP?)
  • Immediately and preemptively protect artificial life to prevent the torment and murder of artificial minds.(Support Link)
  • Establish a civic law enforcement agency. Too often the protection of law is dependent on money for lawyers. We need a version of police stations for civil crimes. We need a government funded option people can use before hiring a lawyer to sue. Kind of like small claims only much more stream lined and not immediately a court function. Also kind of like legal aid, only no prejudice for income.
  • 50% of current defense budget immediately diverted to NASA with a request that NASA’s next primary objective is the establishment of colonies, a space elevator, and generational seed ships for long term one way travel or local just-in-case backups should Earth be annihilated or sterilized by some celestial event. Humanity needs a backup.
  • Pain and death by aging are to be categorized as curable pandemics and researched and responded to accordingly.
  • Technology bans of any stripe are to be rejected out of hand. This is a test for our species. Behaviors may be banned, but never tools. That’s like banning hands because they can punch. De facto technology bans will exist because of the behavior required to develop them. This is acceptable.
  • The abolition of compulsory schooling. Libraries, museums, the Internet, and a UBI should take care of people brain initialization.
  • Full equal rights for children.
  • Render prison livable and humane, possibly by requiring that legislators spend a week there with no special treatment as a condition of reelection. Link 1. Link 2. Link 3. The purpose of prison is not vengeance but protective isolation either for the criminal, society, or both.
  • Body cam every officer of the court from the lowest beat cop to the supreme court judges for every minute of their public duties. These people need to be watched. All of them.
  • End the drug war by legalizing every chemical for informed willful consumption. Keeping in mind that behaviors are still illegal. One set of law for all drugs, medical and recreational.
  • Nationalize the bulk of the food supply. No private company gets a patent on food genes.
  • Nationalize the entire medical system. Legalize medical treatment outside that system so long as full disclosure of that outside status is given. We let people climb mountains, so we can let them experiment with treatment. Certified doctors are not permitted to offer certified services outside the system. I will not permit an extortion funded gold rush brain drain.
  • Restructure the Internet to a hard encrypted anonymous peer to peer model with a shortwave radio and fiber backbone, nationalized and maintained by the Library of Congress and the NSF.
  • True separation of church and state, no state recognized religious rituals ever, including marriage. Marriage is to have the same official status as baptism or exorcism.
  • Race and gender is to also be stricken from government policy outside medical contexts. It is to be given no more official policy status than height or ice cream preference. Human rights mean ALL humans. Racism or sexism cannot be responses to racism or sexism. Anti discrimination laws are sufficient.
  • No action, product, or service which is legal to gift shall be prohibited from sale.
  • Public air travel system, like city buses for the whole planet.
  • Dual (or more) citizenship is to be honored and encouraged. It’s petty to force members of other nations to give up their status in those nations simply to be a member of ours as well. We’re a country, not a jealous lover. All the same laws and requirements will still apply. No such thing as diplomatic immunity. That’s why we have telephones and webcams.
  • The role of the military is to be expanded to include the protection and rescue of citizens during travel.
  • The nonconsensual intentional infliction of pain, injury, or death shall be prohibited universally outside self defense actions or congressionally authorized acts of war. Tolerance of human rights violations is a human rights violation. My United States would not permit torture or genocide, anywhere. This may mean wars. So be it. Some things are worth fighting for.
  • Citizenship of the United States can be acquired simply by asking, and can never be revoked once granted. The price of our protection is being subject to our laws.
  • Any United States citizen can demand extraction and return to any continental United States military base if they fear for their safety. Repeated use, or suspected future abuse of this rescue service may lead to a revocation of travel privileges.
  • National Cryonics Archive. Think Arlington, only for everyone that wants it, and cryonic tubes instead of graves.
  • Immediately ban the replenishment aspects of the meat industry. They can sell off what they have left, but the refilling of the torture factories ends today. Those industries will receive big oil’s subsidies with a mandate and a 5 year time limit. Scale up and deploy in-vitro meat or change industries.

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My thoughts on The Force Awakens


Firstly, let’s be honest… They could poop in a cup, film said cup for 2 hours in 3d, call it a Star Wars sequel, and it would make every bit as much money.

The movie is completely bland and a blatant ripoff of the previous films. Seriously. The main plot threat is once against a giant ball that destroys planets with a super laser beam.

It’s both sexist and racist imo. The poor black guy is comic relief, and of course wounded into a coma by the end of the movie, and essentially the main character’s emotional and physical punching bag. Seemingly happy to do her bidding at the risk of his own life for no apparent reason.

Of course he’s required to fall in “love” (in true Disney style) with her, and dutifully does.

Her character on the other hand is a blatant and way over the top effort to pander to feminists in a misguided attempt to apologize for slave Leia, despite the fact of course that “slave” Leia literally strangled her oppressor to death with her own chains in what might well be the most powerful and well known feminist uprising scene in all of the fantasy film genre.

Why do I say pandering? Because the main character is like that kid in make believe sessions that cries if you don’t let them be everything and win everything.

She’s the secret important relative, she’s the prettiest one, she’s the center of all attention, she’s the ninja, she’s the brilliant tech, she’s the savvy smuggler scavenger, she’s the super pilot, she’s the most self reliant, she’s the most competent at whatever she’s doing at the time, she’s the purest heart, she’s got the thicket plot armor, she’s the budding force messiah, she’s the most loved, and on and on and on.

Watching her is like watching someone play a lara croft with all the cheat codes turned on. There is zero tension. I’m reminded of a line from lawn mower man… “I am GOD here.”

And then there’s the cameos, which as far as I can tell are Chewy, Han, Leia, and Luke. Chewy is of course interchangeable. He’s completely unchanged. Han is older, and has been turned into a total incompetent and apparently tragic father figure. Leia’s role is wildly boring and can apparently barely move her own mouth muscles anymore presumably due to surgery. And Luke literally says not one word, takes not one step,  and doesn’t even change his facial expression.

The entire plot is obvious from the beginning. Plot armor for everyone!

We even have a wise old tiny alien because we all miss Yoda. (Of course female now because boys are awful, am I right?) And a cute little robot that speaks in bleeps and whistles that of course the main character understands. (Making the token black guy comment on this fact like it’s a joke doesn’t make it any better.)

But I did enjoy watching the movie because I saw it in the theater and it was completely beautiful in 3d. If you just tune out the cloned carcass of a plot and think of it like a 2 hour moving painting it’s way way better.

It’s a Starwars toy infomercial funded by Disney, of course the production values are going to be staggering. And they are.

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