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Open letter to Lepht Anonym


Have you ever considered running electrodes into your own brain? Like to say stimulate sensations of well being or other custom sensations?

What do you think would be involved? Is this something that could be done outside of a lab?

Ancient peoples survived trepanation, and the brain itself feels no pain, it seems to me the major problem would be placement and blood vessel avoidance.

I have a dream of being able to enter a lucid dream state, mechanically. I think this could be achieved by running a lead to the area of the brain responsible for spacial or social orientation and stimulating it when I enter rem sleep, so that when I’m in a dream state my awareness of my location is enhanced, so that I would pick up on where I am and what I was doing and hopefully realize I’m dreaming.

In any case I’ve always said that the extreme body mod crowd are budding transhumanists. You are the first to make that claim a reality.

By existing you prove my point.

I appreciate that.

Keep up the good work.

Updated: March 7, 2010 — 3:01 am


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  1. Dreams are often hard to remember after days and sometimes months pass. But as far as I know, my dreams have always been very “enhanced” with a feeling of really being there. In my dreams, it takes a bit, but I always find out that I’m dreaming. Just thought I’d share.

    1. You are very lucky in that regard. I’m happiest when I’m dreaming, in a way I don’t need them to be lucid. But greed is part of being human.

  2. greets, bro. thanks for the open letter; i’ve not had that happen to me before… as for the brain surgery, i avoid that because of two major concerns of mine; firstly, that sterilisation of the complete degree required to avoid any chance of infection is impossible outside of an operating theatre. this means that i’d be risking a brain or meninges infection, both of which would likely prove deadly. you really do need an OR and the associated extreme measures of sterilisation in order to be even mostly safe when working with the brain.

    secondly, we’re not sure how the brain works entirely… i wouldn’t know which areas to stimulate for most things. that’s a research problem rather than a practical one, though it could be solved by trial and error, of course.

    it would be fucking cool though, you’ve got a point there. if only i had access to a clean room, man. if only. what i do use electrodes for is nerve stimulation in my prototype Northpaw, incidentally, so it’s not like the hardware is out of our reach – it’s just the cleanliness. one Staphylococcus aureus from your hands to your scalpel to your brain, and you’re fucked for good. i’m not man enough to take that risk, unfortunately.

    good to hear from you, anyway, and thanks for the encouragement. i appreciate the feedback, as well as the discussion. peace


    1. Thank you very much for responding. Your concerns are obviously valid and definite hurdles for those of us who spend time thinking about playing with their brains.

      To be 100% clear I absolutely am not recommending that you risk your brain, I consider it to be valuable public property. The pioneers of the transhumanist movement need experimenters such as yourself, doubly so or more when you consider that your goal is to open this area up to the masses, rather than the rich elite who will no doubt make up the bulk of the first generation transhumanists.

      I like your approach of expanding your sensory experience. The idea of being able to tactilely detect magnetic fields is intriguing to say the least. Make one wonder what could be done with other kinds of sensors. Heat at a distance for example, like a pit viper.

      From all of us who plan to live in the future and who will no doubt profit from your bravery, thanks, kudos, and for damn sure, keep it up.

  3. In response to our discussion about brain manipulation I felt it relevant to post the following link which describes the technical details of non invasively tinkering with the brain called Transcranial magnetic stimulation.


  4. i dont wanna be buried, in a pet semetary. i dont want to live my life again.

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