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Not voting? Voting 3rd party? Tool.

Splitting my vote to give rise to a solid conservative SCOTUS without even the pretense of respect for the 99%? No, I’m not.

Here’s why for those who are interested:
https://plus.google.com/115056313943520401920/posts/4C6wB4nmjBs see comment debate.


Oh they are thinking, that’s the problem. Genius and psychopathy often go hand in hand.

Still doesn’t change the scotus picture. We get neocon types to fill the last upcoming three slots and that’s game over for this country because the singularity absolutely will arrive in the next 50 years. And we have the same choice every living thing has: Evolve or die. A tsunami is coming and we will surf or drown.

I’m playing a long game here and yeah burning my vote on an underdog to make a statement might be valid but not with three scotus slots on the table. This is not the time to indulge wishful thinking.

I say game over because neocons absolutely would try to fight the tide. They’ll try to ban and backdoor everything, letting the old barons drag this country into oblivion trying to legislate survival for old ways and old markets that haven’t a prayer in the long term. And while the most heavily armed super power humanity has ever seen spends its bombs and dollars trying to force the 21st century to look like the 20th the rest of the planet will evolve past us.

Long story short someone else will get friendly AI. Or worse intentionally develop unfriendly AI as a weapon to check us.

This coming election is the most important election this country has ever faced. And it will probably be the most important one it will ever face. It may well be the most important election humanity has ever faced.

RP would be our best bet because while a hands off approach would be an ethical catastrophe it would at least leave room for something better later. Obama would try to gum up the works but not to the point of complete suicide. Mittens and company on the other hand always think they themselves have a way out and have no problem what so ever nose-diving anything and everything at the word of his 1% masters, whom he ignorantly thinks are his peers.

He thinks he can ride out any storm from inside his gated community.

All the important court cases will come in the next 50. They will determine how America reacts to all the significant technological changes that cannot be stopped from genetic engineering to AI. IPL reform alone is worth making the scotus picture paramount. Doubly so with an intractable congress that grinds to a halt every time there’s a real debate on the floor. (Debt ceiling much?)

These fools think they can ban and bully the future just because they have near absolute power over our collective will. But the driving force in context here is not something so recent or so subjective.

We’re talking about game theory here and emergent properties. This is the same shit that teaches fresh robots to lie and forces the shape of a bird’s wing.

I will make the smart adult play because while I may not be allowed to have children of my own I give a shit about everyone else’s. Even the adult ones.

Ventura and Alex Jones types are little better than tea party drones. The only silver lining is that hopefully they split the libertarian GOP vote in the same way that green party candidates split the progressive vote.

Indeed if they aren’t insanely unrealistic then they are on the payroll directly. Alex especially is the best friend the 1% ever had with his nanometers from Ayn Rand, pro child abuse, pro money, anti compassion rhetoric, cloaked in the language of reform/revolt. Completely ignorant of the purpose of organization generally, let alone government.


If Romney won it would be a swift slide to total gold plated autocracy. And if you think we’re there already, you have a deficiency of imagination.


Updated: September 30, 2012 — 10:36 pm

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