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My Reaction to the Princeton Mom


I try to be open to opposing view points, if for no other reason than to understand my opposition. I still disagree with this woman but not for the reasons I expected.

If you assume that marriage and children are going to be a reality for 90% of women in the west, which it is in terms of having offspring at least, then would it not be wise to plan for it overtly?

Also if you assume that they are the ones in charge, which they most certainly are. Then why pretend your message is aimed at anyone other than the women?

I mean it’s like building a house in a flood zone. You know it’s coming, so get ready. Study the event, think about the best outcome and your resources, and make it happen.

That’s disturbingly good advice. The problem is that it conflicts with our popular media spooned conception of what love, marriage, commitment, and sex are.

I respect this woman because she’s being honest about it. She’s basically in my view telling women how to make the best out of an exploitative situation, but she’s giving no thought to changing it.

What bothers me is the ruthless pragmatism and the implicit acceptance of how things are.

Also I grow damned weary of the scolding:

“…men will not buy the cow if the milk is free, and that’s the truth. If you give men sex without commitment, you have eliminated the incentive for them to commit.”

Do you see what she’s admitting here? That marriage is ultimately a con for the men. It’s a manipulative trade. A sexual contract. A sexual sale.

Am I really the only one in the room that looked at that whole thing and said no thanks? If I’m supposed to pay for sex no matter what I do, then why on earth would I pay such a high price?

She’s telling women to go exploit monied men. And college is definitely the best place to do it because most of those morons are already proving they are keen for a shafting just by being there.

Being in a major college as a male proves that you are either monied, or you are willing to amass a life time of debt simply to do what the TV tells you is right.

Can you think of better husband material? Someone you can lead around with scolding and temptation. Someone perfectly willing to sign on the dotted line just to live up to the image.

If you assume that nothing’s going to change. If you’re a woman and you assume you’re going to get married. Then she’s absolutely right. If that disturbs you as a modern woman then maybe you need to rethink your support for marriage as a concept from the ground up.

Because the original point of marriage was about selling sexy little girls to powerful men in exchange for obedience and “social stability” which simply means keeping those with power, in power.

Do you really want to be a product?

~Looks at the statistics.~

I guess you do.

I don’t won’t to be a slave to an employer, or a creditor, or the television via a wife. And so I’m condemned to isolation, poverty, hatred, and like 60% of all men, childlessness.

If failure to gain is the same as loss, then you bastards stole my son.

Try to imagine the strength it takes to be me and non-violent at the same time.

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