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How to use plain text eBooks on the Tracfone LG600G.


Support: heavy@heavy-online.ru
Web-site: http://heavy-online.ru/TinyBook/

LG600G plain text ebook reader instructions.

On Computer:
Decompress TinyBook.JAR renaming as a zip file if you have to.

Copy plain text book into folder.

Rename book to “book1.txt” or any number up to 9.

Book must have a blank line as it’s first line.

TinyBook.JAR may contain up to 9 books, maybe ten if you replace book.txt as well.

Recompress folder, rename back to TinyBook.JAR so now your books are inside the zip/jar.

Edit TinyBook.JAD with a text editor.

Look for line “MIDlet-Jar-Size: ######”

Change size to match exactly the newly created jar file.

Copy both files to the phone.

On phone:
Open the “other” folder. (Hit menu, then 7, then 6)

Highlight TinyBook.JAD and hit “ok” (center button of d pad)

It will compile and install.
It will ask about being trusted: allow it to continue.

It will ask you where to put it, games or applications: its up to you. I put mine in apps.

Now go to apps (open phone, left on the dpad, 2)

You should see tinybook as a choice.

Remember to set you bookmark before you close the phone.

UP, DOWN – prev page, next page
“*” – set bookmark
“OK” (center d pad) – go to bookmark
“#” – exit

Here is mine with At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft as book1.txt

This works on linux mac or windows.

Updated: September 23, 2009 — 11:52 am

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