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Here’s the reason the right wing hates obamacare.


Why? Simply because it’s a portent of a workable and inevitable style of government that will force them to share. They are terrified of people getting a taste for compassionate government because the argument for compassion is incompatible with extreme wealth inequality.

Ironically (for multiple reasons) they have created a situation where not only would universal health care be palatable but one in which it is literally life and death precisely because of that inequality which they have been hired by the 1% to protect by any means necessary.

Their pathological need to horde all wealth and the political deceptions and madness required to perpetuate this hoarding, while at the same time putting on the appearance of a democracy, has literally sickened the vast majority of the population.

As the republicans/1% minions succeed in implementing the 1%’s demands the day to day situation for the 99% grows more inhospitable. Indeed lethal for many. We have already passed a point where the majority wants a roll back of their changes but the 1% cannot allow that because it would only by necessity continue. The worse it gets for us the better the alternative will look and feel. They’ve painted themselves into a corner. Now they have to kill us or at least a sufficient number of us that whoever’s left can be content with whatever scraps remain.

So far all the rollbacks have been temporary and thus fixable in the next cycle. Any problem, it has been possible to blame on the other party. Like setting a slow fire and then selling the house before anyone smells smoke and then blaming whoever moves in for burning the house down.

That’s not possible with obamacare because it’s both immediate and semi permanent. Frankly the 1% made a huge mistake allowing medical to stay private. At first it was a great decision from their profit perspective but now it threatens everything because they’ve tipped their hand. They’ve made it 100% clear that their obsession with more wealth means more to them than any suffering or death experienced by others as a result of it.

Once people realize that not only is it possible, but profitable, for government to truly serve them, they will settle for nothing less. They’ve conditioned us for decades to put our children above everything else but now they want us to let our children sicken and die so they can get more money. Money which everyone knows they do not need, money indeed they can use for nothing other than making more money. At some point that’s the only thing left to spend money on for yourself.

Once we have universal health coverage and the wealthy are still wealthy and everything is working fine until they sabotage it, society will begin to question everything the 1% has paid for them to believe.

The real terror for them is the idea that people might one day get a sufficient percentage of their needs met while being given sufficient free time to ask the larger questions and seek answers from a sufficiently uncensored source. What if people come to agree that original debt is unacceptable? What if they come to believe that being forced to choose between wage slavery and homelessness isn’t a real choice? What if they come to view economics as akin to a water cycle and that our current system lacks both evaporation and rain? If the economy is a river, what happens to a river when there is no rain, no evaporation? Obviously it dries up. It finishes flowing.

Healthcare reform in any direction which does not let poor people die is the beginning of the end for them. They have no where to go. If they try to leave America and fail to pay exit taxes we will seize their assets. They must share as directed or own the system.

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