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Herby Fuzzback Spiderton III Photoshoot

Happy halloween! Yeah I know it’s not here yet but Halloween is like my christmas, I stay in the Halloween spirit for like the whole of fall and deep into either side.

This is the heaviest spider I’ve ever caught in my house, also the calmest. So I gave him a name befitting his station.

Herby Fuzzback Spiderton III Front

Herby Fuzzback Spiderton III Profile

Herby Fuzzback Spiderton III Scale

Updated: August 27, 2011 — 7:39 am


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  1. Hun, this spider is crazy scary to me. But I have a few question, did you just find it in your house, is it in your house, is it a pet of your’s? I think it would help to if you added some information about the pictures. 

    1. Well it is kinda scary all up close but I assure you he was pretty tame and relaxed compared to other light speed spiders I’ve found in my house.

      I found it in my bedroom after my cat alerted me to it’s presence. He swatted it once and it shrugged it off. I moved him away fearing a painful bite and then captured it with a cup and a piece of paper. I could actually detect it’s weight, which amazed me. I moved it to an unused aquarium and got some scale photos, and then took him outside for some more photos and release.

      I’m too ignorant of spiders and insects to responsibly keep him. Any attempt on my part would almost certainly equate to a slow execution :/

      I’ll tell the story of my photos from now on thank to your suggestion 🙂

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