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Forgiveness for Bernie?

Update: 2016-11-12 0953 PM

If You’re a Progressive, Give Thanks That Bernie Sanders Endorsed Hillary and Saved His Movement

The article makes a pretty excellent series of points.

In the second, sadder outcome—the one which actually transpired—his choice to back Clinton was even more important. People in general, but especially people active in American politics today, are loathe to blame themselves for anything. If Sanders had abandoned Clinton, pronounced her brand of governance too corrupt to countenance, and taken his progressive wing with him, angry Democrats would have an easy scapegoat in the wake of the November loss. You can imagine how convenient it would be to dump the blame on Bernie—the defeat was his fault! They would hang the Trump victory on him, pointing to his betrayal, and the takeaway, for many, would be that only a unified (and implicitly centrist) Democratic party could win a general election. Again, progressives would be neutered for the foreseeable future.

It’s starting to look like Bernie was playing the long game after all. Especially with Jill’s awful performance at the polls. Which I did not see coming. The spoiler effect is still real. Maybe it’s better to siege the DNC castle than try to build a new one.

It worked for the Tea Party in their own house.

Long story short I respect Bernie again. I find it much easier to assume he saw this coming than to assume he was conspiratorially forced to back HRC.

Original Piece:

I tell myself that Bernie was threatened. I don’t blame anyone for folding to threats they truly believe. HRC/etc is so corrupt and violent. It’s plausible that they threatened him and his family with unimaginable horror.

But with so much at stake, if you assume any of it is real, voting, political leadership, etc.

Am I wrong to want him to martyr himself and his family?

Is that a fair demand to make of someone who stepped up to lead a super power and a revolution? Someone who stepped up to lead humanity?

Would I fold in his shoes? Absolutely. This isn’t a dick race. The question for me is whether or not it’s fair to both understand and be angry with him for this choice? Especially when the threat is by definition a conspiracy theory.

I want him to have been threatened because if he wasn’t, then I AM betrayed. I have a tiny bit of evidence.


But is that enough? I don’t feel it’s proven, like election fraud has been. http://underlore.com/the-electionfraud-is-real/

And since I want it to be true so much I feel I should hold it to an even higher standard of evidence.

That only makes this harder.

Because even if he was threatened, I’d still be angry and some of it would be anger at him.

I don’t know what they did, so I can’t critique his strategy. But it feels like he could find some compromise, some way around.

I mean lets say he arranges a press conference on topic X and then outs the whole thing live. Would we really believe anything that happened to his fam or him after that a coincidence?

I’m starting to feel like this threat thing is just a comforting fantasy.

I want to forgive Bernie. But it’s starting to feel impossible.

Other thoughts:

Ultimately it doesn’t matter much. The damage is done and even if he came out HRC wouldn’t be harmed by it.

It’s not like I’d want him sanctioned for it it anyway. And we all know that HRC could skin a baby on live TV and still get elected either because election fraud or because good spin. (Russians made me do it. Russian CGI.)

So I guess really it’s an ethical triviality.

Updated: November 12, 2016 — 11:03 pm

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