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You have the right to change your mind.

Genius is a dynamic entity and while some truths once arrived at are final, many aren’t and you’re never going to be absolutely sure which ones are which.

If you find that your view point isn’t changing, (keeping a journal is a great way to watch for this) then you might have a problem.

If you’re not at least a little embarrassed by some of the things you’ve written in the past then you’re probably not growing intellectually.

Don’t be completely ashamed of these things, and don’t be afraid to say you were wrong or you at least feel differently now.

We each make our decisions based on what we know at the time, and a fact of existence is that what you know, changes.

Don’t go back and make corrections, for one thing it’ll just draw attention, simply make your new position clear somewhere else and if asked directly, be honest.

If they want to try and shame you, let them, the both of you know how insane it is to try and scold someone for adapting, and if they don’t, well then their opinion is not worth caring about.

Just sharing 🙂

Updated: April 27, 2010 — 5:48 am


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  1. This is true and encouraging. I cringe every time I read my old myspace blog.

    1. @Jack

      You could also rejoice since you have written proof that you are growing and improving. Proof that you can share on demand. You also have proof that you’ve got the integrity to not mask your past. That’s a serious up side.

  2. heh, I envy your incredibly healthy ability to distinguish yourself from your past. This is currently one of the top on my list of self-actualization goals. your perspective is infallibly healthy, but all I can think when I look back is “oh! the self-obsessed angst of adolescence!” Except that I was more like 18. lol Thank god for the human capacity to grow ever more aware.

    1. Well of course my attitude is my intellectual position, of course my emotional position is akin to yours, I feel shame at my foibles and pride in my victories, I just try to focus on the pride as best I can and convince myself (that is the part of me that subjects me to emotions) that growth IS a victory, hoping that it will adapt.

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