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Enough with the GMO hate.

Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ecT2CaL7NA & http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/08/04/1319176/-Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-tells-GMO-haters-to-chill-out-people-get-angry & http://underlore.com/anti-gmo-zealots-the-best-friends-monsanto-ever-had/

Monsanto is the problem, not fucking science and technology and innovation, you ignorant Luddite shit heads.

GMOs are just another path to better food organisms. Less messy, less wasteful, infinitely better potential. It’s agricultural science, not black fucking magic you dimwitted serfs.

Anti GMO whiners need to give starvation a stab. 80% of what people eat is lethal in the long term anyway. Not to mention the fucking air. And you’re all apparently perfectly cool with that.

Start actually treating death like the fucking enemy and then maybe your face noises will be worth parsing as something of value.

I have yet to meet a GMO hater that didn’t reject efforts to end aging and death and pain anyway. Which means you’re all pampered control freak hypocrites. You’re cool with people dying of poverty and starvation you just don’t want them having the option of dying a little later from cancer instead.

If I was starving to death and the only fish I could find had mercury in it, I’d eat. Your collective ability to turn up your nose at perfectly edible food means you’ve never even come close to having to do without.

Sick and fucking tired of pandemic psychopathy and narcissism.

They whine about the science not being in, but I don’t care because the contrast material here is fucking starvation.

These people are obviously terrified by GMOs and your position is one of FUD (ironic) propagation.


There is a reason this guy was able to save a billion lives.


Right now somewhere someone is not allowed to work on a species of wheat/corn/rice/soy that is 100X better at feeding the world than our current best is because asshole cowards with full refrigerators are scared shitless of black magic.

And yes yes I know he didn’t use GM, but he manufactured a species to spec as best he could with the crude and slow tools at his disposal, and when he got even a modest bit of success he spent his life spreading that invention all over the planet.

Imagine what he could have accomplished with modern GM tools and techniques?

Modern GMOs are made to secure profit margins, not end starvation and that’s a patent and policy problem, not a problem with the technology.

A GM lab headed by someone like Norman could literally end starvation.

Imagine a life form that grows like kudzu but anywhere on anything and produces nutritionally complete fruit/flesh? That’s just off the top of my head as one possible end goal.

You’re whining about an infant technology.

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