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Dear Dad

Thanks for…

Special eggs.

Giving me the good pieces.

Letting me ruin your tools.

Playing Vivaldi.

My first sword.

Showing me the value of honesty.

Making me a nerd before it was fashionable.


Proving by example that kindness is not weakness.

The Sergent family deformity.

Driving me everywhere.

Showing me how to work smart, not hard.

Saving mom from Denny.

Showing me how to shoot.

Connecting me to the world.

Having insulated pliers.

Teaching me loyalty by example.

Showing me that jokes don’t have to be funny to be fun.

Making learning fun.

The PVC robot arm.

Replacing Soundwave.

Showing me what willpower is.

Making toddlers crack up.

Peanut butter sandwiches.

Elderberry jelly.

Showing me how to start a conversation with anyone.

Never judging me.

Putting absolutely everything together.

Breaking the cycle.

The y chromosome that made me so tall.

Showing me how to fix anything.

Letting me “help.”


Showing me that being a man does not mean being mean.


Remembering what it was to be a boy.

Making me a Borg for Halloween that time.

Letting me buy both when I couldn’t decide which I wanted.


Showing me what real strength means.

Updated: June 19, 2016 — 1:41 pm

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  1. You really know how to tug at my heart. My joy and laughter you bring into my life, now and always, are keeping me wrapped in the warmth of your love.
    C.I.M.S. hmmm
    I’ve heard that as one gets older the first thing to go is, er, uh, shoot! Something…

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