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Conspiracy Video Review: Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full

The whole premise of the thing is the phrase “new world order” as if its a proper noun with a specific meaning. I have never liked that usage because it’s unfair. It’s impossible to cite.

The video pretty much opens with a bunch of politicians and aging fops talking about “a new world order” as if I’m supposed to be shocked.

I could do the same thing with a phrase like “a brighter tomorrow.” So keep that in mind.

However, it is capitalized in some of the offered documentation, and since all these people live in the same tiny social circle they clearly do mean it the same way. That is interesting, but regardless of whether or not some people mean it as a conspiracy tag, many others probably do not. In a way if it IS a conspiracy that’s a genius name for it, since in and of itself it’s plausibly deniable.

Also I don’t like Alex Jones, and his insanity. He needs to keep his mouth shut about his satanic ritual crap. He’s a zealot nutbar, despite being right about a great many things. And he has no idea how to actually change things, probably because he’s actually scared shitless of change (as are all fundamentalists)


Oh Jesus, it’s Alex. I wonder if he’s going to tell me about the evil gays. *facepalm* Oh really jackass? is that what I’m watching? Thanks for telling me. How about you plug something for us? Yea, that’s better, thanks. He seriously doesn’t realize he helps “the globalists” every time he opens his mouth because he discredits everything he talks about by being him and talking about it. Or hell, maybe he does. After all, no one’s killed him.

Back to the show. Later on at 0:37:53 we hear “Global Governance” This term is much better because it says something about intent. New World Order can literally mean anything so long as it’s new, applies everywhere, and has structure. What they are talking about is a bunch of people who though means subtle and gross have for whatever reason de facto control of society. Fine. Not at all shocking.

If you want to attack that, publicity and dvds are not the way to go. You have to attack the roots of their power.

The conspiracy people seem to think that its like… a bunch of people join a council, are given power, and then design wars. It’s the other way around. These people are a consequence of the system. They are a natural outgrowth of capitalism and the centralization that is required for our survival. You could shoot every one of them in the head right now and in 6 months you’d have replacements for all of them.

Our current world structure demands the existence of top down management because we have massive centralized systems. The conspiracy people don’t seem to realize that. They think the way things are is because these people exist when really these people exist because of the way things are.

If you want to change things, get behind a disruptive technology. (http://underlore.com/TBA/?p=663)


He’s right about dictatorships and the question he should be asking is why. He should look at these nations, where they have a new leader every 3 years because someone shot the old ones, and ask why time and again do dictators happen? Because, that is the most efficient way to solve the problems of state. Let me share with you something from SciFi that will convey what I mean. Bear with me here.

Data, Speaking about The Borg: “The technology required to achieve this biological and artificial interface is far beyond our capabilities. There are many advantages.” Riker: Speed being the obvious one. This ship literally thinks what it wants to do and it happens.”

This idea is the crux of why monarchy comes about time and again and why dictators rule in a simple setting. A group, by definition, can not act as quickly as an individual and there are two fundamental truths about reality that make that important. 1. No decision is usually worse than a bad decision. 2. Speed is more important than strength.

My core point on this subject is this. A king, given the current set of our technological abilities is a good idea, and killing the king will only give you a new king. There will always be people of influence. You can’t legislate morality. You have to have something to replace it with, else you get a power vacuum and that causes genocide. Just telling people to wake up accomplishes nothing. We’re not as stupid as you think. We see whats going on, but you’re providing no alternative of any kind, much less a viable one.

These Alex Jones types have no idea what to do with the world. They are full of flowery rhetoric and they are clearly to a man wholly ignorant of game theory. They are the intellectual equivalent of the Amish. And since they have nothing to offer and no idea how to strategically orient themselves for a true and lasting victory they are where they are, selling dvds.

Seriously. What do these people expect the powerful to do? Encourage dissent and lack of communication? What is the best way to wipe out an enemy? Shoot them or make them an ally? By definition, the most supreme form of diplomacy, merger, is a loathsome act to these people. They apparently Want to live in the shadow of war… Permanently.

Shock and surprise! People with enough power to actually change things actually trying to change things for their benefit. By definition that’s a conspiracy yes, but then again so is a school of fish. It’s cellular automata. It’s rational decisions made by the thousands leading to a trend.

They want to prevent war and prevent revolt. We need government to manage our central systems to keep us alive because without central management we get insoluble common good problems. That’s a fact. That MUST be changed (the only way it will is disruptive technology) before we can get rid of the state, and the desire for a half assed patch work system of states (National sovereignty and states rights) is just a check list for permanent war.

I’ll give a flying fuck about national sovereignty and states rights when I can be a nation or a state. As it stands it’s a choice of who owns me, and if I have to make a choice I’ll go with the one least likely to get me starved or shot. These pampered yuppie theorists have no idea what’s going on or what would happen if even a 5th of their lunatic wishes were granted.

And I’m sick and tired of fear mongering and spin being used to sell dvds. Loose change was epic journalism. This is a bigoted Luddite church commercial.


Yes because people are stupid. They don’t think about the long term. Hell, they buy bottled water for fucks sake. You have to “Frog’m” as my dad puts it. You have to do it slowly. Good or bad. And if you assume that nations will ALWAYS exist the centralizing effort is the only rational answer. War MUST be made obsolete. Basically everyone is bitching about the price of peace. Easy to do when it’s not your toddler that blew off his hands thinking the bomblet was a toy.

These fake wars are there to extract money from YOU and keep YOU out of the way because you’re a meddlesome moron that asks the sky fairy for protection while beating your children and ranting about the NWO. If you people weren’t so stupid and breeding like roaches maybe the people who manage to run everything would level with us. But if we were that smart we’d not have let them get there in the first place. Ultimately, we’re just jealous.

We all want to be safe, and being powerful helps.

The thing is, nations ARENT always going to exist. But these theorists actually want them too. Don’t you get it guys? You’re demanding the permanence of the very conditions that gave birth to these people you so hate.

You’re CREATING the conditions in which they thrive.


Uhh, yes it is a systemic reaction. That’s just you being ignorant of life and the interaction between humans and reality.

How did they GET powerful? Why only powerful people? How many were powerful BEFORE they joined these groups? These are important questions. Sure people are born into money and power but as far as the CFR and the like these people had money and influence or their families did before the groups existed. That’s an important point.

It’s like the mafia. Everyone wants to be a gangster so they can kill people, but it’s the other way around, the mafia takes you in because you kill people.

They ARE trying to be secret. And YOU’RE why! You CLEARLY don’t understand, generally. You want oversight, but at some point oversight will kill us all.

The reason these people have to try and stay underground is because people by and large don’t understand statecraft enough to realize that shooting the king is a shit idea. You people would muddle the process so badly with ignorance that nothing would ever get done. (Congress) You conspiracy people wouldn’t tolerate them being rulers in the open! When rulers by virtue of the current state of humanity and technology, are exactly what we require. Again, Look at Congress. Would you REALLY want THEM in actual charge? Sure you can say the CFR types elect them. But did they put a gun to your head? We could write in and get whoever we want as president. Do we? No, because we can’t be bothered. And if we were EVER going to be bothered it would have happened by now.

People complain about congress being a sham, well thank fucking god! They’re a bunch of religious psychos, liars, and coke heads… and we elect them! We’d all be radioactive glass by now if they were actually in charge.

Name your state’s representatives and senator. Yea I thought not. (me either, don’t feel bad) You know why? Because ultimately people don’t want to be bothered with power. They want the perks and none of the sleepless nights.

The problems that are blamed on the elite are really manifestations of systemic issues with our reliance on centralized structures. I say reliance because the alternative is death. (currently) The materials economy, belief in the efficacy of punishment and reward, the concept of property, etc. These have consequences. And while the most noteworthy is us being alive, not all are good. The only possible solution to an absolute common good problem is coercion or deception of the individuals in question. I’m sorry if that sucks but that’s how logic is built here. Blaming these power mongering psychopaths is missing the point. Sure they are assholes, but you have to understand the soil from which these weeds spring.

A lawn mower isn’t a solution it’s a stopgap. Alex Jones and his ilk fear the level of change required. Hell most of them still rely on a personal sentient god for sufficient comfort to live. Sky Santa for the win. (I’m a deist btw.)

We have been manipulated on a mass scale, but we demand it. We’re unwilling to share. We’re slaves to our animal nature. We fear change unless we’re SURE it benefits us and one can never be sure of anything. In short, we are afflicted with the human condition.

“Your effort to remain what you are is what limits you.” ~Ghost In The Shell

The simple fact is there is too much information for a single unaltered human mind to contain, let alone process. The beginning of wisdom is the statement “I don’t know.” That’s why we have specialists. People to focus. Leadership is a focus like any other.

In olden times the logistics of democracy were limited by location, we couldn’t go to the capitol and tend our land, so we elected leaders. (or tolerated leaders who took power) Now its an issue of information. What happens when leadership requirements grow beyond human capacity? What happens when the decisions needed are so complex that no person could cast a rational vote?

“That’s the problem with you people. You can’t think but five minutes in front of your face.” ~Matrix Revolutions

What happens when I tell you your jealousy, your inability to share a mate, is the Root tool used to control you? Then, well, even the foil hats say I’m nuts. You people create by your lifestyle choices the mire from which these monsters spring.

What the conspiracy theorists paint as dynasties of evil spring DIRECTLY from the notions of reward and punishment that they clearly believe in and the notions of property rights they clearly cherish.


Oh god here we go, paperclip. *facepalm*

http://underlore.com/TBA/?p=1383 That gets addressed here as well.

See? Clearly a function of ignorance. Why is it the very same people that scoff at McCarthyism’s childish, obsessive, fear of communism fail to understand that “Nazi” just means national socialist and that the majority of them didn’t give a flying fuck about the Jews and pointedly were not frothing insane evil monsters, instead focusing on personal well being like the rest of us.

How many people have cars killed? Did they not know cars would potentially kill people when they made them? Did they not make them anyway? not that car makers are nazis just that mass death is disregarded by apparently non-evil people. So what makes the Nazis evil? Torture? Murder? Bigotry? Sadism? Hardly unique stuff.

This notion that being a nazi makes you evil really needs to be challenged in this context when one considers that ALL of Germany became nazi when Hitler came to power. Many of these people are no more nazi in the contemporary way than I am a democrat because a democrat is in office.

And even if they were evil frothing Nazis so what? They were also national assets and human weapons. If you’re so for national sovereignty then you have to be behind us having the weapons and not the soviets. Or anyone else. If letting one nazi live unpunished (as if punishment has value) saved the lives of 10 million Americans or more by keeping a cold war cold, then I’m behind that call and I’m not sorry about it.

That’s the kind of decision you don’t want to make, so you ignore your congressmen. That’s also why I’m not running for anything.

Whole global warming thing:



Oh here we go, chip fear. Man they really are touching on all the foily bases aren’t they.

http://underlore.com/TBA/?p=1369 for why that’s a bunch of crap.

It’s a technology folks. Used properly its no worse than a diabetic wrist band. And if it’s used improperly you can just cut it out.


Cute baby. Way to play the kid card. But you assholes already drop them in the social meat grinder of public education. Quit acting like you give a shit sufficient to change things. You talk a big game about sovereignty but lets talk about kids. You willing to let them have an adulthood test as opposed to an arbitrary chronological standard? Of course not, then they might be able to tell you you’re full of shit and you won’t be able to hit them for it.

http://underlore.com/TBA/?p=993 Interesting comments here about the kid card.


lmao I knew it, I should have predicted it, Alex Jones after all. He’s always gotta throw in his psycho Satan Illuminati pagan insanity. Probably conditional on him producing it. Alex: “I’ll sign on but you’ve gotta throw in some pagan occult, and gay bashing. No discussion.”

Skull and bones is populated with occultists about as much as Phi Kappa Kappa is peopled with Greek philosophers.

I suppose if you count homo-erotic hazing, pathetic live action role play, and cocaine use as esoteric occult ritual then yeah, it’s occult.



Seriously? On noes! Scary pagans!

It’s better than your boring ass churches and fat sweaty monster “speaking in tongues.” Show tunes aren’t my thing, but The Master and Margarita is one hell of a book. (pun intended)


Ignore the pain of others you say? Sounds pretty honest to me if you have ambition. Again, what about children? What about the concepts of punishment and reward? You people are shitting in the living room and then blaming the neighbors about the smell.


The reason the elite are linked with the occult is fairly simple. You just have the be a student of history and the mind. It boils down to the psychological power of habit and ritual, as Anton LaVey can explain in depth, and to the invention of banking, the Templars, and the church’s debt.

Look up why Friday the 13th (like the post date on this article? Maybe it’s a conspiracy!) is bad luck. The Templars invented the “chit” and later became the Masons. (Born in Blood is a great book.)


Let’s just round out this farce. Bring on the Gay bashing YAY! *Face Palm*

And that’s it. We’re done.

All that being said the objective statements made as far as I know are on the level.

It’s also entertaining as well as informative, barring the constant beg for money and occasional hyperbole. The old man interviewed clearly knows his stuff. His words alone make this worth watching.

And this does serve as a moderately useful “holy shit” moment for all those people too attention deprived to read a People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn.

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