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Children and Censorship

What right does any human have to hide a public answer from any other human?

Children are not people in our culture, or any other. Until we embrace them as full humans and learn to mitigate their weaknesses and balance their rights with the temptation to abuse our power over them we will never fulfill our potential.

Think what the word child will mean when the physical and neurological growth process is no longer compulsory. Will new humans then still be born slaves and property of the old as they are now?

Society is unprepared for the power it is approaching.

FTR: the legal concept of “child” should be annihilated. It is ageist and classist. We already have a framework to process what a child functionally is, balanced with it’s rights and the need to defend it.

A coma patient. Imagine an adult in a car wreck, in a coma. She awakens but remembers nothing, knows nothing. She never stops being a fully protected human. Yet like a child she must be instructed.

Do we hand her a lunch box and throw her with the others to be transformed into whatever her parents desire be it mindless slave or sports based live stock? Do we take away all her rights and whip her at whim? No. She is a patient. A human being due dignity and protection in this time of weakness and recovery.

We teach her what SHE needs, not what her family needs or what we need. And when she wishes to stop, we attempt to persuade, we do not force. After all, we win either way. If she becomes strong enough to leave and desires to do so that is our job complete. The choice is always hers, the responsibility is ours. That is the essence of good parenting.

To enable. To empower. To help. To protect. To heal.

Updated: January 13, 2014 — 3:21 am

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