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Screw your manners.

I was told the following…

*Dress it up. Tone it down. Why be so “rude”? Honey than vinegar. People don’t want to hear it. Spoon full of sugar. *

It pisses me off mightily, for a variety of reasons not the least of which is that pandering to the idiot masses for power is what every worthless politician in history has done, and I’m not looking for votes, I’m looking for truth.

Once again, for the cheap seats, if it matters to you more how I say something than what I say then your opinion is worthless to me. You are not human to me, you are a consumer, a demographic, a mindless automaton that follows instructions delivered with the proper syntax. You’ve abandoned your ability to think critically, and with it your right to influence the future beyond the unavoidables of your physical existence.

I will not feed you what I consider be truth like a bitter pill to a mindless dog.

I’m going to say what I like, and if you don’t like it you can choose to not read it.

Some seem to assume it’s possible to convince people of anything. It is not. At best you plant the seeds in receptive soil, and much like in nature, either it will grow or it will not. Soil/environmental conditions are the prime concern, not how gently I dug the hole.

Some seem to think as if this generation is the only one. Some seem to think the environment will stay like this forever, and to adapt myself to it and the thinking style that gave birth to it is not a waste of time, when in fact it is.

My delivery and the bitterness of it is precisely the tone I want because my target audience are not the people happy with being lemmings, my target audience is the group that is sick to death and very angry. They are and will be the marginalized intelligent who have been passed over again and again by a culture with a teenager’s grasp of profundity and greed to rival Midas.

And no, those who demand polish and hat-in-hand delivery don’t matter. They are meat byproducts. The meek shall inherit, is that it? Funny how those odious sentiments ooze from the lips of the gold plated hat crowd.

My position will have value and find adherents or it will not, and my delivery matters little. Freud was an insufferable asshole, as was Mandelbrot, and Nietzsche and countless others with high self opinion and a deep desire to explore and share their work.

Either I am one of them, or I am a crack pot. I leave that up to your children to decide. Either way they won’t care how polite I was.

When thinking of my tone, in the face of my positions correctness or lack of, ask yourself, in 100 years who’s gonna care?

I will not pander to you or anyone else’s idea of what is “proper”. Because when you get right down to it, my position itself is technically “rude” since it’s basically terrorism according to our current society. Propriety is subjectivity.

Newsflash, I advocate the eradication of the basic need for government using the non violent forces of economics and memetic engineering. I’m a variety of anarchist, I’ve developed my own religion, and I despise corporations of all stripe, and I think enforced monogamy is an oppressive scam. Do you really think that how I explain my position and reasoning matters?

I plan to live for the next 2000 years at the minimum, the people that scoff at my words because of my tone will die out long before me and frankly if we cared what the dead thought, we’d still be worshiping the sun and chasing bison with a sharpened stick.

This is not the 19th century, and honesty trumps etiquette in the minds of all who matter. Because as comfortable as euphemism and self deception are, I don’t want lying morons on my side, savvy?

However, while my goal is merely the discovering of truth in order to aid happiness and life, the propagation of it is not against my goals. If those who make these claims of improper delivery see past it, and recognize something of value, you have my leave to translate my work. Just try not to lose the spirit of it.

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