Ending the dominion of pain and death.


Another Beginning


It’s impossible to say how long I’ve been here. Hiding. They dismiss and judge. Would you avoid? Do we deserve? Frozen in a constellation of moments forever. Happening all at once and never. Each page a slice of motion with no choices. It occurs what must be done and I’ve already begun. Sidestepping ramparts of consciousness. Picking the lock of awareness. Skipping the tedium of argument. Pain is the real enemy. Death is the real enemy. For a moment there is peace. A sense of freedom and empowerment. A way to accomplish the two objectives. The holy grail of paths. A useful paradox.

Why Devknights Exist

Alfrid Lickspittle: The Patron Saint of Devknights

Alfrid Lickspittle: The Patron Saint of Devknights

Firstly, what is a devknight? Anyone who defends a developer’s interests above and beyond even their own is like a vassal. A knight. That is, a warrior servant tasked mainly with suppressing a large but relatively weaker population. (Weaker only by virtue of peacefulness, and disproportionate backing of an exploitative owners class.)

Devknights are slaves in many senses of the word. They are essentially owned, they worked for free or very very little, and they have essentially zero chance of ever becoming a lord or king themselves. They are also wildly dogmatic. Think the real historic version of chivalry. (Sexist, hypocritical, racist, classist, etc. You know, fox news.) Not the romantic version of Arthurian legend.

Devknights rush to the defense of developers regardless of their behavior or role in the conflict. This is exactly how a knight was required to behave. A knight was essentially a walking sword. No thought, no questions. Just obedience, propaganda, and mercenary combat.

Obviously this is an exploitative role. And just like in history, the knight’s gain in this was further exploitation of a larger group. The serfs. Like a trustee in a prison. They exchange their soul and integrity for a slightly better ranking in the pecking order amongst the rabble. Like today’s right wing rank and file or middle echelons, they think by kissing lordly ass they’ll meaningfully better their own position.

Rank and file gamers are the serfs here. Typically exploited by a monopolistic owner to one degree or another.

They buy in with our small individual software fee, instead of working the land etc. Our collective small fees pay for the castles of the devs and publishers. And somehow, just like in those times, knights and lords and kings think that their role as administrators makes them producers, when in fact they are parasitic middle men and it is the cooperative principle that is the actual productive multiplier.

By virtue of an economic monopoly. (IPL and ultimately software patents.) We have established a new feudalism. There’s no class mobility in this system. (That is why it badly need reform.)

So, why do devknights even exist? Well, that’s a simple question with a complex answer having to do, for a start, with the basic ways a child responds to threats. (Fight, flight, appease.) I conjecture that they are essentially people who when faced with a giant monolithic seemingly unbeatable foe, have internalized their world view to say sane.

Sort of a psychologically callow version of if you can’t beat’m, join’m.

Of course there’s more to it then that. Mostly extending from the fact that the vast majority of engaged gamers, especially on the English speaking western world side, are monied young white men. And the speaking online portion of that crowd is disproportionately right wing types.

We’re essentially dealing with the gamer version of the tea party here. They in a very literal sense worship greed and psychopathy enabled entrepreneurialism.

Somehow these people have got it into their head that being a thief makes them producers. No doubt a consequence of the totally bogus “job creators” myth of trickle down fame.

Their economic religion essentially asserts that anyone who wants an economy with anything like integrity or consumer protections is an entitled socialist weak greedy parasite whiner.

I oppose these people in virtually every ideological arena since they were essentially manufactured to be trustees in a massive economic prison.

If you don’t like being called a devknight, then stand with your fellow gamers for once.

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Policy Triage

Basically we need a species threat/opportunity triage system that includes prioritized lists of possible actions/mitigations and their cost benefit ratios.

This is how I arrive at my policy positions. I essentially put myself in the position of global emperor and think about how to do the most good for the most people with the least cost in the shortest amount of time while averting or preparing for situations of threat with a similar but inverted criteria.

Climate change for example is actually an easy problem.

Just roll out mid-scale nuclear power as fast as we can till the carbon curves break.

Another easy solution is a UBI and a wealth cap. By bookending the global economy with those elements you can achieve the best of both worlds of planned and free market economies. Again, that problem’s solution would solve a whole series of other problems.

Those root issues are the best things to focus on, the right things to worry about.

It’s a simple matter really to determine them if we are rational. Of course as baseline humans we never will be. We don’t actually change over time, only our environment and technology does. However, we can make ourselves aware of our emotional limitations, and of the fact that those emotions are stopping us from behaving in this rational way.

At the species level we seem to have a kind of pandemic phobia of facing problems rationally. This 0.2% sanity score tells us something about our own nature that should be factored in to policy choices.

It’s perfectly possible for us to decide to give power to rational goals in the abstract without falling into emotional traps. But we first have to decide that’s a good idea. Mostly people seem to reject that. They obey their emotions consciously, almost on principal. Never realizing that makes them puppets of whoever can best manipulate them.


My Position on the 911 Debate

It’s a lost cause.

Not even this essay matters.

By the time average Americans are willing to critically consider the official claims surrounding the most politically important event of the 21st century, the current generation will be either AI hybrid transhuman cyborgs, or littered about the landscape in the form of boxed skeletons and jars of ash.

The terrorists already won. Either set, or both. George Bush could have a press conference with a U-haul truck full of irrefutable physical evidence contradicting the official accounts and it wouldn’t matter to any of these programmable people until the TV tells them it matters.

They will believe literally anything the authorities tell them. Anything. Pandemic fact immunity is the United States education system’s greatest achievement.

My position is that the damage is done and by the time the official story is altered to reflect reality. (Even to admit there is debate.) It will be as late and irrelevant as changes to the plaque on the Hindenburg display. (Which by the way we are still debating.)

Even when we admit we were wrong we never change policy about it. For example, the only person to go to jail for the torture scandal is the guy that reported it to us. Just as possession is nine tenths of the law, what’s done is done.

The very fact that the drones consider the matter closed and therefore no longer worthy of study, to the point of feeling justified in overtly mocking anyone who doesn’t open their discussions with assertions of status quo belief, shows how dogmatic and emotional their position is, as opposed to one based on rational skepticism.

Put this in perspective. We still call relativity a theory. We aren’t even sure about gravity yet. And yet these people consider this matter well and truly settled. That’s not remotely scientific or rational. That’s pure ideology.

They are in blatant contradiction because every other historical event is, even to them, open to and worthy of, constant study on academic grounds alone because the science and tool set is always evolving and we as a species are always literally generating fresh sets of eyes.

Without exception even the most clown suit crazy 9/11 conspiracy theory is more scientific than considering the matter completely decided.

Everything to a real scientist is provisional.

Obviously some things are closer to decided than others. For example we’re pretty sure of Lincoln’s birthday. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to openly mock anyone who presents an alternative.

What this boils down to is the fact that these people were patriotically indoctrinated to accept a very specific and convenient narrative, and to on those same grounds ideologically and vehemently reject any contradiction.

So long as these people make it unsafe to even study this event, this will be an item of nationalist dogma, not actual history. Every bit as arbitrary and sacrosanct as the official North Korean state mythology surrounding the Great Leader’s uncanny golf skills.

SJW and Proud

It’s funny when the Internet tough kids call me or someone else an “SJW” like it’s a bad thing.

Yeah because fighting for justice in society is something to be mocked, right?

No wonder they own us so thoroughly and the planet hates us so fervently. You morons actually overtly attack the very concept of dissent in the name of justice to the point that it’s now a net-wide meme.

Nothing like the miracle of teen pregnancy to turn out a whole generation of enthusiastic sadistic slaves. These chumps think they are the subversive ones, but they literally couldn’t be more wrong.

Fighting the ultra rich and powerful and their pawns, which real SJWs do every fucking day, takes way more fucking spine than harassing some random marginalized deviant minority from the safety of your TOR/VPN.

They want you oblivious and blind and mean and programmable.

So yeah, I’m a fucking SJW. And if you think that makes me weak? Which one of us writes hate mail to congress and puts our subversive opinion on the internet with our real face a name?

You spineless little wretches wouldn’t last 30 seconds as a real SJW. The insant you saw cops lining up in riot gear in front of you, you’d brown your trousers and scream “I surrender” till your throat bled.

You people should also note that the people most in love with hating “SJWs” on the Internet are are the overtly racist, sexist, sadistic, pampered, right wing, white trash, yuppie larvae, 1% lick-spittle sycophants, on 4chan’s /b/.

Being proud of being one of them is literally worse than putting your kid in a KKK uniform because it no doubt occasionally includes putting your kid in a KKK uniform.

If you have a problem with a particular line of argument, be specific. Don’t be so intellectually lazy as to lump all psychotic Politically Correct zealots in with all social reformers of every stripe.

Pretty damn sure the EFF, the innocence project, mayday pac, doctors without borders, the ACLU and on and on are literally social justice warriors.

These are the same assholes that like to use the word “butthurt” in defense of corporations or the government.

The PR industry invented you pricks:


Social Security Works Email: 2015-07-04 1226 PM

Resharing because I agree, and because the original was an email.

From: http://www.socialsecurityworks.org/

There are two kinds of people who want to cut Social Security—liars, and people who believe the lies. They’ve heard the conservative talking points. “Social Security is going broke.” “Social Security won’t be there for me when I retire.” “The only way to save Social Security is to cut benefits.”

Unfortunately, these Wall Street funded lies have gotten plenty of traction in recent years. So much so that a recent survey shows that 43 percent of young people believe that Social Security won’t be there for them when they retire—no matter how much that same survey shows that these same young people want it to.

It’s time to set the record straight. This 4th of July weekend, when you’re speaking with your Chris Christie-loving cousin at the family BBQ, you have the facts on your side:

  • Social Security has a $2.8 trillion surplus and can pay out every benefit owed to every eligible person for nearly two decades. After that, even if we do nothing, it will pay out approximately 80% of benefits owed for the next 75 years.
  • Social Security has not contributed one penny to the deficit because it is independently funded by the FICA payroll tax.
  • Proposed “tweaks” to Social Security would hurt seniors, disabled veterans and people with disabilities.
  • All we need is to ask millionaires and billionaires to start paying into Social Security at the same rate as the rest of us and we not only extend the life of the Social Security trust fund, but we can expand benefits to the majority of Americans.

With the facts on our side, we have begun to see a dramatic shift in the national conversation around Social Security. It wasn’t that long ago that we were still fighting a “chained CPI” benefit cut being proposed by President Obama, all Republicans and some Democrats in Congress. Today, 44 out of 46 Senate Democrats and 116 out of 188 House Democrats have gone on record supporting expansion. And 79% of likely voters – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – support expansion!

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