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Tidy Little Arrangment

Clever how the government has made applying for disability require the very skills a person needs to find and sustain investigative or clerical work.

Setting aside that it completely dismisses job unavailability as “not our problem” which in and of itself is complete garbage since job rarity should absolutely be a legitimate factor in determining disability. If there are only four examples of a job a person can do in the entire economy then that person is clearly disabled.

Think about how broken the logic is.  Any lucky fool can live off stock dividends. Is that not a common “job?” Wallstreet thinks it is. By that logic literally no one is disabled.

Again: Tidy.

So here are my remarks at the end of my most recent disability application. I’ll explain what I mean by some of them after the remarks themselves.

I applied before and was wrongly denied because my disabilities interfered with the application process and because my representation was frankly incompetent. They were all I could find via email only.

They did literally nothing but act as a form relay, and they never returned my medical records. As such the vast majority of this data is from memory and google, and I have memory problems. I cannot drive or use the phone to confirm this data or acquire more. If I had the skills to complete this process to your complete satisfaction I’d have the skills to work. (Clerical or investigations.)

I was not prepared for my hearing at all by my representation. I have never truly worked in my life because I have always been disabled. I couldn’t even qualify for my grade school basketball team because of my CP. I wore a brace on my leg before I could walk, and I learned to walk very late.

I do not understand why you are even asking me these things since the process assumes I’m lying for money anyway and demands documentation of everything. I feel like this application exists merely to provide the opportunity to fail.

I feel extremely lucky I’m intelligent and articulate enough to see and type this. Otherwise I’d likely give up and die homeless, as no doubt thousands and thousands already have because of this arbitrary and irrational red tape. It’s hard to imagine that isn’t the point, and as such it’s hard not to feel extreme rage at the entire process. I guess then you could add anger issues to my disabilities.

I have qualified for SNAP for probably over a decade. I’ve been disabled my entire life. I need this now more than ever not least because my parents are aging and I will not be able to help them physically.

I have more remarks, why the tiny character limit?

Why am I getting letters before I’ve even submitted this application?

Why is there no paper application I can download?

Ok, so no one in my life barring heated internet arguments has ever accused me of being anything below average intelligence. Indeed many have even grudgingly admitted to my high intelligence in the middle of ranting at me. I say that because it’s citation for when I say I am living proof that being intelligent and willing to work is not enough to have a career or even a job in this country or, it is proof that I am disabled. Or both. Take your pick.

This application process is a scam. It exists to trick the mentally or physically ill into disqualifying themselves from the aid they urgently need.

My country is an ethical disgrace and even if I am somehow able to navigate this process to approval my opinion on the process itself will not change until the process changes.

The remarks above are 89 characters short of the limit. I’ve already gotten two letters from the SS office, and I haven’t even submitted my application. I’ve been filling it out and saving and exiting. I MUST do this because no where can I simply download a PDF version for mailing.

I have been a drain on my economy for as long as I’ve been alive. Had they simply providing me with a baseline income this entire time I could have changed that. But they have made it literally illegal for me to save money and totally impossible for me to start a business.

Ironic in a nation that calls itself capitalist and is run by people who claim to be the party of small business.

What the Objective of Criminal Justice Should Be


Instigative, protective, and preventative. In that order.

Reforms required:

Abolition of plea bargains. Because an investigation is an experiment and you don’t haggle over findings. At best you debate to arrive at consensus.

No parole or probation. Because either a person is sufficiently rehabilitated to reenter society or they are not. If a citizen’s rehabilitation is in question then examine them till it isn’t and act accordingly.

Abolition of prison in it’s current form. The entire prison budget and deployment should be converted into a layered system of job training, education, mental and physical healthcare, and research of every relevant type. A place where prisoners don’t serve a fixed sentence but rather are inducted into a program from which only healthy prepared citizens can “graduate.”

Prisons today serve as torture chambers to terrorize the public into obedience and to satisfy their collective sadistic whims using primarily the poor, the foreign, and the mentally ill as their victims.

Prison should resemble primarily a very comfortable example of a school combined with a mental hospital. Among the thousands of advantages to this approach is respect for the cliche “innocent until proven guilty.”

Indeed to test the veracity of the system innocent volunteers should be paid to enter as criminals to in a double blind fashion measure how accurate rehabilitation procedures are.

All employees of this system should be required to complete the program and the program should be available to any on request. The objective isn’t to separate and punish criminals but you understand and prevent crime, to rehabilitate and improve the lives of everyone involved to whatever degree is possible and to research and understand when and why it is not possible.

People beyond repair should be kept in comfortable humane isolation until they die of natural causes serving society as subjects of study to the end of preventing the formation or perpetuation of people like themselves in future.

Everything about modern prison and criminal justice is wrong or fraudulent. I’d say 90% of the people in charge of it are corrupt in some fashion either fiscally, politically, or ideologically. The CEO of the private prison, the senator that gerrymanders prisoners in his district and like to play “tough on crime”, the sadistic corrections or police officer that just wants people to hurt or control for pleasure… These are the real and common truths of our “justice” system.

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Pawnshop of Exile


For the past month or so I was giving path of exile another chance. And it may have been fun longer term if I wasn’t essentially playing by myself. But I am, because real community is discouraged with two exceptions. Broken trade patching, and paying guilds.

The reason I don’t post this directly in a community controlled area is because the very fact that I’m saying something unflattering would no doubt call forth the “git gud” devknights. I know I’m not alone but all the people that agree with me already left or are wisely silent.

The only reason I stayed this long and write like this is because I’m a reformer and I hate running away from a fight.

Exploitation in any context makes me sick. And sooner or later I write about it.

Maybe in the distant future being honest about this stuff now will have a hand in some changes down the road. But I highly doubt it because the entire gaming industry is dogmatic and exploitative.

Two things have driven me off this time around.

1. There is only hardcore mode.

Hardcore across the gaming universe is a name for a mode where you are punished for dying. Since “merciless” (named thus because being mean means being cool) is the default difficulty by any rational measure, and since you are punished for dying in merciless, the entire game is hardcore by default.

This has all sorts of rigid control freak consequences. It renders all choice an illusion.

You play in an approved way or your character doesn’t progress, end of discussion.

I’d like a normal mode of play. Why have two hardcore modes? For the same reason we have two rethuglican parties. To serve the 1%. Because money, that’s why. They only want hardcore players because only hardcore players care enough about a game to constantly spend money on a game.

Every other kind of player is to be driven off because they are filthy poor people. They exist in devminds to be exploited. “Free” just means bait.

2. Pawnshop of Exile

In an effort to sell stash tabs and further please the overpaying, tryhard, gambling addicted, OCD, twitch streamer, base, they’ve intentionally broken the trade system, and kept it broken to keep the established (legacy?), cash paying, game rich… game rich, and cash paying.

If it was easy for normal players to efficiently engage in item/currency (and therefore account) progression, then there wouldn’t be the army of broken character serfs and plebs everywhere to make the game rich and paying feel special enough to keep paying.

This is obviously the intent given the trivial fees paid by vendors for even unique items.

The very absence of a money changer vendor is conclusive proof that they want the economy in exactly its current state, which is to serve the cash paying grifter class and fleece everyone else.

Had I posted this in the community one of two things would happen: The mods would delete it, or they’d simply encourage the devknights to dog pile hate me as an example to silence future dessent.

Here’s what would never happen:

Majority agreement or anything approaching even a hint of reform in favor of players generally. Because at the end of the day this isn’t a democracy. This is an autocracy. Players have no say, and anyone who tells you different is either deluded or selling something.

Game universes are all rethuglican pipe dreams. This is because devs are autocratic fops by nature that want to patent the vowels when they grow up and be IPL aristocracy. That’s what happens when you genuinely believe you deserve to be paid to infinity for a single act of work.

The trade system is intentionally broken to increase profitability for GGG, and “git gud scrub” is the encouraged response type to any systemic complaint, legitimate or not.

As a non cash paying player you have one purpose. To lick paying player boot. You exist to provide contrast and somehow improve their experience either as a gatherer or as a victim.

You are the serf that is perpetually stuck some distance from endgame viability until made a charity case by a cash or promotion (twitch streamer) paying player.

The point of the entire industry is to pay the publishers/devs and fleece the players. This is true of every closed source game. And POE is no different in that regard.

Everything that happens in the POE universe is about that one goal. If you think there are ANY other considerations, you are a fool.

The most successful games are the one that lie about that most effectively.

“I’m your friend! I’m here for YOU! I’m doing YOU a favor!” Said every merchant in history prior to behaviorally proving the exact opposite.

Update: 2016-08-12 0607 PM Atlas of Worlds

Oh boy more stuff I’ll never see because I don’t play one of the OCD created dev’s pet builds.

More items I’ll never own because I hate running a pawn shop and refuse to exploit players less informed than myself.

More trade chat price checks and 4chan in EVERY window because no moderators and no trade system.

More hilariously impossible to acquire items unless I’m already obscenely wealthy or a huge exploitative dick to scores of players I’ll never even speak to.

More items to walk past because unless I’ve bought 90 stash tabs I can’t make anything like efficient use of anything.

More solo grind in a handful of maps because experience scaling forces me into a hyper narrow zone for myself while making it punishment to help others or be helped.

More reasons for in game and real life rich to have an infinitely better time at the expense of everyone else because right wing fantasy and totally needless social darwinist economy.

Wake me when there’s an auction system so normal players don’t get ripped off by not knowing how to price rares.

Wake me when there aren’t a thousand arbitrary nerf exceptions to gem combinations making it impossible to free form a build into the endgame.

Wake me when /b/tards don’t utterly rule global chat 24/7.

Wake me when a player can actually fully play the game without a dozen third party tools and pages.

Wake me when the community will do anything other than literally pay in either time or cash to defend the people exploiting them.

And now?

More comments from boot licking game rich, dev knights, and even paid streamers and their minions ever so quick to leap to their lord’s defense and blame ANYTHING wrong on the player.

Tell me about how the poor street urchin devs have to feed their doe eyed pack of children.

Tell me how patent monopolies on the gaming equivalent of literary tropes through feats of doublethink and mental gymnastics somehow equals more culture despite literally illegal modification and participation.

Tell me how technically I could get rich enough to have an actual END game character saving up 40 billion scroll fragments and how that makes everything about the game economy just peachy.

If it weren’t for my guild this game would be utterly unplayable. But gee thanks for making that pay to win as well.

Tryhard dev knight dog pile and proof that the community is a mass of dev worshipping bootlickers, eager to rubber stamp anything that squashes casual players and preserves the obscene wealth of the OCD/pawnshop/cash burning class, in 3… 2… 1…

I won’t be seeing your replies. Yay for mute thread.

Pants of exile.

Pawnshop of exile.

And yet this hateful exploitative piece of shit is the best there is on earth.

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July 2016 was the hottest month in recorded history


What are your thoughts given that we’re probably already hit runaway climate change? I mean there are dozens of posts out there full of stark data on this subject.

I gotta tell you… Honestly I feel better. There’s a dark cynicism to that feeling, but it’s like this:

We’ve had nuclear power as an option for decades. We instead chose to embrace fear and greed. For no good reasons.

If the climate has reached the tipping point, then the damage is in a sense already done. And there’s a freedom in that.

We no longer have to tell the third world they have to wait to embrace a better western style of life.

Nuclear advocates have tried in our ways, as hard as we could, to wake up the species. We failed. We failed vs liars, fools, and the 1% but we were on the right side of history, are on the right side. There’s comfort in that.

With China and India embracing nuclear it seems like we’ll eventually get there, but avoiding climate change is no longer the priority since that ship has sailed.

I feel like that gives us time. I can’t help but feel like it’s better to do it right than it is to do it fast, if it’s a choice. And it kind of is now. We don’t have to deploy nuclear at top speed now. It would be nice if we did but it’s no longer as urgent. At this point it’s a hail mary pass.

Now it’s just about all the other advantages. The space probes, cancer cures, desalination, and lifestyle upgrades for the billions of lives directly impacted by Chinese and Indian energy policy.

I think I like the idea of selling hope for a high tech future instead of fear of climate change. They are better at selling fear than us anyway. One whack job with a book accomplished more socially than we ever did.

But now it’s about what nuclear can do to make climate change survivable.

I hate to be topical and trivial but winter is coming, and the new fire will get us through. Climate change means centuries of new weather and new ecology. New york city will flood. Drink that in. No pun intended.

See, I think part of why I feel ok about it is because this will force us to change things, and fixing climate change was essentially all about keeping things from changing, which given how screwed up things are, never sat well with me. My whole world view’s hope production centers on change.

I despise how things are. Change is badly needed, and there seems a definite upside to it being more or less imminent.

I feel like it’s more opportunity than threat here. It’s like a coming slow motion war. A true world war with an enemy we can truly feel good about fighting.

Perhaps we need this reminder as a species that nature not our ally. It’s a blind machine that frankly would compost us literally without thought. And now we get to find out if we’re really capable of freeing ourselves from it.

We need to close the loop. And we can. And soonish on global weather time scale, we’re going to have to. I think I like the idea of having to invent new forms of life to survive. I like the idea of converting nuclear silos into nuclear vertical farm robots. I like the idea of growing cloned meat instead of cows. I like the idea of humanity finally embracing the new fire.

There’s a huge political I told you so coming down the line here and we might well be able to parlay that into a substantive compassionate shift in human policy. And I can’t help but feel hopeful.

I could see this ushering in the end of neocon libertarian thought. Profit above all else has driven us literally over the edge. It’ll finally be time to take the wheel from the selfish and let the compassionate ones drive.

I can’t help but feel like we’re already seeing it. Something changed long ago and politically humanity is catching up. I feel like ISIS and Brexit and Sanders and Trump and Corbyn etc etc all came from the same source. The same titanic shifting under our feet.

As I see it there are two real drivers for change in human history: Environment and technology. Everything else stems from them imo.

I feel like the massive political changes of the last decade were likely sourced by climate change. And while some of those changes have been bad, I think there’s a pretty clear trend towards the good. The future of humanity seems united in the direct of change we’d like to see.

It is only the old and the foolish and the pathological screaming for austerity and death and torment and exile and all the right wing blames for victims.

All the political craziness to me smacks of desperation on the part of the more cruel and dismissive elements of humanity. Their way of life is approaching the end of its literal viability.

They are rats cornered on a sinking ship.

The future no longer belongs to them.

Pardon the grandiose tone, but… The time of the Apex is upon us.

We’re going to have really start doing what we were born to do in order to live.

Insects survive because they adapt to the environment. We survive because we change it. It’s time to start changing it on purpose and with commitment.

I say we start by wiping out the mosquito via genetic engineering.

BLM and a Defense of Riots


In response to a conversation a friend and I had about BLM’s relationship to rioting I am writing this post as a kind of general statement of opinion.

There’s plenty to criticize people for. But blaming BLM for riots isn’t reasonable because It’s not like BLM are the Illuminati. The entire existence of BLM is a response to a lack of power. And without power there can be no responsibility.

So first we must think about what BLM is and isn’t actually capable of.

They don’t have the power to start or stop riots.

So knowing that, questions spring to mind. Should BLM denounce them, encourage them, or stay silent on them? Knowing they can’t prevent or cause them. Are riots justified?

In my view BLM is automatically an ally of any one who feels the police have become an oppressive, regressive, violent mafia. I’m not saying they think that, I’m saying anyone else who thinks that should see BLM as allies.

In terms of political strategy, if BLM were a monolithic organization, which it isn’t, I don’t think they should denounce rioting because if they did, and riots happened anyway, it would expose that weakness and set them against any elements of the community that have (perhaps rightfully) concluded that the time for peaceful response is at an end.

If you start to think of the police as an invading army, rioting becomes a rather merciful option.  I can’t help but think that if the police here acted like the police in those areas towards my community’s children a riot would be the least of their worries.

Essentially I view riots as warning shots preceding open revolt. And open revolt has to be on the table if we expect to effectively negotiate with the state. Which is what all activism is.

This is a huge part of why I think anti-gun progressives are outright foolish. It’s like starting a game of chess by asserting that violence is wrong and banning the use of pawns.

Some describe a riot as a kind of political or economic cannibalism, as burning “their own” city. But how do you define your city as opposed to your prison? It isn’t their city when their lives are ruled by people that don’t even live there. And that’s true of all of us so long as 62 people own half the planet.

If anything a riot is the burning of a company shanty town. And let’s be honest, they aren’t that destructive anyway. A few fires, a smashed car, and some rubble in the street. They aren’t a hurricane.

Mostly they are symbolic, and a great way to force the police and the press to show their true colors, which as Gandhi has shown us can be quite effective political currency.

I could see it being described as burning collaborator businesses that demonstrably don’t care about them. Business in my view rarely helps a community. First of all the vast majority of it is corporate, which means it’s parasitic and corrupting. Corporations clearly own the press and the government, that’s the root of the problem. Rioting to destroy corporate business interests in my community seems on paper like an extremely valid response.

And don’t talk to me like jobs are inherently a good thing. They aren’t.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that what BLM fights for is 100% justified. Cops keep getting cleared and acquitted for killings that are often on video. If there is no legal recourse, and the economy is completely unresponsive to both activism and political engagement, then a riot is a reasonable next step in my view.

Tell me things aren’t bad enough to justify revolt in the streets and I’ll tell you you’re not paying attention.

Even if BLM denounces rioting, I would not. Rioting is a valid compromise when trying to avoid a revolutionary civil war.

If that war happens, it will be the police who history shows declared it.

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Dore v Seder #BernieOrBust Debate

TLDR: HRC can’t beat Trump anyway in the general. If you’re terrified of Trump, you better start busting ass right now to get Bernie the nomination.

Ok. So I’m making this because I knew watching it would piss me off and I’ll have a bunch to say about the whole thing so here it all is on one place. And yes it badly pissed me off. But the YouTube comments made me feel better.

Telling the net Sam is full of shit is not new information to them. Yay for being on the right side of history.

It’s interesting though how much time this debate cost me. What Sam cost me. I hope the day I spent writing this is worth a day doing what I do on twitter. I’ll never know which was more helpful.

As you likely already know, I’m wildly pro #BernieOrBust http://underlore.com/bernie-or-bust/

Before the debate even begins I knew what one of the problems was going to be. Narrow focus. Sam is a minutia type guy. He’ll zoom in on tiny little regions, fight in those regions as if they are totally isolated and then move to another tiny region. That will be a recurring theme.

His core argument is SCOTUS appointments. But I shred that argument later. Long story short, SCOTUS isn’t an emperor any more than POTUS is.

So here we go.


Right away Jimmy sets himself up for a bit of a stumble. He talks about what HRC says like it matters. That’s a large and bad concession to make. The entire debate imo should center around actions not words. Mainly because HRC doesn’t mean anything she says.


Again, error. Speaking like influencing HRC’s rhetoric is influencing the party in any actual way is wrong because again nothing she says matters. We know FOR A FACT what choices she’ll make when it comes time to actually make or influence policy. She is functionally a neocon. Period. I don’t care about one word that comes out of her mouth.


See? Right away, Seder jumps into he said she said about Clinton as if her talking points matter, as if what she says matters, and Jimmy can’t refute it yet because he just gave up that ground.


Seder aiming his microscope at minutia. Yeah, Sanders wasn’t focused on process first because he hadn’t seen the cheating yet. (#ExitPollGate/#AZPrimary/#NYPrimary/etc) But what’s it matter to the big picture which happened first? It doesn’t. This is fantasy football meets daily grind for these people. (Cenk/Kyle/Sam) and all the other #UniteBlue (DINO?) cowards.


Lessig is completely irrelevant. He did it for ego and he didn’t do his homework on Bernie and he was trying to pull a Nader. I’m glad they didn’t let him in the debates. He’d have hung on splitting Bernie’s vote. I’ll always be grateful to Martin for dropping out for that reason. That man has my respect.


Sam is playing the hipster here imo. He’s only bringing up Lessig because virtually no one knows who he is in this context and wants to drop the name and show everyone how informed he is. It’s a rhetorical/ego thing, not a logic thing. And as I said the whole topic is irrelevant starting at 4:58.


Jimmy Dore deploys his biggest weapon, the fact that he’s allowed to turn everything into a joke. It’s like a rhetorical tactical nuke. And now everything Sam said between 4:58 and 5:40 becomes moot. Well done 🙂 He didn’t use this tool much further on, but that’s probably because to Jimmy this isn’t a laughing matter.


Bernie doing all the wrong things in terms of crafted presentation signals his authenticity. It screams disregard for appearance. In this context, the wrong thing is the right thing. That’s why everyone loves his hair. We love a guy who does not give a fuck.


Jimmy should not downplay Bernie’s chances and he shouldn’t hedge about “the movement” because that just goes back to rhetorical influence. If they steal the nom from Bernie this shit isn’t going to matter because HRC will just spend the next 8 years quietly making it literally impossible for anyone like Sanders to ever get that close again. This is the last progressive running for POTUS in the USA. If Bernie “loses” to her cheating, all future ones will be all talk and neolibs, or sacrificial lambs for RNC/neolib candidates to feast on.


No. Active HRC supporters lost the ignorance card months ago. No more doubt benefit for them. Now they are simply DINOs and RWNJs. They know exactly what they are voting for. The nullification theory is nice, but it’s not the case. Though it’s possible that argument will spread just because it’s impossible to disprove.


Blaming the DNC for HRC is backwards thinking because she owns the DNC. If anything we should blame the Clintons for our piss poor crop of “democrats” in all other regions of government.


Really Sam? You think HRC has a great resume!? Are you on bath salts? As a senator her biggest accomplishment was naming a post office, and voting and stumping for the Iraq war using Bush’s exact script. As sec state she gave birth to Isis with her monstrosity in libya, and made everything she touched comprehensively worse.

Her resume is “great” for a neocon. We whine about Trump’s racist blather but when it comes to actually exterminating minorities on this planet HRC has at least a high 5 digit kill count. Seven if you include the Iraq war, which she stumped for.


Not clear Sam?? Only because you won’t pull your head out of your ass. She’s a monster. She is a literal war monger and pathological liar. #WhichHillary


Yes. Exactly. All the pro Bernie anti Hillary corruption and election fraud talk means exactly zip if the DNC knows ultimately you’ll do as you’re told. At the end of the day, if they know they can take your vote for granted, they will. Period.

In a way, because of this, I hate non #BernieOrBust #FeelTheBern types even worse than Hillary supporters because at least the HRC crowd isn’t pretending to be something they ultimately won’t be when it matters.


Yes. Neolibs = neocons + abortion. Well said.


Yes. Excellent point. We vote for people because we can’t vote for policy directly. The idea is to vote policy through people. It makes absolutely zero sense to vote in an election against your own interests. Tactical voting is a failure of the system, not a part of it.


Jimmy ends the debate for all rational people right here. Trump will not have the DNC cloak to protect his right wing madness. Plus he’ll have the RNC/white/male cloak to get leftist stuff done. It’ll be the exact opposite of Obama. We might actually slide left under Trump for many of the same reasons we’ve slid right under Obama.

HRC on the other hand will be able to get away with virtually everything, being ignored by the left and financed by the right.

Sam looks confused. How dim is this guy? His whole premise is tactically voting and then doesn’t understand that the votes were cast grudgingly. Just because someone wins an election doesn’t mean they get the support of their voters, especially in our system. What a slave brain. Guy expects extorted grudging votes to be given gleefully and with genuine support because that’s how his mind works. Guy has gone into internal appeasement mode full time.

If Trump is elected he will be opposed by the entire democratic base, half the republican base, two thirds of independents. Virtually all of the women, all of the minorities, and at least two thirds of the young. Everything he does will be news like it is right now and it will be wildly opposed whenever it’s insane.



Sam pretending he doesn’t know neoliberalism exists. Assuming voters equal supporters. Whatever pal.


Out with the microscope again. Oh they lost the senate and not the house. The point is that they were losing for the first time like ever and it terrified them. To understand why: adamcurtisfilms.blogspot.com


Yes yes let’s debate tie color percentages in march of 82. So tired of the microscope.


Drop some more names Sam. Maybe someday you’ll get to the point. Sidenote: That’s why I never watched his videos. Him and HR goodman have this same problem. They make huge rambly noise filled videos. Both are pathologically averse to getting to the point.


Finally, getting to the point. Finally recovered from his involuntary minutia senate v house correction.


Could you say “uh” a few hundred more times? I guess I can’t handle 2 milliseconds of silence and he can’t handle Jimmy having a turn to speak. Win/win. Amirite?


Bernie did not fail to get the AA/latino vote. They were virtually all crammed into the front half of the southern fried primary. And also badly disenfranchised by voter suppression laws while at the same time being hilariously misinformed by the MSM. On top of all the closed primary absurd deadlines party suppression.

You can’t rig an entire system to both suppress the minority vote, and crush insurgent candidates and then blame the candidate when they lose.


Sam’s whole theory that Bernie is tapping into something new is wrong. What changed was that he was the first real reformer to run on the democratic ticket since Carter. End of discussion. That’s the only thing that really changed.

Obama won in 08 expressly because we’ve been waiting for that and that’s what he promised.

Others could have run but they weren’t from the inside or refused to drop their egos (Nader/Greens) long enough to actually have a chance. Or of course they were cheated out of it at some earlier stage.


Are you ever gonna let Jimmy talk? Anyway. No Obama preemptively surrendered on the single payer option. He’s a neocon also. He’s just as Jimmy said, pro abortion DINO. Understand, Obamacare wasn’t an effort to save the healthcare system, it was an effort to save the insurance industry.


Yes! Exactly. Obama was dead weight on healthcare. He’s a democrat In, Name, Only.


Yea break out that microscope. God I hate this guy. He’s so hellbent on gutting his own influence. It’s pathetic. Why even talk about national policy if you want to think so narrow and specifically? Go be on some city council where the microscope is the right tool for the job.

This goes to the whole problem with democracy.


Sam’s head is stuck in his microscope so he apparently doesn’t remember that healthcare was and is a mess because Americans could look at the whole rest of the fucking planet and see a better way and we were tired of literally sacrificing our children on the altar of insurance profits.

Jimmy’s right. It was placate us, or face the pitchforks. Sadly we got swindled. Obama bailed out the insurance industry by throwing the DNC cloak over the Heritage foundation’s plan while simultaneously throwing the public option under the bus.

Sam can’t step back and realize that at the time it didn’t matter what the republicans didn’t want because the majority was awake and screaming for once. The Establishment had two choices, fix it to our satisfaction sufficiently to douse the torches, or face joblessness after the next election because you literally picked your insurance donors over our fucking children.

See also: Hillary Care


Yeah. It’s called tactical voting you sanctimonious shill. If you weren’t such a robot you’d understand that people have this thing where they can do something they hate to avoid something worse, which is funny that you don’t understand because that’s the entire point of you cowards voting for HRC. Or hell, maybe it isn’t. Maybe you’re just a DINO too. Too much fame too much money.


“I’m definitely open…” he says while not shutting up long enough for his guest to answer a question. Also trying to drag Jimmy down into microscope land. “mechanically” “walk me through” etc.


Changing topic before Jimmy gets to answer.


Sam finally shuts up. But Jimmy is flustered because it’s clear that Sam is going to not let him talk if he pauses for even one second. And I’m sick of that tone like it’s absurd to think that people will vote one way and act another in a system and party utterly dependent on tactical voting.

People will vote green, and write in Bernie, or not vote at all, and then do what they do policy by policy, issue by issue.

There are two layers of politics in this country. Electoral politics and activism.

Trump can win and still be opposed by the majority. Why are we even having to explain this when the entire premise of #UniteBlue is tactical voting against your own interests!


It’s ironic. #UniteBlue says vote the candidate you hate to prevent something worse from happening. And the fact is, that’s exactly what #BernieOrBust is doing, only we don’t define “worse” based on party labels. And we can think past the upcoming election.


Hey Sam, if you’re gonna have a guest and ask them a question, how about you let them answer it? If you just wanna monologue, make a video. Oh right, no one would watch it. That’s why you’re having Jimmy here. Basically no one cares what you have to say otherwise.


SCOTUS? Really? Have you seen Obama’s pick? Are you aware that HRC is further right than Obama? Do you still not understand that simply because she’s wearing the DNC cloak whoever she picks will be assumed to be good by the bulk of the democratic base? But ANYONE Trump picks will get instant inspection and radical opposition?

I’m tired of Sam pretending party label has no impact on popular reaction when he defines victory almost exclusively by party label! It’s hair tearingly awful.

Sad fact: If HRC was running as a republican on the exact same platform she’d lose virtually all her supporters, including Sam.


And again, the microscope. SCOTUS picks aren’t emperors either. We can undo any damage they do if we control the executive and congress. That’s how checks and balances work, and we need to take them both anyway. That’s the whole point of the political revolution.


Have you seen this election? Again. #ExitPollGate You think HRC gives a flying eff about the voting rights act? Every time there is election failure and mass disenfranchisement, she wins. She’s not going to pick anyone for SCOTUS that will allow Bernie 2.0.


Yay look at all this neat stuff under my microscope! /facepalm


If you have to scream how huge the issue is, it’s probably not all that huge frankly. Nothing the SCOTUS does can’t be undone with additional legislation. Again, microscope guy thinks that his current field of vision is the entire world. Did you not notice citizen united? Society can react and respond to SCOTUS rulings.

Your buddy Cenk is all the time talking about the power of a constitutional amendment.

Quit acting like a lousy SCOTUS is the end of the world. We’ve been there for like a decade already. Scalia could have lived another 30 years. So what?


Sam’s entire argument is based on an HRC that doesn’t exist. He is calling her a democratic president. But the whole problem is SHE ISN’T A DEMOCRAT! What the eff will it take for you people to understand that?

Bernie or Bust


Yeah let’s aim the microscope at her appointments. Now aim it at Bush’s appointments. Can you even see a difference? No, because there isn’t one. You’re telling me I’m supposed accept a one party system because one half of it is worse than the other half.

No. It’s gone too far already.

No Farther

I am not sacrificing progressivism in America to avoid a republican president. No. Not gonna do it.


The point isn’t HRC’s appointments being better or worse than Trump. The point is killing neoliberalism so we can at some point stop picking between evils! WTF is wrong with you people?


If we can’t rely on democrats they why are you willing to saw your feet off to avoid a republican president? Why do you keep assuming HRC isn’t every bit functionally a republican?



Sam is basically Cenk. Only with a different branch. He thinks SCOTUS is an emperor. He keeps assuming the SCOTUS operates in a vacuum and isn’t subject to the checks and balances system.

If he really believes that, then what’s the point of voting in the first place? I guess in his mind we’re a double republic. We pick the people who pick the people who pick the policy now.



So if Trump appointed Hitler 19 times, eventually we’d just get tired of saying no? That’s a specious assumption. Jimmy is right.

We only have to fight Trump’s picks for 4 years. You honestly think he’ll get a second term? No. Not unless he swings left HARD.

Which ironically is more likely coming from him than HRC and is all the more reason to not fear-vote for HRC as if Trump is Emperor Satan.


The look on Sam’s face when Jimmy said it’s easy to stand up is priceless because right there you see the cowardice that defines that man. Standing up is the last thing he’s capable of. He’s a whipped dog. A blue dog?


Sam completely misreads the direction of demographics in this country. Did he miss Bernie getting like 70% of the youth vote? What happens to young people? They get older. They are the future of this country and 70% of them are democratic socialists now.

Again… HRC can’t beat Trump anyway in the general. If you’re terrified of Trump, you better start working right now to get Bernie the nomination.


Oh god oh god I’m losing, let’s aim my microscope somewhere else. Evade evade!


Sam is confusing can’t with won’t. HRC and neolibs won’t fight for us, but they will fight Trump because they don’t have a choice. End of debate.


Sam is so hung up on partisan identity politics that he misses that it’s not “Obama’s” TPP, it’s their same donor’s TPP. Their money men will pick up the phone and tell them to “compromise” and vote in favor of the TPP and bang, we’re stuck with it. They might even get a cherry on top as a reward from neolibs for suddenly “working with” them.

All the obstructionism blamed on Obama hate is theater. The obstructionism itself is the point. Do you not remember starve the beast? The moment something they want looks like it’s coming, obviously they’ll pass it.


That is exactly the point. Trump will be inept. HRC on the other hand is a pathological liar as well, only she’s good at it, at least relative to Trump, plus she has that all important DNC cloak of invisibility. Pay no attention to the neocon behind the curtain.

If Trump signed the TPP it would 100% chance die in congress.


Yes it did, but also Obama wasn’t running against Bernie Sanders he was running AS Bernie Sanders. (Sam actually denies this later which is mind blowing in its absurdity.)

It doesn’t matter what we got, the point is what we were trying to get. If we on the other hand pick HRC over Sanders, you can say goodbye to ever seeing a real progressive in the white house ever again. Ever. Trump HAS to beat her to discredit neoliberalism so that we can run someone like Bernie in 2020 with a united front and a reformed party cleared of these neoliberal saboteurs.


HRC IS NOT A PROGRESSIVE! If we let HRC masquerade as a progressive we will never get an actual one ever again.


Microscopes AND cowardice this time.

Sam is a RWNJ. I realize this now. Dude is like Cenk.

Plan B is keep fighting like we have spines. Just because surrender always works doesn’t mean it’s a good plan A.


Dude, Bush is not Trump.

Bush is a garden variety idiot right winger. No one was 100% seriously comparing Bush to Hitler. It’s so funny. You’re so terrified of what Trump might be you’ll vote Cheney/Kissinger 2016 to avoid it, and yet pretend blindness to the polarising get out the opposition vote power of a candidate your camp is literally calling Hitler. Well which is it? He’s not so bad, or he’s barbarians at the gate? It can’t be both.


Sam seems blissfully unaware of the implosion the right wing is facing now because of Trump. How nice for him.


Yes, if the choice is between a neoliberal who stole the nomination from a progressive, and a republican, we should pick the republican so that we can get the progressive we should have picked last time.

If we show that we’ll be good little doggies and vote on command when whapped with the newspaper we can say goodbye to ever getting anything other than the newspaper.

This isn’t hard to understand.



Because the leftist base like you won’t fight for anything because they will think they’ve already won. It’s exactly like how Obama gets a pass on all the neocon crap that he does, like solidify the bush tax cuts. Because HRC wears the DNC cloak she can get away quite literally with murder. Just as Obama did.


Dead on. The reason crap is so broken is because no one is willing to endure short term hardship for long term gain. Again and again they have learned that we’ll just keep voting lesser of two evils lesser of two evils lesser of two evils until finally we’ve forgotten what good even looks like.

It’s time to stand up, be willing to take a punch, and say NO MORE!


The hell it does. Trump has single handedly gutted the republican party. Are you high? Did you just call Trump establishment? Really? Apparently the RNC wasn’t informed. They threw like 15 candidates at him. He crushed them, all.


Sam still thinks what she says matters. That’s just insane. We know what she’ll do. Whatever her donors want. End of debate.

Trump doesn’t even have donors in that sense. He’s the only wild card left if it’s down to HRC v Trump.


His party won’t let him? The one that just did everything they could think of to stop him from being the nominee and failed hilariously? His party that has zero financial control over him? The same congress you think would be powerless to stop lousy SCOTUS appointments? XD

Doublethink is an art form in some brains. Guy just don’t have the mental ram to hold the whole picture in memory at the same time do you. That’s why he microscopes. He can’t think of the whole big picture all at once.


This. We’ll never see a progressive as an option if we keep kissing fear’s ring.


Dude wants precedent during the debate of an unprecedented situation. That’s climate change denier level sophistry. “Well can you show me precedent of global warming killing off humanity? I didn’t think so. HOAX!”

This is basic logic. Which would you rather have, an enemy at the gate or a traitor in your midst? A sword on your shield or a dagger in your back?

Do I really have to explain how a turn coat is more lethal than an enemy general? What planet do you live on Sam?


Sam wants a nice safe comfortable well known well researched easy path to pulling the dagger out. Well, at this point, there isn’t one. That bridge is burnt. The DNC burnt it with the cheating. #ExitPollGate and all the rest. We either stand now or get used to kneeling forever. Sam is clearly already there. He no doubt has a boot taste preference at this point.


Voting Cheney/Kissinger 2016 is not “moving the ball forward” it’s by definition voting DINO on the grounds that republicans are worse. Which means that for all future time all they gotta do is stay further right than the DNC and they win either way.

It’s like trying to win tug of war by dropping the rope. As opposed to suddenly giving slack and then yanking hard while they are off balance.

Sam is cool with a one party country just so long as that party doesn’t screw us quite as hard as it could be screwing us. O.o


Let’s roll out the hyperbole. For Cenk it’s “I’ve been to too many holocaust museums” and for Sam it’s 30-40 years of slightly more right wing SCOTUS.


Pedantry to the rescue!

Sam demands a 200 year study and citation and global consensus. Because logic isn’t good enough for a YouTube debate.


Are you high? If they get rid of the filibuster they are screwed forever the next time they are in the minority.


It’s easier for democrats to drum up opposition, among democrats to oppose republicans, than it is for democrats to drum up opposition among democrats, to oppose democrats. Do I really have to explain why that is? Tell me, which is harder, shooting your enemy in the leg or shooting your friend in the leg?

Would you rather be shooting at enemies or friends? Which is harder?


This is SO pathetic. Sam thinks “fighting” HRC is getting her to lie more like a lefty. Sam is convinced that simply calling yourself a democrat MAKES you a democrat.

Besides, that theory is shot already. Obama got elected sounding like Bernie. Turns out he’s as neocon as HRC. How easy was it for us to pull him left? Apparently not very since it didn’t happen. The man literally kills American citizens and endorses child labor to make Nike more money. And the left can’t get him to budge.


It ain’t about pulling Trump to the left either you ring licking sycophant. Quit looking for boots to polish you pathetic little toady. It’s about replacing these people and crushing everything they do until we get the replacement.

Christ you’re allergic to courage aren’t you.


No, Trump is not a neoliberal. He’s a republican. And HRC is a neoliberal. Which is a fancy word for DINO. That’s just Jimmy getting tired of being badgered.


But they will fight against Trump because he evicerated their party. Republican voters have made voting against their interests an artform.


Where’s the evidence!? Did you miss the last 8 years of Goldman Sachs rule? What protects Obama from left wing hatred? What got him reelected? Lesser of two evils, and the cloak of the DNC membership. The evidence is him getting away with TPP, whistleblower crackdowns, drone strikes, not closing gitmo, endless war, banking free pass, and on and on and on. All because spineless people like you think D = better than R no matter what.


Sam’s just completely full of it. I refuse to believe he doesn’t understand the mechanism of neoliberal DNC cover. Does he just not understand what propelled the Clintons to power?



Closet RWNJ. Like the rest of HRCs base.


That’s it? After decades of neoliberalism, that’s your trophy case of achievement? Sounds to me like “it could be worse” lesser of two evils tactical voting simply made things worse at the end of the day. You mean giving up doesn’t work? Shocker. Bottomline question: Are things net positive or net negative under your approach? Net negative, obviously. What you are “doing” (which is to say, not doing) isn’t working.


1. What HRC say means NOTHING. 2. Lesser of two evils voting didn’t influence the color of her lies, Bernie Sanders did. Because her thought controllers realized that we are not bluffing.


You could go “on and on” taking credit for stuff #BernieOrBust has done. Yes, you could. But it wouldn’t mean anything.


Sam can’t let Jimmy speak for more than 20 seconds without interrupting him.


More deeply deeply pathetic trophies. Toys found in cereal boxes on balance. And that’s the basis of your whole strategy?


Obama care was a bailout of the insurance industry. We’d have had single payer now but for Obama’s (neolib) stabbing us in the back.


Sam is rewriting history. He thinks Healthcare reform was a unilateral political thing. Like Obama and company just decided to fight one day for health care. No dude, we got sick of feeding our kids into the for-profit wood chipper of health insurance. And we’re still sick of it, we just got divided by ppl like Sam on whether or not the insurance company bailout was a solution or not just because it briefly slowed the slide to the right.


Sam lives in fantasy football land where what a politician says is all that matters.


That’s the core of the issue. Sam here is either a liar or he’s wildly ignorant. I say liar, because I’m decent at poker, but whatever. We’ll say he’s just an innocent moron.


Yes it would be better if we get a right winger in office because then we’d actually fight unified and effectively instead of DEBATING EACH OTHER ON WHETHER OR NOT A FIGHT IS NEEDED! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!?


Yess yess you smarmy git. What do you think “yes we can” and “change” meant??


Yes, that’s indisputable. We voted for FDR and we got Bill Clinton 2.0. Watch his address. Tell me he’s not talking the Sanders talk.

WTF is Sam saying? That we were voting for just a little change? Yes we can… Compromise? No dude. Wake the eff up.


Exactly. He beat HRC the same way Sanders would be beating HRC if not for the southern fried primary and straight up election fraud. #ExtiPollGate


Again, exactly, either you think we need revolution or your don’t. Sam is clearly comfy.


Sam crying loser tears because he can’t put the revolution under his microscope and understand it. Dude is the narrowest thinker I’ve seen in this context. He’s trying to be the Chomsky of YouTube. Let’s just drill down to the most meaningless tiniest detail and live there for a year.

“And welcome folks to our 99 part series on the price of yams in ecuador and how that relates to the the economic theory prevalent in the last quarter of 1992, because I think that’s just SUPER important.”


OMFG I’m tired of Sam taking all the credit for good stuff and blaming all the bad stuff on us.

The whole reason over half the country doesn’t vote is because they recognize that voting neolib v republican is utterly pointless!


The whole reason the right controls what it does is because neoliberalism isn’t working!


Sam denies that having a neoliberal in the mix splits the left but look at what we’re doing. Having a debate between leftists over whether or not our enemy is our enemy. If the election was between Trump and Trump. We wouldn’t be having a discussion. But because it’s Trump and HRC we are, ONLY ONLY because she’s labeled a democrat. End of debate.


That’s what you call letting Jimmy have the last word? Such a petulant child. Yes yes Sammy, it’s YOUR show, you win. /head pats.

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