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Sondors Ebike

20151110_151237First impressions:
2015-11-10 0351 PM

TLDR: I have an ebike. A very good ebike! And you can too: http://gosondors.com

I am extremely happy with it.

A bus full of school kids saw me, it was stopped at a stop sign while I was crossing my yard, I saw like a dozen little faces looking at it hehe. I hope they all now want ebikes for xmas and I hope they get them :)

Started assembling it today, and charging the battery took longer than putting it together. All the heavy lifting assembly-wise was done at the factory. I didn’t have to touch any wiring or cabling. Breaks or power.

It does this pedal assist thing, I have no idea how it knows to kick it in but it’s extremely smart about it. I suspect it’s based on how much torque I’m applying, because it kicks in and helps to the perfect degree and just makes it feel like pedaling is easy.

It carried me up ACTC hill (pictured above) with a little pedaling. I’m 6’4 and weigh 255 lbs, and it carried me. It’s completely amazing.The cold brought me in more than any exertions. The pedaling I had to do wasn’t enough to even wind me.

It would probably have made it up the hill without my help probably, it just would have been slower.

It’s a soft bouncy ride because those tires are like motorcycle tires.

The breaks, being two disc breaks, mean total confidence on the down slope despite being as heavy as it is and as heavy as I am. That’s never been true of my other bikes.

I can tell I’m right at the edge of the motor’s capability on this hill because I’m so large and the hill is so steep, but it works and that’s the point. It does indeed carry me and will do so over the bulk of possible terrain this city can offer. It’ll certainly carry itself so I can walk it up anything that can’t be ridden up effortlessly beyond the walking itself.

It feels extremely stable, it’s low to the ground, long, and heavy, but not dangerously heavy. I can pick up the back end with one hand. Yet it honestly reminds me of a motorcycle a little bit, though I’ve only driven those a few times.

Another cool thing is that the battery box is undetectable to the rider. It completely lives within the range of space between your legs that never touch anything. I’ve had water bottles that are more obtrusive. I don’t think it touched it once except I guess occasionally brushing with jeans.

It only spent a small fraction of the ride time at full power/torque. It’s fast enough that I slowed down for want of goggles. And I wear glasses.

All in all I’m very happy. Sondors completely made good on all the promises. Now I begin the process of adapting things around the bike and making upgrades and accessory additions :)

Update 2015-11-12 0739 AM

Just went for a longish ride, and the battery still reads green. It’s stable, powerful, quiet and comfortable. I am very Very happy with it still.

Another Beginning


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