"The world we actually have does not meet my standards." ~Phillip K. Dick


Literal Slavery, Original Debt, and the Reality of Choice


Some have argued that slavery is defined by the ability of a slave owner to steal and sell children and that therefore wage slavery is a whiny emo term because McDonald’s can’t sell their employees children to Wendy’s. But the fact is the 1% DO buy and sell (y)our children because it saddles them with original debt and gives them a false choice every bit as loaded as the choice a slave faces: Suffer profitably for us, suffer punitively, or die.


I for example, having ethics and will power, decided while still a virgin to never have children until I could afford to have them as a free person. That means not being dependent on the whim of an employer or a public school system with regard to how that child develops. This is a freedom that actually only the very rich in today’s world have.

Virtually no one in the developed world has that freedom. And the few that potentially might, have been brain wiped by that same education system and media such that they think indenturing their children to this system is not only wise, but morally urgent. Many of the rich are keen to indoctrinate their larva, saddling them with a different kind of original debt.

Original debt is the original sin of the modern world’s church.

Children are born non-people (as proved by the facts that they can’t vote and they can legally be whipped at will virtually anywhere on earth) and they even if considered citizens would still be considered worthless because by default they are “uneducated.” Which as Frank Zappa and Ray Bradbury will tell you, just means mostly unburdened by student loan debt.

People of the bootlicking variety are keen to point out how awesome compulsory education is simply because it’s costly to impose but free for the victim. But that’s the first step of original debt. It’s the collective version of the cliche abusive guardian railing about how hard it is to feed/cloth a child, therefore they should be grateful and obedient.

Which would make sense to some degree if it was an actual choice for the ward. That lack of choice is the essence of slavery.

This concept of owing a debt to your owners flies in the face of any objective non-arbitrary definition of human rights because it attaches a price tag to being born as if it was a choice.

In a sense a pet literally has more choice because a dog or a cat actually can choose to leave and the result doesn’t necessarily mean torture and death, though for a pet deep in human controlled territory or a harsh setting it could mean that.

Put simply, I didn’t ask to be born. There are two ways generally you can parse that. You can either kill me when I don’t comply. (Amusingly acknowledged with the cliche threat, I brought you into this world I can take you out.) Or you can recognize that my being alive is a debt to be paid by someone other than me. In my case the debt is paid by my parents but this isn’t fair for several reasons. Firstly, all three of us live under government rule. They ultimately have authority over every aspect of our lives. I am not allowed to so much as build a fire in my front yard or dig a well without a permit. (They have literally gone so far as to demand I paint my house a certain color.) Thus I have been utterly stripped of any real ability to provide for myself independently.

Both for ethical reasons and for diversity reasons participation in the “job” market needs to be a real choice between two or more viable alternatives.

It is morally urgent for society to accept responsibility and allow for the choice to opt out. Anything else is by definition true slavery. I should as a human by default own a share of the planet’s value equal to it’s total value divided by it’s population. “The per capita PPP GWP was approximately US$12,400.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gross_world_product

If I were given that by default in exchange for playing by the rules, then we could talk about employment being a choice. We could then talk about capitalism in Horatio Alger pluck and determination terms. All the self improvement and ambition rhetoric would apply.

But it doesn’t so long as the choice is dental torture and slow starvation, or being a wage/debt slave.

If my “choice” is choose an owner, be it corporate, clerical, or government, or be homeless, excommunicated, or imprisoned, then I had about as much choice as the slave who could at best choose who caused their death, or which form of torture to endure.

Until it’s actually possible for someone to live in society at the expense of society as a kind of collective inheritance, then “citizens” are nothing but slaves, with varying degrees of perks.


Steam and Pirates: Just Sayin.


Pirates are actually the extreme majority (to the point of having a solvent, growing, and overtly named political party) and are paying customers as well in 90+% of cases. Pure pirates are few and far between, if they even exist at all. (Unless you take a McCarthyist black and white view of the issue.) But they cannot or do not speak here because of terms of service agreements and various layers of community policy (as well as the futility of debate generally) which cause a chilling effect on speech. So keep that in mind when you read people dismissing them wholesale. Steam can at will delete your account and unless you have a couple (more?) thousand to spend on lawyers you have zero chance of getting you access back.

Remember, Steam is a private club that they (we) all paid to enter and they are under autocratic rule and ultimately have no rights. (See class action/arbitration debates, the terms of service, and the costs of civil legal action.)

Steam bans pirates and steam locks and deletes pro-piracy threads, that’s a matter of public record. Most of you who remain would or indeed have defended these corporate rights. This is relevant because the apparent consensus here is manufactured by attrition. If you ban hammer one side of a debate, you settle the debate and can make remaining members of the majority look like fringe members of a minority.

The Final Underclass


On this father’s day, I’d like to take a moment to briefly challenge the world and to make my position clear for peer (and not so peer) review.

Put simply I think the civil rights division of children and adults needs to be in spirit abolished.

There is a false dichotomy implicit in the assumption that children must be treated as property or allowed to destroy themselves and society with complete freedom.

I believe that a person should be born a full and complete citizen of the species with all the default human rights and liberties. Not as an infant, property of parents and the state for some arbitrary time.

So what is the alternative?

Simply treat them exactly as we treat newly awakened coma patients with good prognosis.

Think about what a coma patient is. A blank adult. An adult in need of orientation and (re)education.

Functionally and qualitatively I can see no substantive difference between such an adult and a child. The legal frame work is already in place.

There are guardians with enhanced temporary authority, but ultimately the patient in question is still a person. No one has the right to beat them, or arbitrarily control them. Their treatment must always take into consideration their default rights as human beings.

This is exactly how children should be treated because that is exactly what a child is.

A coma patient isn’t assigned a religion, or a social role, they are given empowerment and choice. They are protected from themselves but that protection ends not on an arbitrary date, but based on objective criteria of development and ability.

Explain to me if you can how the current treatment is ethically or functionally superior.

We don’t need schools, we need habilitation facilities and libraries. The term for this in one case is particularly brilliant.

The Awakening Unit of the St John the Baptist Hospital, Rome, Italy. Which opened in 1997, has the usual radiology and diagnostic equipment for assessing patients with head and brain injuries, and those in a coma. But also the medical staff specialize in rehabilitation, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, aimed at helping patients to recover from their injuries.

Instead of raising children, we should Awaken them.

The future could be so wonderful. If only I could make you see.

I’ll spare you the links you wouldn’t click anyway. :)

Libertarianism is Camouflage for Republicans

Libertarians have more in common with religious conservatives than they would care to admit.

Everyone in the real world knew that already.

That’s why the vast majority of “libertarians” most closely identify with the republican party. Even back when I was hoping for Ron Paul as president I lamented the collective libertarian choice of linking with the right instead of the left.

Imagine if instead libertarians had infiltrated the democratic party (which incidentally plays by it’s own rules more often and thus would have offered up Ron Paul had he won the internal primary) instead of the republican party?

And don’t give me that shit about smaller government. Everyone with half a brain cell knows that the right wing is owned by people that want a global monopolist corporate autocracy which is every bit functionally a one world government. So then why?

Because intelligent republicans of the earlier era saw the current situation coming. They saw how a massive right wing failure was in-bound and sought to be republican without having to admit to being republican. (I on the other hand simply pushed for the one real opportunity for change that I saw.)

If libertarians were collectively what they claimed to be and not closeted neocons at best, they would infiltrate the left, and force them via internal politics and simple logic to abandon gun control as an issue, at which point enough one issue voters could switch sides and make social policy the priority that it should be without the fear of being black bagged as a distraction. (Which is really what guns are about preventing, and I think that’s a fair fear given the rise of the security state and the NSA/whistleblower/drone/etc crap.)


But that’ll never happen because the fact is that 99% of libertarians want to be George Bush when they grow up, at best. They just know that the current crop of republicans are in the long term politically doomed, and they don’t want to be caught in the open being a party to the pantheon of ethical degeneracies that is what it means to be right wing in the united states.

Can you blame them?

What did you expect?

We make irrational demands and reject anyone that tells us what we don’t want to hear, thus we are stuck with alpha liars.

Sure, the government is a captured 1% puppet now, but we allowed it to get that way. And until we start making rational demands we’ll keep getting irrational representatives. And I’m not talking about a new round of punish thy enemy. I’m not talking about tough love for other people but magically you’re just fine.

I’m talking about giving up some shit you’re straight up addicted to.

The right in particular rose to power by telling people what they wanted to hear no matter how incorrect or cruel or narcissistic it was, and it still is that way. How many assholes get elected basically saying “I’ll make sure you can do whatever you want and force only other people to change/suffer.” All of them as far as I can tell. Right and left. Like the man said, you can always hire half the poor to kill the other half.

“Tough on crime” for example still gets votes. It’s basically just socially sanctioned sadism/racism/etc. The organized conflation of crime with criminals so that you can jerk off to all the modern equivalents of public flogging. (Crime shows and court TV much?)

What do we expect when we vote for those people? Unconditional compassion, patience, tolerance, these things are hard and require helping people we don’t always like. When you demand someone else have less freedom/compassion, don’t get all bitchy when suddenly yours gets taken away.

We love prison because we can imagine our enemies being beaten and raped. Then we get a police state.

We love school because we imagine our children turning out EXACTLY like we want them. Then we get teen pregnancy, school shootings, and bullying unto suicide.

We love “defense” spending because we imagine a death machine enforcing that will on all who disagree. Then we get drone wars and the NSA reading this post as I type it.

We love ignorant energy policy because we think windmills and solar panels are fashionable and we’re terrified of the dark magic of radiation. Then we get pipelines and coal inspired lung cancer.

We love the hope of patenting the letter E and dying a multi-billionaire and so we get the TPP and walmart on track to owning half of everything and Monsanto being handed a food monopoly.

We love marriage law because we damn sure want our ex girl/boyfriend fiscally and socially punished for breaking our hearts and we can’t possibly learn to share. Then we get domestic violence, atrocious music, sexual objectification, and the all too common homicide in a desperate attempt to avoid a costly divorce.

Bottom line, 99% of people are hypocrites and are merely experiencing the natural and logical consequences of their demands.

When you want to play with fire in the living room, sometimes the house goes up. Is it really the fault of the fire marshal with the nice smile you elected to tell you it was ok to do? Or was it your vault for handing power to someone who told you what you wanted to hear?

Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign Email via Occupy Homes

Sender: Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign via Occupy Homes

Subject: Arrested while delivering our petition to PNC Bank!

Dear Friends,

On Monday, a handful of us in Chicago went with Mrs. Solebo as she went to take this petition to the manager of a local PNC Bank branch.

When we she went to hand deliver her petition, the manager acted as if she had no business being there and refused to look up her name in their system.

When I tried to help hand over the Solebo’s petition to the branch manager, they literally threw our petition out of the door.

When I explained that more than a thousand people around the county wanted to know why PNC Bank would not take the time to sit and negotiate a solution with the Solebos, the bank’s security guard grabbed me and nearly threw me to the ground – and then called the police and had me arrested.

Even though our efforts to help the Solebos are clearly being criminalized, we will do our part to make sure this family is being treated with dignity.

Can you take a moment to help us?

If so, please call 412-803-1296 for Beverly Duboski, Secretary to PNC Bank CEO William Demchak and tell her:

“Hello, my name is ________________. I am calling on behalf of Yomi Solebo, who use to live at 1920 Vermette Circle in Plainfield, Illinois. When unemployment struck, his and his family tried to work with PNC to pay what they could. Instead of working with them, PNC Bank foreclosed on them and refused to go to court when they tried to stop their eviction. For the past three months, the Solebos have been homeless and there home has been empty. We are demanding that PNC Bank give them an opportunity to pay off their mortgage and move back into their home.”

Also, please call the local PNC Bank branch at 773-483-9349 to tell the manager:

“Hello, my name is _________________. I was shocked to learn that your branch refused to accept a petition that I signed regarding PNC Bank’s eviction of Yomi Solebo and his family from their Plainfield home. I was also shocked that you arrested one of the people tha tried to help deliver this petition. I am calling to demand that your bank drop the charges against those who were arrested.”

We will continue to work with the Solebo family and we appreciate any help that you can offer.

Sincerely, Toussaint and the rest of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign

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