Ending the dominion of pain and death.


Comments on Season 3 of American Horror Story

TLDW?: Everyone goes to hell, no one deserves it. (no not even her)

Your revenge fantasy is not worth even in theory the opportunity cost or the ethical cost.

In the context of this show it would seem that hell gets everyone. Perhaps that’s partly because everyone is so keen on vengeance and punishment. Ironic that the deserve to punish should manufacture justification to punish. Makes me ask who benefits. Who setup this cyclic system of never ending karmic debt? And why is no one opposing it?

Complaining about a tv show, letting it get to me, it’s not as trivial as you think because any story about magic could be a story about technology and like it or not these options will be presented to our species, and as we open up and grow we may learn that some of these concepts of existential context, hells, heavens, spirit worlds, could have real world analogs and we will have to deal with them.

I like having at least some idea of what I’ll do in basic classes of strategic eventuality and in the context of this show the lack of vision and stupidity is appalling. Firstly you have a pointless adherence to tradition which betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of what tradition is and therefore a profound degree of stagnation.

The seven wonders, among which are telekinesis, pyrokinesis, divination, resurrection, etc is one where they visit hell and come back. The achievement being the escaping part. One of their friends doesn’t escape. The didn’t do this test last. They admitted to reordering the test schedule at whim, it did not occur to them to sort the tests in order of failure lethality.

Imagine the stupidity and psychopathy that betrays. In this context if that’s how witches are, then they should be killed. It makes you wonder if the hunting organizations are actually a good idea.

How do they not declare war on hell? How do they not invade it to recover their friend? And if they utterly cannot by dint of cosmic law, they why on earth would they put such a risk before actions as trivial as setting a fire, or playing hide and seek, or teleporting?

The take away from the whole series is as is often the case a reminder that either people are really really stupid, or mean, or tv thinks why are. The fact that I am basically the only one that I know of that writes this way tell me it’s not merely that third one.

The take away feeling is one of disgust on many levels.

Feminists should hate it for the lack of intellect alone of the supposedly immortal female characters, let alone the rest of the cast.

At one point a character demands to be executed for her crimes for an internally valid political reason, but the response reminds me of school in that we have a demonstration that it is not the administrators that are in charge but rather the bell on the wall.

The autocrat of the witches political structure does not even consider simply decreeing a change of tradition. A rather mind numbingly stupid tradition I might add. At the very least they could update the method of execution to something both more effective and less barbaric, and perhaps most importantly, less sycophantic. Why duplicate the simplistic thuggery of your prejudicial foes? Especially considering that the one being executed had already been executed once.

I think I’m coming to grips with the fact that I simply no longer believe democracy is a good idea. I look at the world and this notion of collective self rule is proved a sham on every continent. Always some minority rules the majority by deception or force. At what point would we even in theory admit that it’s unworkable? That like all difficult tasks a specialist, preferably one trained from the cradle for it, would be best at it?

There is a lot wrong with this show.

I tried to publish this also as a netflix review but got the disgusting “Reviews must not exceed 2,000 characters.” How pathetic.

The Nature of Sleep

The places we go when we dream slide like a bubble rising through the deep out into less dense spheres of existence. Pressed upon by that which is towards that which like they, isn’t. Eventually an equilibrium phase is reached and like oil rising through water but stopping at air, those dreams collect at the border of nothingness and reality possessing elements of not quite either.

In that place some minds are known by their echoes or their intransigence . Some madness becomes a fortress, a landmark unchanged by the buffeting of infinite other vision and thoughts. The consistent dreams form the foundation of this bulwark against the the void. To walk in this place is to literally tread on the overlapping dreams of the collective insane.

There are only so many colors in nature’s pallet and to paint with the mind is to copy something again and again. Time is an illusion and therefore originality is meaningless. To dream your phantom tree is to dream someone else’s because in the dream world the tines of the snow flake are lost. Only that it had tines is relevant, such is one of the properties of being that close to oblivion.

I visit there again and again and my avatar avoids beauty for the pain seeing it causes me. I see pits leapt over my the heedless sleeping, and always I alone feel the fear of the drop, and always I am a special exception and outsider. Leaving and looking up while all others live and wait in line.

Pain doesn’t no exist in this place as far as I can tell, but fear none the less does. A consequence of the echo no doubt. The dreamer so rarely knows they are dreaming and I am no exception. Still there must be perils for dreamers awaken and that is the end of creation literally. The waking of a dreamer ends a street. The grey fog of the never dreamed stretches on an infinite and yet zero distance between the border of the dream space and true oblivion equivalent to the gulf of difference between one and zero.

The gap of Zeno which can never be bridged yet has countless roads and paths and slides stabbing into it like an inverted pin cushion.

Envy the lucid dreamer for their ability to explore and guide.

Like the transition phase nature of the place so to are the people of a gradient nature leading form the fully awake and aware, which can only rarely exist in the dream work, and the mindless philosophical zombies. The NPCs of the dream game.
They don’t know they are dead. They experience nothing.

The Apex

This image is a 7 sided self-intersecting irregular polygon. It is an original symbolic attempt to express visually the core of my work and ethos.

It has 7 sides because luck, fate, means everything. Luck is the apex of importance of trait. It is better to be lucky than anything else. Good luck is immune to corruption. Good luck can also be totally invisible. You have no idea what you have narrowly avoided.

This image is meant to symbolize my entire world view. This symbol is my wish for myself and my species. For others it should represent affinity with my philosophy, vision, goals, and intent.

It has a gradient of violet into blackness to symbolize the transition from the seen to the unseen, or vice versa. Apotheosis and revelation in any context.

It is pointed downward to symbolize where our focus should be: On the here and now, as opposed to any hypothetical after-world. This as such thus symbolizes intractable opposition to pain and death.

Apex means point, but also utmost, and upper. Pointing it downwards is meant to showcase the paradoxical nature of all top-most truths.

Also it symbolizes specialization. You can view it from an anthropomorphic stance at which point its asymmetrical nature indicates a solitary, purpose-specific limb. To remind us that we are all focused specialist entities and thus should care about others because we need each other and the system of physical and logical law on which we are printed, on which we depend for functioning, which is enforced from an unknowable source.

Its self-intersection is meant to symbolize the importance of that hidden truth, the underlore at the highest possible, most widely applicable scale. The twist in the unseen third dimension is what defines this shape. This self intersection is what creates the paradox that makes it a piece of truth. The self intersection also symbolizes the recursive nature of direct self improvement by whatever ethical and technical means are available.

It represents the struggle between the meaningful dualities hidden in unusual and unseen dimensions. Such as the struggle between the future self and the present self, or the struggle between the individual and the tragedy of the commons, or the choice to live for today or live for a year from today.

I’ve labeled this fiction precisely because it isn’t.

I hope you come to understand.


Underlore: noun

  • The key fact(s), logical conclusion(s), or missing context(s), which radically change the meaning of a given event or idea.
  • The profound truths, beneath and more real, than what is superficially apparent.

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My beef in this context as with virtually all the other “realistic” rts games is the inflexibility. Snipers are a great example. In real life the reason you can’t make an army of snipers is not because some things are immune to snipers at the tactical level but because making them is expensive and takes a long time.

From an organizational strategic perspective you get more bang for your buck just throwing rifles at a mob and then throwing that mob at a problem. (Infantry.)

In RTS terms this sucks because how it manifests tactically are units which appear magically immune to bullets.

In “Company of Heroes” Sniper versus motorcycles/jeeps are an excellent example. I’ll routinely see a jeep park, aim it’s machine gun at a building full of snipers and actually win (handily) because the game has hard coded jeeps and bikes to be virtually immune to sniper fire. (Paper vs rock.) Which is silly because in real life a sniper would decapitate the driver regardless of what “kind” of solider they are.

The problem is that real war isn’t economically balanced or remotely fair. In real war you don’t have to manage an economy or “grow” new troops because that’s the outside culture’s job. As a commander you are more or less handed resources and given an objective.

So in RTS games the PRS and ECON101 phenomenon are really when you get down to it just tricks to keep the game from boiling down to who can build snipers fastest, which would in turn boil down to input speed. (Korean RTS camps?)

The only way to really make that feel like anything other than a contrivance is to change the context such that arbitrary rules don’t seem completely stupid. And in RTS terms the best way to do that is the whole “magic tech” thing you can do in future or fantasy based rts games. (Warhammer/Supreme Commander)

In those contexts the “jeep” would be immune to the “snipers” because the “snipers” have anti-flesh zap rifles and the “jeeps” have “anti-zap” armor/shields or some such, so you arrive at the same PRS effect but it doesn’t feel completely stupid when you’re on the wrong end of it. You simply realize you’re paying the price of over specializing.

Also to make the game “fair” they create a situation where there is no simple winning strategy. The actual winning stratgey if it’s not boiled down to a case of “turtle vs rush” is a complex and fairly rigid build order, which is yet another RTS genre problem.

Basically this is why I don’t really play games generally much anymore beyond games that allow for meta, like diablo, which is not so much that I’m playing the game, as it is being useful to other humans in a fictional context. Second life is a setting purpose built for this I suspect, but because its purpose-built for meta, in a sense it stops being meta because everyone knows why everyone’s there and as a result the whole feel and “game” actually changes, creating a new meta-meta-game. (Make real money, or whatever other real life objectives were already there for the player.)

Bottomline: To correct the sniper/PRS problem, I’d have to hack the game or write a mod but in so doing I’d devalue my winning, and arrive at a different kind of fail/boredom point. Meaning make it so snipers can virtually kill anything just like irl, but get as bored with that as I got with emperor battle for dune once you can start making Fremen. Each had two types, anti vehicle and anti personnel.

_”Strange game… The only winning move is not to play.”_ ~WOPR/Joshua, Wargames

Thought ramble.

(Perspective disclaimer.)

Anyway… The human body is a space suit for the brain. A way for the brain to link to the world yes, but primarily a way to survive in said world.

There are three ways to expand your sphere of influence in this context. To adapt the environment to yourself, find an environment already suitable and travel there, or adapt yourself the environment. Everything that has meaning about a person is in the brain. I am firm on that point. I am not my arms or legs or liver, but I most definitely am my memories, my feelings, and my experience. The only reason my body is remotely me is because what is really me extends into those things. My nerves.

Ok so we can look at a person and we are so used to looking at people that we come to think that this is what people, which are brains as I just explained, look like. But what if another kind of brain evolved? What if other brains took different options? What would a brain in a suitable setting look like? What would a brain adapted for life on land look like? The answers are terrifying because these models of life aren’t fantastical or alien they are ubiquitous and completely disregarded at best or shamelessly exterminated or consumed by us.

Indeed I’m having the worry that intelligent feeling life on this planet might be more common than unfeeling life if you simply expand  your scale a bit. I am not the first to have this idea. It’s in fiction everywhere. But this is the first time I thought about it from a purely anatomical perspective. If you hardened my neurons against the elements and made them more physically flexible, or maybe even blended them with muscle tissue so they could individually contract, what would that look like? A blob? A large moving mold? A jellyfish? And aspen grove? I’m looking around at my world from the brain’s perspective and I’m realize that half of what I see could be brains that have found various ways to dispense with their body.

What if the skull has cut us off? I don’t like where this is going.

As I’ve realized before the only thing special about us in this context materially is the ability to exit our biosphere completely. But what if that’s only because our condition leaves us totally blind to a far superior method of escape? What if the answer to the Fermi paradox is that radio is completely crappy as a communications tool, and that space ships or physical travel is an equally crappy travel mechanism? What if they are watching us for resurgence? Would you bother talking to an anthill? What if the thickness of the skull prevents reception? What if that’s why ancient cultures cut holes in their skulls and did other gruesome things to their heads? What if that is the real purpose of a crown? What if that is the source of power and divine right? What if that is how warriors came to be rulers again and again not because of the fighting but because of the head injury?

I’m tempted to not share these things since each would be a story idea maybe and I’m not supposed to share and I’m so powerfully broke. But whatever, I love writing and I love talking and fate has kept me alive so far. Failure to gain is not the same as loss. Maybe someone will help me.

NBC hates Paul Stamets

So NBC has a new show Hannibal and in the second episode we have a mushroom psycho that buries people alive named “Eldon Stammets.”

I find this upsetting given there is a respected, if not visionary Paul E. Stamets, Mycologist. http://www.ted.com/talks/paul_stamets_on_6_ways_mushrooms_can_save_the_world.html

Cool show and all but this pissed me off.

I’d say Paul deserves an apology and a fat check/percentage of every rerun.

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