All part of the plan...


The Apex

This image is a 7 sided self-intersecting irregular polygon. It is an original symbolic attempt to express visually the core of my work and ethos. It has 7 sides because luck, fate, means everything. Luck is the apex of importance of trait. It is better to be lucky than anything else. Good luck is immune […]

NBC hates Paul Stamets

So NBC has a new show Hannibal and in the second episode we have a mushroom psycho that buries people alive named “Eldon Stammets.” I find this upsetting given there is a respected, if not visionary Paul E. Stamets, Mycologist. http://www.ted.com/talks/paul_stamets_on_6_ways_mushrooms_can_save_the_world.html Cool show and all but this pissed me off. I’d say Paul deserves an […]

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