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Bernie can’t fix anything because powerless?

It’s funny how some people say that the president doesn’t have any real power to change things, when the fact is we haven’t had an actual progressive president since jimmy carter, so how would we know?

Well by the actions of every other president since Carter. So long as you realize they are actually republicans trying to maintain a facade.

Every democrat elected to the office has been functionally a moderate Republican. And if you’ll notice, each one had to talk further and further left to get the job, and thus their betrayal was more and more obvious each time. Hopefully Obama is the last one that was possible. He had to make such a massive about-face going from a reform mandate landslide to the impotent banker puppet his funding sources desire that it hopefully discredited the entire ploy of running a republican in reformer clothing.

I think that’s why the right wing has virtually given up on this race by allowing Trump and the clown car. They know they don’t have a prayer.

The question is can the actual progressives and reformers seize the opportunity and have the courage to risk looking like a fool again. By once again admitting hope and voting for a reformer.

Yes Obama tricked us all, but that should not translate into a strategy of handing a dying party the executive branch, overtly or covertly. (By which I mean a vote for anyone other than Bernie.)

And we definitely don’t have to preemptively compromise by picking Hillary when there is zero risk when voting for a real reformer. Worst case, Hillary wins anyway and then we all have to pick her to avoid outright insanity. Best case, the reformer we thought we were electing when we pulled the lever for Obama.

The election is going to test some interesting theories. Essentially we’re going to be putting the alternative vote to the test because people in the democratic primary can indeed go for broke and vote for the real reformer with zero risk to the general.

The question is do people engage in tactical voting only to avoid a loss or is it also ego, join the herd, Stockholm syndrome?

In any case, I predict a Bernie primary and general victory. The scales will possibly clearly tip when the tickets are complete and we know who the VP will be.

Updated: October 23, 2015 — 6:56 pm

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