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Batman Feels The Bern


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I’ve donated to political organizations exactly twice in my life.

Mayday.us was the first. Bernie for president was the second.

Why do I think Bernie will win?

Firstly just to get this out of the way, it won’t just be white people voting for Bernie either. Imagine filling a debate stage with candidates and saying: “Raise your hand if you marched with Dr King and got arrested protesting for civil rights before it was easy and fashionable.” One lone hand will go up I’m pretty sure.

Also his age is an asset not a liability. The entire AARP crowd should and probably will vote for him because age and expanding retirement benefits.
If he doesn’t win the primary that’ll just prove the left is as rigged and working for the 1% as the right is well beyond any need to be hyperbolic or cynical. The DNC probably won’t risk it since they are going to win either way, and if he does win the primary he will completely stomp the general election.

The whole reason the progressives left the phone off the hook this long is because we elected a reformer and got a moderate republican. (Yes we Can’t.)
If Bernie wins the primary he’ll inspire the largest voter turn out in recent history as a whole generation of people who’ve been waiting for a chance to vote for a real representative of the people drive, bike, and crawl to the polls for the first time in 15 years. Repeated comments all over the net support this.

Bernie will also get the smart one issue gun voters because they’ll know a right wing vote is wasted, and switching briefly (if it’s even required in their state) to ensure Bernie wins the dem primary means a president who will essentially ignore gun control exactly the same way Vermont ignores gun law.

He’ll also get actual fiscal conservative republicans because he wants to invest in infrastructure repair as a way to improve the economy. They know that that’s like an instant 100% return on investment because not only are people getting jobs, but they are making everything else more efficient and it’s not a “hand out.”

Even the lower 9 tenths of the 1% should be in favor of Bernie on the grounds that they are being as soundly screwed by the 0.1% as the general 1% is screwing the rest of us.

Bernie is basically the left’s version of Ron Paul in that he’d cause disruptive political change. America badly wants that, we are just pragmatic and suffering from outrage fatigue. But it’s wise to remember that the only reason Ron isn’t president is because the GOP/RNC cheated in Tampa during their own primary, and his son stabbed him in the back in exchange for a seat at the real republican table, which obviously he got as Mitch’s lap dog.

I predict a Bernie victory barring a political black swan event.

If he doesn’t win that will just prove once and for all that democracy itself simply isn’t a good idea, at which point I will be able to reluctantly embrace the fascist corporate oligarchy we live in and it will then be about choosing which corporation to work for in the same way that I now choose a political party, while I keep one eye on expatriation.

Seriously, whether anyone realizes it or not, this is a turning point moment. It really is Bernie or bust until the singularity.

Updated: February 18, 2016 — 11:02 am


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