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An open letter to Tammy Baldwin.

Thank you for not shoehorning in a gun control band wagon plea in your most recent mass mailing.

It seems the whole democratic party has selective amnesia when it comes to gun control. Like all of the sudden respect for the constitution and the actual effect of prohibition are completely blanked out. Like it completely slipped all their minds why NDAA and the drug war are bad policies. Seriously, you want to see some disturbing mental gymnastics ask a die hard left partisan about this discrepancy.

I can’t stand hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance in people who would presume to make policy for the rest of us so I’ve been unsubscribing to left leaning news sources and activism organizations for days now. I’m pleased to not have to add you to this list. (Yet?)

I hope you’ll consider being perhaps the first among the current crop to escpialy now admit somewhere the logic of opposing knee jerk gun laws as they are unconstitutional and completely unworkable as criminals and psychotics don’t care and they are the last to be disarmed. Further to remind everyone that the biggest school massacre in history was not a shooting, but a bombing, in 1927.


Now if the left wants to organize to repeal the second, that’s at least legitimate and honest, if stupid. The debate would then become about tyranny and social impact in other nations and other states. But asking for gun laws clearly designed to circumvent the 2nd to varying degrees without openly calling for its repeal is for lack of a better word cheating. It is the exact kind of shenanigans the left has (rightfully) opposed throughout the drug and terror wars.

Their cheating has gotten so substantial that it has, and I quote…

“…led to what’s essentially a separate justice system for Muslims. In this system, the principle of due process is twisted and selectively applied, if it is applied at all.”


The left’s position on gun control is a gargantuan policy mistake and really the only solid point republicans have.

I am a one issue voter on this because among other things it’s the clearest way to spot hypocrisy and thoughtless allegiance in a left leaning representative.

If the left were to base its position on facts, reason, and history, or even if the left abandoned the position entirely at the federal level, leaving entirely up to the states, the right wing would hemorrhage left libertarians and other one issue gun voter to the point of permanent advantage and real social change.

Interestingly, with the country so closely divided and the access to nearly unlimited funds, the right has this opportunity as well with regard to the drug war.

As I said on G+ months ago…

On the right we have gun law: http://gunfacts.info/
Everyone in favor of gun control, which is basically the whole democratic party, ignores this set of facts because PR is exceptionally skilled at loading questions and misrepresenting data.

And on the left we have drug law: http://www.leap.cc/
Everyone in favor of the drug war, which is basically the whole republican party, ignores this set of facts because PR is exceptionally skilled at loading questions and misrepresenting data.

If either party switched sides on their issue based on the facts they would quickly dominate the opposing party.

That neither side does this, despite the opportunity to truly win and accomplish all their other goals, shows how adept the PR industry is.

It’s not just about laziness, that’s another PR myth. Critical thinking is a skill like any other and we as a culture are a culture of specialists, while it would be nice if everyone could become expert data analysts to demand that of everyone is unrealistic to put it mildly.

Indeed a huge portion of Ron Paul’s supporters are in this “left libertarian” category if you examine their positions issue by issue, and more importantly their conviction on those issues. (There are very few one issue medicare or military spending voters.)

It would behoove you and any other forward thinking democrat in congress to consider a leadership role in reforming the democratic party on this issue, or at the very least, deferring the issue to the state level.

Updated: December 23, 2012 — 11:58 am

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