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Alex Jones Secretly Supports Bernie Sanders


My theory: (TLDR: Alex is faking his hate to spread the Sanders name more quickly.)

Firstly, Alex Jones’ day job is to destroy the credit of anyone who takes him seriously.

Secondly, Alex Jones being genuinely anti establishment and highly intelligent, at least at one point, likely secretly supports Sanders policies. As all intelligent, informed, compassionate humans typically do.

(Yes. Alex used to be cool. Citation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJXspT2VtOE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kqdLA42fUE)

Thirdly, he knows full well, being versed in the public relations field, that Bernie’s actual problem is simply one of exposure at this point, that time is of the essence, and also that there’s no such thing as bad press.

Fourthly, he knows he can’t simply endorse Sanders because that would actually hurt his campaign.

Fifthly, he knows that hate travels much faster than reason.

Given this context Alex has contrived a rather brilliant way to continue doing his job while supporting Sanders secretly in the very same act.

Thus he has produced a stream of completely mindless honeypot hate videos designed expressly to poison the memetic well for the actual opposition, so that they’ll go out in public, and rant at their friends, and hopefully strangers, about how awful Sanders is, in turn making Sanders look both electable and reasonable.

In effect he is making the genuine Anti-Sanders crowd look like right wing tin foil hats.

All while giving supporters low hanging fruit to mock, both bolstering the Sanders campaign and spreading the Infowars name through the election-engaged community.

Well played Alex, Well played.

We thank you for your service 🙂 Please do continue 🙂

…or he really has degenerated into a hateful right wing lunatic. Whichever. The effect is the same.

The actual video: Click here for lunacy… or genius X)

Updated: February 13, 2016 — 2:34 pm


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  1. A very interesting thought.

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