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"I usually stick to fiction but I made an exception in this case because it's a collection of relatively short essays with ideas that I've seen for the first time. It's much less tedious to read than a full book on one thesis. No bullshit, straight to the point, what I expect from non fiction..." ~Bayan Rafeh

This book is a selection of my essays, debates, opinions, and observations. Its purpose is to convey a composite world view. Each essay has something to say in and of itself, but taken as a group they say something as well. They attempt to show generally how utterly deceived members of civilization are, and that this is a natural and intrinsic consequence of civilization itself. My hope is that by exposing this manipulation readers will be granted a measure of immunity to covert influence. If fully explored and understood the bulk of these ideas should be attractive to any mind which holds that pleasure and life are of axiomatic value.