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The “Backstory” Backstory: Underlore’s Cocktail


A while back, while catching up with an old friend, who is into mixing cocktails, a drink got invented. For our amusement he initially named it after me, but I felt that was inappropriate for a number of reasons, not least of which being that I didn’t invent it. X)

However, if he wanted to name it in my honor, then I wanted it to reflect my life’s work, which is of course, this blog and the philosophy behind it.

It’s essentially impossible to actually invent a whole new drink of course, or it’s so easy as to be trivial, depending on perspective. And so what we’re talking about here is basically on the Daiquiri spectrum somewhere. But we believe it is different enough to warrant a name.

While discussing naming, I mentioned how I’d rather it be something based on Underlore, and later on after some thinking he gave me a couple options, among which was “Backstory” and I think that’s a perfect fit.

The contents are lime juice, simple syrup (liquid sugar), white rum, and club soda over ice. The specific guide for the drink is at the bottom of this post. The effect basically is a fizzy limeade with a dash of mind altering pirate fare. 🙂

The name is perfect and thematic in my opinion, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s neat to me that the the Backstory has a backstory. Going deeper, the Backstory has underlore which is Underlore. By underlore I mean the definition I came up with.

Also there are the emergent properties of the name. Think about ordering it: “Yea I’ll have a Backstory, thanks.” That’s just inviting all kinds of awesomeness and conversation, because who doesn’t wanna hear a good backstory?

Also it’s dignified and friendly, which certainly isn’t always the case with drink names.

Having researched a little bit, my opinion is firm now that my friend has indeed invented a new cocktail. And though it’ll always be possible to get a little flack for “just” modifying a daiquiri, I feel that since neither of us remembered what that was at the time, he at the very least deserves credit for independent invention.

The differences are the glass, the ice, the club soda, and white instead of dark rum. If adding club soda, using a different kind of spirit, adding ice, and putting it in a different glass make it a different drink, then it’s a different drink. If not, then, not 🙂

Backstory Ingredients and Preparation

  • Ten to twelve cracked ice cubes
  • Two measures white rum
  • One measure lime juice
  • One measure simple syrup
  • Club soda
  1. Put four to six cracked ice cubes into a cocktail shaker. Pour in the rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. Shake vigorously until a frost forms.
  2. Half fill a twelve ounce Collins with cracked ice cubes and strain the cocktail over them. Top up with club soda.
  3. Decorate with lime slice.


Decision 2016: The Moratorium on Democracy Itself


I have a dilemma.

If I respect democracy, do I agree to throw it out when that’s what we all vote for? Even if that vote is heavily manipulated, despite the fact that every individual voter would personally swear they are making a free choice?

Because what we have here is an overwhelming, if uninformed, vote against democracy. Hillary Clinton supporters clearly have no problem with #ElectionFraud so long as it installs their preferred candidate. Trump supporters I doubt would have any more integrity given the authoritarian leanings of their politics generally, and their tolerance for corporate cheating and corruption on capitalist or social Darwinist grounds.

And then you have the bulk of American citizens who overwhelmingly don’t vote, which is a clear vote against having a say in politics at all.

Perhaps what this election is really about is voting down democracy. Bernie being the last remaining actual democrat, the majority of Americans when presented with the option of him, chose one of the others.

His entire platform is/was populist. And still the vast majority of people either voted in the other party entirely or didn’t vote at all, whether or not you subtract HRC’s votes entirely because #ElectionFraud, that remains true.

It would seem the suspension of democracy is the will of the people. But if the will of the people is manipulated, should I still respect it? But if I respect it, must I then instantly disrespect it as their will is that I ignore their will?

This mess is like the idea of the ultimate meaning of tolerance for intolerance. It’s almost like the trolley problem.

In the end I’m voting for #JillNotHill on the grounds that the choice was not informed or clear. The choice was manipulated. And that so long as we are still officially a democracy for the moment, it is my function to attempt to persuade my peers of my vision of what is best for us all.

And here is my core argument. The democratic primary was a national coup d’état. Most people weren’t even aware of what was at stake, thus the vote against democracy at that time is invalid. Does that matter to people? Time will tell. In any case it left us in a position of choosing between two non-democratic candidates. An overt authoritarian demagogue and an election rigging usurper.

We all know that third parties are usually a symbolic and wasted vote, if not a spoiler vote, but in this case I don’t believe that to be true. Now, I know Jill won’t win. That would be nice, but it’s not going to happen. However, I think getting her 5% or more of the vote is perfectly achievable given the anger independents should feel at being shut out of the process for decades, combined with the recent theft of the democratic primary.

If even half of Bernie’s supporters vote Jill, that would get her the 5% alone. And that 5% means federal funding for the greens and recognition as a legitimate major American political party. This party would allow the 2020 election to be a much more informed vote as the green candidate would be included in televised debates and the media would be forced to recognize them, even more than they recognized Bernie. Which of course wasn’t much given DNC/MSM collusion and corruption, but still it was an appreciable fraction of his due as a major candidate, and orders of magnitude more than Jill Stein or any other third party candidate got.

So here’s my thinking: If you are afraid of Trump and or Hillary, and you live in a deep red or blue state, then you can vote Jill safely because your state’s vote will not be changed by your vote. If you live in a swing state, vote as you feel you must, but realize that either way, Trump or Clinton, our next president will be the most obstructed in American history. Their experience will make Obama’s two terms look like a unanimous mandate by comparison. Whoever wins the next election would have a hard time passing a law affirming that the sky is blue much of the time let alone anything approaching substantive change so really not a lot is on the table comparatively speaking. And certainly it’s nothing we can’t work to fix in 2020.

Even if you completely disagree with Jill’s politics, you should still vote Jill if you want to see democracy itself on the ticket at all in 2020, because Jill isn’t going to win this time and the greens aren’t going to win next time. The objective here is not immediate victory. That option closed when Bernie was forced out. The objective is getting a voice for democracy and independents on stage in 2020. Plus, if you favor a different third party you’ll have helped to show that third parties can reach 5% or better. The reason I choose Jill is not because I agree with the majority of her politics, but because the disenfranchised Bernie Sanders vote does, and they essentially have nowhere to go with their vote. Jill’s actual threshold thus is far less than 5% because she’ll get a good chunk of Bernie’s old vote by default.

Yes, some will be swayed by fear or blind partisan loyalty and vote HRC, but I think many of his voters were non-voters to begin with and when given a choice between staying home or voting for Jill for the long game, will vote for Jill.

So if you want to see some truth in the debates in 2020, if you want democracy to still have a seat at the table, and cliché as this may be, if you believe in the true American way, then you really should vote Jill.

So that’s my advice.


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The #ElectionFraud is Real

TLDR: My official advice is vote #JillNotHill. It won’t threaten HRC/Trump in Blue/Red states. But with just 5% of the vote, we get a third federally funded party. Unique opportunity because of the Dem’s rigging and the RNC’s failure to destroy Trump.


(more to come)

See also: http://underlore.com/bernie-or-bust/

P.S. I’m a pro nuclear power pro gun leftist. Yes, we exist. @Innomen on twitter.

IPL is Toxic

Truly IPL (Intellectual Property Law) is a complete and toxic mess. I literally can’t imagine a more effectively harmful ideology. Only racism and misused religion seemingly has hurt and killed so many people. And they only stay on top because they are orders of magnitude older.

Just look at the death toll from big pharma’s for profit medical lobbying, and fracking’s hiding behind “trade secret” protections, and then there’s Monsanto doing it’s best to kill all the bees in the name of Round-Up profits and suicide genes aimed at trying to put DRM into the freaking food. All using legal frameworks ruthlessly bolstered and defended psychopathic coders convinced they’ll be patent aristocrats some day.

How many people died last year for want of medical care in the states? As of 2009 the figure was approximately 45,000.

Frankly I suspect the ultimate death toll from IPL is high six figures annually even if you completely ignore opportunity costs.

Tidy Little Arrangment

Clever how the government has made applying for disability require the very skills a person needs to find and sustain investigative or clerical work.

Setting aside that it completely dismisses job unavailability as “not our problem” which in and of itself is complete garbage since job rarity should absolutely be a legitimate factor in determining disability. If there are only four examples of a job a person can do in the entire economy then that person is clearly disabled.

Think about how broken the logic is.  Any lucky fool can live off stock dividends. Is that not a common “job?” Wallstreet thinks it is. By that logic literally no one is disabled.

Again: Tidy.

So here are my remarks at the end of my most recent disability application. I’ll explain what I mean by some of them after the remarks themselves.

I applied before and was wrongly denied because my disabilities interfered with the application process and because my representation was frankly incompetent. They were all I could find via email only.

They did literally nothing but act as a form relay, and they never returned my medical records. As such the vast majority of this data is from memory and google, and I have memory problems. I cannot drive or use the phone to confirm this data or acquire more. If I had the skills to complete this process to your complete satisfaction I’d have the skills to work. (Clerical or investigations.)

I was not prepared for my hearing at all by my representation. I have never truly worked in my life because I have always been disabled. I couldn’t even qualify for my grade school basketball team because of my CP. I wore a brace on my leg before I could walk, and I learned to walk very late.

I do not understand why you are even asking me these things since the process assumes I’m lying for money anyway and demands documentation of everything. I feel like this application exists merely to provide the opportunity to fail.

I feel extremely lucky I’m intelligent and articulate enough to see and type this. Otherwise I’d likely give up and die homeless, as no doubt thousands and thousands already have because of this arbitrary and irrational red tape. It’s hard to imagine that isn’t the point, and as such it’s hard not to feel extreme rage at the entire process. I guess then you could add anger issues to my disabilities.

I have qualified for SNAP for probably over a decade. I’ve been disabled my entire life. I need this now more than ever not least because my parents are aging and I will not be able to help them physically.

I have more remarks, why the tiny character limit?

Why am I getting letters before I’ve even submitted this application?

Why is there no paper application I can download?

Ok, so no one in my life barring heated internet arguments has ever accused me of being anything below average intelligence. Indeed many have even grudgingly admitted to my high intelligence in the middle of ranting at me. I say that because it’s citation for when I say I am living proof that being intelligent and willing to work is not enough to have a career or even a job in this country or, it is proof that I am disabled. Or both. Take your pick.

This application process is a scam. It exists to trick the mentally or physically ill into disqualifying themselves from the aid they urgently need.

My country is an ethical disgrace and even if I am somehow able to navigate this process to approval my opinion on the process itself will not change until the process changes.

The remarks above are 89 characters short of the limit. I’ve already gotten two letters from the SS office, and I haven’t even submitted my application. I’ve been filling it out and saving and exiting. I MUST do this because no where can I simply download a PDF version for mailing.

I have been a drain on my economy for as long as I’ve been alive. Had they simply providing me with a baseline income this entire time I could have changed that. But they have made it literally illegal for me to save money and totally impossible for me to start a business.

Ironic in a nation that calls itself capitalist and is run by people who claim to be the party of small business.

What the Objective of Criminal Justice Should Be


Instigative, protective, and preventative. In that order.

Reforms required:

Abolition of plea bargains. Because an investigation is an experiment and you don’t haggle over findings. At best you debate to arrive at consensus.

No parole or probation. Because either a person is sufficiently rehabilitated to reenter society or they are not. If a citizen’s rehabilitation is in question then examine them till it isn’t and act accordingly.

Abolition of prison in it’s current form. The entire prison budget and deployment should be converted into a layered system of job training, education, mental and physical healthcare, and research of every relevant type. A place where prisoners don’t serve a fixed sentence but rather are inducted into a program from which only healthy prepared citizens can “graduate.”

Prisons today serve as torture chambers to terrorize the public into obedience and to satisfy their collective sadistic whims using primarily the poor, the foreign, and the mentally ill as their victims.

Prison should resemble primarily a very comfortable example of a school combined with a mental hospital. Among the thousands of advantages to this approach is respect for the cliche “innocent until proven guilty.”

Indeed to test the veracity of the system innocent volunteers should be paid to enter as criminals to in a double blind fashion measure how accurate rehabilitation procedures are.

All employees of this system should be required to complete the program and the program should be available to any on request. The objective isn’t to separate and punish criminals but you understand and prevent crime, to rehabilitate and improve the lives of everyone involved to whatever degree is possible and to research and understand when and why it is not possible.

People beyond repair should be kept in comfortable humane isolation until they die of natural causes serving society as subjects of study to the end of preventing the formation or perpetuation of people like themselves in future.

Everything about modern prison and criminal justice is wrong or fraudulent. I’d say 90% of the people in charge of it are corrupt in some fashion either fiscally, politically, or ideologically. The CEO of the private prison, the senator that gerrymanders prisoners in his district and like to play “tough on crime”, the sadistic corrections or police officer that just wants people to hurt or control for pleasure… These are the real and common truths of our “justice” system.

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