If only the better argument counted for something.

Steamgifts.com is a scam

Steamgifts on it’s surface is an awesome concept and system. It seems like a great way to dispose of excess game keys while rewarding generous people or being generous yourself and getting a chance to win a few extra games you might actually play in the meantime. But if you read the fine print things get a lot more shady.

Firstly, the usual way that most people end up with spare keys to give away is by buying bundles for a specific game or two and having little interest in the others. Steamgifts on it’s surface looks like an excellent solution to that problem. Giveaway the games you don’t want, to rise in rank and eventually win the games you do want, but actually that won’t ever happen because they don’t actually reward you for bundle games.


I gave away like 7 games before I realized my rank wasn’t going to move. That’s completely exploitative. It should give you a click box warning when you choose a so called bundle game for your giveaway.

Further, you can’t use your winnings (if any) to improve that situation.


So I can only enter giveaways for games I want to play myself. Let this sink in… I am obligated to be completely selfish on a site predicated on altruism.

So the only people that profit from steamgifts are hardcore trader types that get non bundle keys from other sources. Or people who ignore the rules.

And it gets even better.

There’s a botnet on steam gifts. A network of scripts that enters giveaways and claims gifts and does nothing else. No doubt to sell the valid keys they acquire in this way. And I strongly suspect that the moderators are given a cut of these sales.

I chanced upon one of these bots in my second ever giveaway. And look at how the moderators react.











And so my time on steamgifts as a place to recycle keys has ended. So disappointing.

Thanksgiving 2015

Every thanksgiving I have a lousy choice.

1. Repeat previous expression of gratitude which will obviously seem forced due to the holiday.

2. Struggle to come up with new ones, and make it seem like I’m not grateful for all the stuff I didn’t mention this time.

My solution to this problem is to try and make my genuine gratitude known through the course of the year, and I believe I’ve done that. No one to whom I feel grateful is unaware of this fact as far as I know barring the normal social distance between those that do good for all humanity and all those who may be grateful to them for it.

For example firefighters or Bernie Sanders. Groups or individuals who do and wish to do awesome things for us all but of course can’t be expected to know us all.

This year however I have something especially new and important to be grateful for.

The great love of my life found me. I tell her every day what she means to me but I’m going to speak about it here again simply because I think it’s the nice thing to do.

I live in a society that is like running the gauntlet. Every part of it seems built to either extract or torment. For me, given my gender and such, a huge part of that effort is aimed at getting me into a “relationship” that the architects of our society both define and exploit.

The punishment for failing in this regard is social mockery across every level of society and a near total exclusion from political power.

That is a small part of why I am so grateful and lucky to have been found by a total goddess who frees me from that trap simply by existing and then goes so far above and beyond, that even metaphor is unable to characterize the distance. A woman who is completely baffling in her level of awesomeness. I would absolutely conclude she was too good to be true if I didn’t know for incontrovertible objective fact that she is indeed entirely true.

I fancy myself a bit of a wordsmith but capturing her extreme magnificence in words with any objective clarity is just utterly impossible. She’s wise beyond a redwood’s years let alone her own. She’s kind to a degree reminiscent of extreme William’s syndrome but with none of the pathology. She’s utterly brilliant to the tune of running medical communities and improving Wikipedia literally thousands of times over, and is the only person whom I have ever met who can win a debate with me repeatedly in single sentences. (Seriously, if you can convince her, she can almost certainly convince me.) And on top of it all she’s beautiful to the point that no doubt when people finally see us together they will be completely confused how a shmoe like me ended up with a goddess like that. (And frankly I share their confusion.)

She is walking proof that karma is a myth. I don’t deserve her infinite love but reality just doesn’t care what people deserve, it gives what it gives and that’s the end of it.

And I won’t lie, I’m taking the offer, justice or not.

Incredibly, on top of that I have other major and minor things to be grateful for as well, in addition to all the things I was grateful for last year and every other day. To say I have a completely epic set of friends and family would be a hilarious unfathomable understatement. (See the links at the end.)

This is just more proof that karma is a myth. Without giving a lengthy list, even if only confined to this year, I’ll just say that what I am most grateful for is real rational hope for me and continued long term hope for my species that is equally objective. We are moving towards a time when we finally and truly declare a winning and real war on pain and death.

The time since last year and this has been for me personally on average a steady climb towards a state of reasonable fulfillment, devoid of overt horrors. A time when I finally have the power to start giving something back to the species and the loved ones that have been so kind to me. And I have good reason to believe that this trend will only improve over the next year as good fortune compounds on good fortune.

And while I may not deserve these wonderful things I am grateful for them and I will try to become someone that does deserve them in time.

Thank you all.

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Why not make it free?

I would be nice to make everything free, but some things are defined by their resistance to distribution.


Still, that being said we can acquire a high degree of ubiquitous material wealth if we do three things:

1. Reform IPL to make all code free as in speech and beer. Privacy could still easily be respected. In fact copyright enforcement and privacy of correspondence are mutually exclusive. (To program the robots.)

2. Deploy nuclear reactors quickly to provide the bottom of an anthropocentric materials economy food chain. (To power the robots.)

3. Develop an open source humanoid robot, recharged by the reactors, and instructed by ever evolving shared open code above, to automate any labor task we need done yet are unwilling to do personally. (To have the robots.)

With those things accomplished, essentially everything would be free. Certainly anything that could qualify as a basic human need.

In the mean time we absolutely could deploy a UBI and give everyone a piece of their human inheritance.


Women and ISIS


The fact that some women seem to be actually interested in being property in ISIS is incomprehensible to some, but it’s not completely devoid of logic if you look at a bit of the bigger picture.

We in the west live in a very ideologically individualist society and we seem to equate submission with weakness. Yet paradoxically we laud anyone who submits to the many collective positions on which society depends. Example: A submissive man is pathetic, yet a solider is heroic despite service being the very basis of being in the military. It couldn’t function without at least the majority of the time obeying orders without question and without hesitation.

But the thing is there are advantages both psychological and practical to being inclined to submit. After all, that’s why it’s a common survival strategy. Some people just aren’t assertive by genetic inclination. And a structured social order, even if that order places one in a subordinate role, can be a pleasant thing for some people.

I think the fact that western society both refuses to admit that and depends on it utterly,  drives a lot of people underground and makes them bitter about the hypocrisy of the mainstream.

We are still a young culture, and there are a lot of elements of human nature that we have not created niches for. Drug use and various paraphilias for example. We seem to wish to stamp them out, but realistically that’s never going to happen. We’re still not even done solidifying our response to homosexuals.

One draw of systems from the 7th century is that they have had time to incorporate everything. Even if that incorporation is oppressive or an effort to annihilate it, at least they have a clear answer, and that is fundamentally appealing to the human mind. We like answers, even if they are wrong and toxic. (Just ask anyone who thinks nuclear power is a bad idea.)

Authority is difficult even if it’s over only yourself. Self reliance is inherently difficult. The pressure of making choices can be quite high contrasted with the comfort of having imposed structure, especially in a culture like ours that imposes all manner of discipline externally thus corroding self discipline.

Also in our society most people realize what a raw deal the vast majority of authoritative roles actually are. Much of our culture is suffering from the curse of middle management, in which you have just enough power to get in trouble when things go wrong but not enough power to ensure things go right.

As a result, a lot of people just coast as much as they can. If you look at things and realize you’re going to end up property anyway, you might start looking at the situation the way a person did in earlier eras prior to selling themselves into slavery. (Which believe it or not occurred a lot.)

Also we tend to dismiss the owner types in ISIS as cartoonish monsters, but in reality they are more likely to be something like soldiers or cult members for the most part. Yes they by definition must be violent and the like to seek to join a violent death cult, but then again, it’s pretty obvious that many women are quite attracted to violent assertive men. (Just look at jail house serial killer marriages.)

Indeed we glorify and cultivate this attraction when it’s about the “correct” classes of violent assertive men, such as our soldiers and police officers. So, given all that, is it really so shocking that some women would arrive at a mindset that genuinely finds life in a 7th century Islamic culture appealing, even before you get into the seductive power of religion itself and the draw of a charismatic conman recruiter?

Not to me. Not so much.

Still, it must be said that for the good of the species those that wish to join ISIS should not be given the freedom to do so because that action directly leads to the harm of others. I’m a big fan of freedom as any of my readers should know, but when you find local girls or boys wanting to fly off to join ISIS, it’s time to seize their passports.

Islam, Xenophobia, and France

It has been suggested a lot recently that there’s a big difference between Islam as a faith and the violence of some of it’s practitioners. I used to lean in that direction as well, but now I don’t know. I’m starting to lean with Sam Harris on this one. It really seems that to whatever degree Islam is a religion of peace is directly proportional to it’s adherents deviation from the original text.

That’s partly why so much Islamic violence is aimed at other Muslims. It’s because the “fundamentalists” also believe that a peaceful version of Islam isn’t an accurate interpretation of Islam if you measure accuracy by behavioral parity with the source text. With us against us mentality.

It’s almost like asserting the possibility of an inclusive tolerant version of the KKK. You can’t really do that without making it into something other than the KKK. Sure, some skinheads aren’t violent, but that’s just because they ignore the logical conclusions of the core idea. If you really believe X you must at least be in favor of Y.

Religions are like nations in that they place their own existence at the apex of importance. Again like the KKK they are intrinsically supremacist. Well above ethical considerations when you get right down to it. (I’m quick to add that nationalism itself is essentially/behaviorally/psychologically/etc a religion.)

Islam in particular seems intrinsically violent on balance expressly because it seems remarkably self aware of its nature and true objective. I think it is this very honestly and consistency that grants it lasting appeal actually.

Contrast Saudi Arabia with the Vatican. Not exactly apples to apples I realize but still, you see my point. It seems like the mental flexibility required to twist Islam into a murder/torture justification isn’t very demanding in relation to the other major religions.

Because really, we need to admit that some religions are more violent than others. (Maybe develop an objective way to measure it. Perhaps by counting the separate instances of justification for murder?)

This is obvious when you think about it. I mean just look at the Aztecs. You have to admit that wherever Islam is politically ascendant, relatively more overt religious barbarity follows, and this isn’t the case with all other faiths.

The solution is to undermine what makes a violent faith practical. People aren’t stupid actually, nor are they robots. As hard as that is to believe at times. It is not upbringing and training that sustains this madness. It’s more basic than that. It’s about food and water and shelter and communications. Secularity triumphs mostly in areas of prosperity.

I’m quick to add that prosperity doesn’t just mean money. It means physical and cultural wealth.

Terrorism is contextually emergent. It springs up like puddles in rain. To fix it you need to change the underlying context. You need gutters and storm drains if you don’t want to see puddles. Bombing a puddle just means a deeper puddle next time it rains.

The refugees in this context are going to teach us an important lesson. How to include people. If we master that. If we get our shit together to the point that we can ethically and practically recruit better than our enemies, we will win. This entire political sphere depends on the existence of poverty and the dismissal of suffering.

That’s why the problem seems so intractable. Because the only solution is a root solution, one which we don’t even apply to ourselves yet. Essentially we have to kill poverty at home and then invite others into that home. The 1% and their minions aren’t having that.

Their solution is variations on a gated community which is just a passive spineless version of concentration camps. We need to be honest about that as well.

Paris is going to get it’s own patriot act before long. :/ But it’s understandable. ISIS is not like the other terrorist threats. It’s real and different. It’s more like actual legitimate war. :(

Also looking at the French attacks you can see the uniqueness of ISIS in living memory.

ISIS is something atrociously special. I can’t think of anything like it in modern history. It’s going to make for a decade of great action movies. Like the chinese curse, may you live in interesting times. And a little bit of be careful what you wish for.

I feel that much of our terrorism thing has been manufactured and exaggerated. Allowed to happen. Intentionally cultivated. Baited even. So let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into the boy who cried wolf.

We haven’t had such a legitimate enemy since the Nazis. These people aren’t like typical terrorists with legitimate grievances. They are a nation state death cult that has openly declared war that they intend to fight forever.

They actually expect to lose it by our standards. (See link below.) They’ve made it clear how to crush them militarily, and are begging for it. Literally begging their god for it.

So I’m curious how France will look in 10 years. I think this is their 911. I think they’ll never be the same. But it’s not like ours. They didn’t need it like the 1% needed 911. None of the cultivation I mentioned on our part applies to them. I think the official story is essentially accurate.

France is an extremely reasonable country in my view. I don’t expect them to go hysterical like we did and surrender to fear and baseless irrational war mongering. And unlike some of the shittier elements of popular culture, I have zero illusions about their lethality.

ISIS is completely foolish (from my perspective) for attacking France. But like I said: Death cult. Thinking about their desire to be crushed, it was actually really wise. Indeed more wise than attacking us.

We can’t really bring them the epic stomping they want. That’s what we get for crying wolf twice and putting said wars on the credit card. No one would rally behind us, or Russia for that matter. But France? Yeah.

That was the wrong (or right as I said) move. They are going to discover that picking a fight with France, a real fight, is a bit like trying to invade Switzerland. Just about the dumbest plan ever. I think we’re going to see some true social Darwinism in action in the coming years.

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He regards the claim that the Islamic State has distorted the texts of Islam as preposterous, sustainable only through willful ignorance. “People want to absolve Islam,” he said. “It’s this ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ mantra. As if there is such a thing as ‘Islam’! It’s what Muslims do, and how they interpret their texts.” Those texts are shared by all Sunni Muslims, not just the Islamic State. “And these guys have just as much legitimacy as anyone else.”

Blank People

It was recently asserted to me that multiculturalism is to blame for among other things a dramatic rise in the death rate of my demographic.

Here are my thoughts:

I think it’s more like a contrast thing. Like western culture seems recently eager to respect demographic variations, such as gender, race, income, orientation etc, but the side effect is a rising of the tide that doesn’t include the one group that essentially serves as the default. White men.

In western culture your demographic identity is more or less defined by some deviation from a somewhat arbitrary baseline. That baseline is white straight male. Or “Cis” males in the more hateful corners of the web.

Socially, if I can’t check one of the non-default boxes, I am essentially deemed unworthy of focused help.

Because white men have historically been in the top slot socially,  the perception is that the last thing that they need is help. But this is based on old data. Maybe my grandfather didn’t need help, but I might. Even by your definitions.

A culture is by definition people working together to help all members of the culture so long as they play by the rules. While the drive to unbias the rules is certainly a worthy ethical goal, the bigger picture of inclusion is being lost in some places along the way.

In today’s world I feel like a lot of assumptions about my value are made in a hateful way for actions and contexts that simply have never applied to me. I feel like I live in a bunker, waiting for the radiation to dissipate. I feel isolated and cut off because no part of the culture I was born in wants me beyond my family and friends or any pocket money I may have.

Nothing in this culture is welcoming to me except those things which welcome everyone and have a parasitic agenda. (Like the various cults on offer, both secular and spiritual, and of course anywhere my money is good.)

These days all the division lines are about keeping the 99% from uniting vs their real enemies. And while I have no interest in buying into that I must also face the fact that others have bought in, and as such I am going to find myself hated on many fronts for being white, or straight, or male, or whatever.

This makes me afraid to speak to people because I’m always an outsider in some sense. And always I feel silently hated. I can barely interact with minority strangers because I have to worry about everything I say lest it be twisted into some kind of racist remark. Which is extremely ironic when you think about it.

So the problem isn’t that society is reaching out to other groups, the problem is that the only people reaching out to my group are bigots, to the point that if you made any kind of support system for white men exclusively in any context it would be instantly crushed and mocked as being racist, sexist, etc. Or invaded by actual racists.

The only group that gets even a tiny fraction of respect (as well as disproportionate hate) is the men’s rights movement. And really that’s only because they have such glaring points. Male over representation in the homeless population and the work place fatality stats for example. It’s hard to say they don’t have a point when there is audio recording out there of men being mocked by domestic abuse help lines as if having a penis makes one immune to being beaten with a hammer or a brick. Or otherwise abused or intimidated.

I mean really, can you imagine calling 911 essentially only to be mocked? Calling 911 to protect yourself and being arrested because your attacker was female? That happens. And we learn as men of non-color to never complain about anything that applies to just us because of the hateful social response. Hell, the only reason I feel comfy sharing this post is because I assume no one will ever read it.

Essentially we are being left behind, and as men are generally conditioned by both evolution and social training to literally put our lives on the line in an effort to be useful, this lagging behind means that suicide looks more and more like a good idea. Especially when getting psychological help often essentially means being scolded and humiliated.

Many of these suicides are passive. Not wearing your seat belt, taking up smoking, eating all kinds of salt and sugar and processed meats just waiting for something to kill you so your family can get the insurance because Contrary to the popular image a whole lot of white men are Really selfless good people.

I’m not saying I’m one of them, I’m just saying they are out there. About once a day it like occurs to me that I could simply die and avoid a whole lot of potential horror. Nothing dissuades me from this except those same friends and family. TV seems to want me to die for all sorts of things. Especially being jobless. At the very least my death would be culturally invisible.

Again, think about it. When a death happens what’s the first thing the TV tells you to make you care about it? Gender, family status, race. Etc. How many times have you heard the addendum “including women and children” as a way to intensify the impact of a wrong? (Google the phrase in quotes, 434,000 results, virtually all of them attempted outrage multipliers.)

I’m fortunate in that I am articulate enough to explain myself to therapist types, but in all my interactions with them I had to make a clearly and lengthy case for why I don’t just go get some life crushing job.

The solution with those people always seems to be about going away or getting in line.

It’s not pressure from the other groups crushing my demographic, it’s the lack of help at the cultural level making it merely appear hat way by contrast. I am not oppressed by gays or minorities or women or whatever. I am oppressed by the 1% and its machine. I am oppressed by a culture that dismisses my suffering and the very value of my life. I am oppressed by being a blank person.

These groups I am instructed to resent by the TV all have legitimate issues that need urgent attention and I am happy to see them get what they need, and will help when I can, I however also think when you focus it on any race or gender or designation you are by definition perpetuating a prejudice.

The solution is a universal approach and holding everyone to the same rules.

Specifically we most urgently need a UBI. No picking and choosing, no red tape. Living wage for living people. Let greed and ambition and boredom and creativity and curiosity take care of the rest.


The great thing about a UBI is it’s self correcting. A ubi check means nothing to a rich person but means salvation to a homeless person. No administration needed.

It’s like the opposite of a flat tax.

The problem is that when it comes time to be helped, I’ve been abandoned essentially because of my lack of a race or a gender or an orientation etc. I don’t have a culture in a sense. There isn’t much that helps me unless I’m a worker or otherwise funded.

It’s just culturally assumed that because I’m a white male I must be a-ok. And I assure everyone, that’s not the case.

I’m ok because I have a family that loves me. Otherwise I’d be homeless or dead right now.

I feel like the only social help I get is like an unintended side effect of support aimed at other groups that just can’t bring themselves to overtly exclude me in vengeance for the actions of the 1% of previous eras who’s race and gender I happen to share.

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